Fate Brought Us Together

Fate Brought Us Together is a story about the wealthy, well that's only half way true. It's an adventurous romance between a boy and girl who grow up in a rich society. Kathleen plays the rich girl without a rich girl mind, she does attend parties, but only if ordered by her parents. They act like an ordinary family with money. Now her parents have friends coming from Florida to stay with them until their son graduates. Their son, Fate, is the handsome and smart guy that ends up living under the same roof as Kathleen. How will this turn up when Kathleen's hate for Fate turns into a fate more real than any other? Only her confusion can be solved when her feelings are met with help.


2. Chapter 2

     Morning was brighter than ever and I was still in bed with a tired look on my face. I felt really exhausted and my stomach didn’t feel right, but I probably slept wrong last night, so that might be the cause for my stomach pain.
    “Okay, Kathleen, why are you still in bed?” Mom came in and pulled the covers off of me. I just moaned and tried to reach for my blanket, “No, get up, you have a driver’s test today,”
    “Ugh, can I take it next week?” I thoughtlessly asked.
    “Get up now,” She ordered, “And why are you still wearing your clothes from yesterday?”
    “I was really tired,” I cried in my pillow.
    “Tired?” She was confused, “You went to bed early didn’t you?”
    “Uh, yeah,” I forgot about last night, “I was watching movies,”
    “Watching movies?” She laughed, “Get up, we need to get this over with,”
    “Fine, just give me a few minutes to put on some deodorant,” I rose up quickly and ran over to my bathroom. As I closed the door, I clenched my stomach and felt really bad to the pit of my stomach. Am I sick or am I dying? I grabbed the deodorant from the bathroom cabinet and held my strength up high. I stepped out of the bathroom, ready to leave.
    “Fate is willing to take you,” Mom informed me. She looked more surprised than I did; well I guess that’s what Fate is good at, making people be surprised. I accepted anyway.
    “That was fast,” Fate laughed, “I didn’t think you’d actually come,”
    “Well, for one, it would be rude to deny, and second, we need to get going now,” I held my posture and got inside his new car. I started to feel worse.
    We had finally arrived at the police station, where new drivers were taking their tests. I went in and took it and came out passing it with an 84.
    “Congratulations,” Fate praised me.
    “Uh huh, hurry up and get in the car,” I almost couldn’t hold myself up, “Go where I tell you to go,”
    “Why?” Fate started the car.
    “Just do it,” I tried opening my eyes wider to see more clearly.
    “Alright,” Fate pulled out of the police station parking lot.
    “Make a left at this stoplight,” I ordered, “keep going straight, okay, make a right up here, now park next to the clinic,”
    “Okay, why are we here?” Fate asked, but I was already out of the car.
    “Shh,” I closed the door and clenched my stomach again, this time, I almost fell, but I was caught. After that, I don’t know what happened; my body just stopped supporting me.
                                                           ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
    “Kathleen,” It was Mrs. J wiping my forehead from sweat, “Your stomach just keeps getting worse, how much dairy have you been eating or drinking?”
    “A lot,” I answered almost too weak.
    “You never stop, do you?” She laughed
    “Nope,” I smiled, but even doing that hurt, “Can you not tell mom about this, because I know she hasn’t seen me eat dairy in a while, so, just between you and me?”
    “Alright, oh, and whose that young man over there?” Mrs. J stared in curiosity.
    “A stranger,” I answered jokingly, “Fate, come and introduce yourself, I’m not your maid,”
    “Hi, I’m Fate Yarely,” Fate shook hands with Mrs. J respectfully.
    “How charming, did you choose him for your first boyfriend?” She smiled, but I just scratched my neck.
    “No, he’s just my parent’s high school friend’s son,” I answered. Why do they always think we’re going out? He’s not that charming.
    “That’s just too bad,” She patted me on the shoulder.
    “That’s what your husband said,” I laughed, but then started to cough some more.
    “Ugh, you need to need to hurry up and get better, it’s been three days already,” She placed her hand on my forehead to check the temperature; it seemed it was obviously warmer than expected.
