Breaking The Walls Then Fixing Them Again

Breaking The Walls Then Fixing Them Again:

The walls are crumbing and the hills are shaking. Everything's going wrong.

The simplest things are a mountain and the hardest things are a feather. And it's so easy sometimes to just let go of that feather, give up. Five boys. Five boys who are just about ready to let go of their feathers, but they can't. And they won't. Because sometimes in life, you might find that, that feather was the only thing that kept you alive, that feather was the only thing that helped you to cope. That feather is worth more than you give it credit for. And in the end you need that feather because without it.

You're nothing.


1. Chapter One

The five boys all sat hunched and limp somewhere on the tour bus.

It shook and made everything vibrate from the movement of the wheels rolling across the jerked uneven roads.

The atmosphere had a cold vibe through out it and everyone seamed that tad bit more anxious and miserable today.

Harry let out a deep sigh, glancing up from his phone of which he held in his hand and look to each and every one of the boys.

He could tell just by looking at them, what was wrong.

Niall was missing his parents and family, Zayn was missing and worrying about Perrie, Louis wasn't feeling to well as it was, therefore reading hate didn't help. And Liam was annoyed because he had to miss his little sisters birthday due to the tour.

And Harry. Harry was upset due to the fact his four best friends were upset.

"I can't take this" he says with a loud sigh attached to the end. Two of the four boys don't even bother to look up they just stay seated starring to the ground. Where as Harry, he walks to the back of the bus and lays down thinking.


It's such a strong control of the mind. It can lead to both saving and destruction, you could over think something or not think about enough, there's always a fault to the brain, no matter how great it is.

The boys were, what we call, home sick. They missed their 'normal' life but could never just...quit. They couldn't do that to their fans.

And thinking of fans always brought a smile to their faces. Saying thinking to much is an understatement because you can never think to much. And just thinking about fans would always make each boy smile.

It's such a delicate subject and people don't realise quite how much fans mean to people and how strong the word 'fan' really is.

Harry smiled to himself thinking of all the hilarious times on stage, he has had with fans. 'We wouldn't be here without them' he tells himself.

But the thing is, they're wouldn't be there without fans, it was true. And Harry knew that best of all.

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