    “It’s not as bad as it was the day it started, It feels like it’s weakening a bit,” I assured her honestly, “I was feeling weird, so I told Fate where to take me, because I don’t want to worry mom so much, you know what I mean?”
    “Yes, dear, but is this alright to be hiding your sickness?” She worried.
    “As long as I’m in your hands, I can manage,” I smiled, I started feeling better from a tiny bit of forced rest from fainting, “We should get going, I appreciate your help, I’ll come by the house to look after Tom and Jerry one of these days,”
    “Alright, oh, and congrats on your driver’s test,” She praised with a warm smile.
    “Thank you, Mrs. J,” I waved bye to her and just when I was going to reach for the car door, Fate stopped me.
    “What was that all about!?” Fate sounded really worried.
    “What, this happens all the time, no need to worry,” I tried going for the car again, but he moved in front of it, “Are we leaving, or do I have to walk home?”
    “Answer the question,” He sounded like he was my brother. I know I accepted being his sister, but he’s gone overboard!
    “Fine, I’ll walk,” I stubbornly walked away, but he never quits. He caught my wrist and pulled me towards him. What is this? He started wrapping his arms over my shoulder and connected his hands together to hold me from walking any further, “Let me go,”
    “No,” He stubbornly answered, he started to wrap his arms around me tighter.
    “Stubborn,” I mumbled.
    “So, are you going to tell me your weaknesses or what?” He asked. So that’s what he wanted to know, “Sister,”
    “I won’t say anything, let me go,” I broke from his grasp and looked him directly in the eye, “Even if…”
    “Don’t make conclusions just yet,” He was starting to scare me.
    “I now break off this sibling act,” I declared, “From this day forward, we will be nothing but strangers who just met yesterday afternoon,”
    “Are you sure you want to break it off?” He finally looked at me.
    “Yes, I’m positive,” I answered, although, I didn’t know if that was a good idea or not, but I couldn’t stand being with him like this. I hardly know the guy.
    “Alright, get in the car and let’s go,” He smiled. How can he accept it so easily? He’s the one who started it. There’s not even a hint of sadness in his eyes. 
                                                                ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
    “Congratulations, honey!” My parents shouted when they saw the paper, and then squeezed me half to death.
    “Thanks, mom, dad,” I almost busted in tears, “Uh, Can I go?”
    “Of course!” Mom smiled and waved me out of the house. Whenever I say ‘Can I go?’ It means ‘Can I go to the beach, alone?’ “Oh, and don’t forget about tonight,”
    “Okay, Thanks mom,” I started for the door and flew right past Fate without a glance. How come one night seemed like half a year already? It seems like the first storm has already made its form, what will become of these two years we will be spending together? It surely can’t stay this silent, although, I could be wrong. What if my parents find out about this? Can I face them?
    I arrived at the beach with only shorts and a T-shirt on. The wind was blowing, while the waves crashed against the shore. I thought maybe I should have some fun, so as the waves roughly picked a fight with me, I stood straight and watched for the next big wave to hit. The water rushed past my legs trying to knock me down, but I kept my balance, and as the next wave came in, I raced the wave to the shore to test my speed from my heavy feet under the wet sand. I lost fair and square; the wave had full control of its speed. I admitted defeat and ran halfway down the shore of hot sand beneath my feet. I left the beach when I arrived at a stone pathway to my beach house.
    “Ah, finally, I need to rest,” I laughed and followed the path to the glass building. I opened the door and looked around; everything was where it needed to be. The kitchen, my resting room, living room, and the bathroom. I went to my resting room, I covered the windows with a one press of a button, and I took a towel and cleaned myself from the sand, and then changed into my party dress. Tonight the general, another one of my father’s friends, invited us on his promotion and I was to look beautiful. I store all my beautiful dresses here, while my dull looking dresses were stashed in my closet. I pulled out a mirror from the wall that matched my height and then began to admire my look, now I had to fix my hair. I finally put the finishing touch to my perm and picked up the phone from the living room.
    “Kathleen?” Mother picked up the phone.
    “Yes, mom,” I answered.
    “Okay, I’ll have a car come around for you, this time you will enter without me or your father to guide you,” Mother instructed me, “Me, your father, and everyone else will be there late, does this sound perfectly clear?”
    “Yes, mother, I understand,” I answered and then hung up the phone. I went to the backdoor where there was a pickup lane across from me, our driver, Mr. Monee, will be driving me. Mr. Monee has always been the quiet type, but when we’re together, it’s like there’s nothing in the world you can’t talk about. 20 minutes later. Honk!
    “Miss. Kathleen, I have arrived,” Mr. Monee informed me.
    “Yes, sir,” I quickly walked elegantly to the car and entered while Mr. 
Monee opened the backseat car door for me.
    “Miss. Kathleen, your parents expect you to stay through the whole thing, are you okay with that?” Mr. Monee started down the road.
    “Well, I’m not used to doing so, but if I must then I must,” I answered with a smile, “You’re looking good as usual, Mr. Monee. Sometimes I can’t notice you in your everyday clothes,”
    “Thank you,” He smiled as well. It always made me happy to be honest with someone for once, “And you’re looking dashing as well, Miss. Kathleen,”
    “Thank you, Mr. Monee,” I laughed. We had finally arrived at the large mansion. Street lights were turned on and people were already entering the building. As Mr. Monee opened the door, I began to feel nervous, I don’t know why, but this is my first time walking in a party room all by myself.
    “You’ll do fine, Miss. Kathleen,” He looked at me as he noticed, “You look wonderful, if you need anything, you know where to find me,”
    “Thank you, Mr. Monee,” I stepped away from the car as my legs began to shake, but I pulled up all my strength and made my way to the entrance.
    “Hello, Miss. Kathleen,” Mr. May, the general’s butler, greeted me with firm words, “Are you doing well?”
    “Yes, sir, I am,” I smiled and entered the large room. Adults were scattered in groups everywhere, and people were dancing all over the dance floor while beautiful music swept them away. I made my way to the far back of the room so I could wait for my parents.
    “Little Kathy!” It was the general approaching me.
    “General, good evening,” I greeted him respectfully.
    “Now what have I told you about calling me that?” He laughed, “Its seems I can’t call you little Kathy anymore, how sad,”
    “Ah, yes, but Congratulations!” I shook his hand and smiled happily for his success.
    “Goodness, you are so beautiful!” He twirled me and I almost lost my balance, but I made it on both feet.
    “Thank you,” I laughed and began to admire the tall ceiling above me, until I looked at the entrance. My parents came in as beautiful as expected, and then my parent’s friends came next. They looked happy and wonderful in their outfits, but then Fate walked in. The room seemed to have gotten bright. Wait, why am I looking at him?
    “Oh, so it seems your parents brought some old friends from high school, but who is that well-dressed man that’s with them?” He sounded amazed, but I was quite amazed as well. Then I heard girls above me.
    “Oh my goodness, I wonder who that hot guy is?” It sounded like Jin Manikin from my class, the popular girl of beauty.
    “I don’t know, He’s totally your type,” Margi sounded jealous, but she had to keep her reputation alive, so being friends with Jin was not easy. I wouldn’t care, Fate is totally not hot.
    “Let’s go,” Jin ordered Margi, and then they made their way down the stairs towards Fate, who was standing by his parents and mine, while admiring the tapestries. They greeted my parents, then Fate’s parents, and then they finally made it to their goal. I don’t know what they are talking about, but why do I want to know so badly? Jin starts laughing, Fate just smiles arrogantly. He waves them goodbye, and then follows his parents and mine.
    “Kathleen, you are beautiful, remind me to never touch your hair again,” Mom lifted one of the curls from my shoulder in amazement, “You dressed yourself perfectly, I guess you really were ready,”
    “Darling, let’s go see Mr. Kiel, or in other words, the General,” Dad laughed and took moms arm to lead the way, and then Fate’s parents followed along with them. I finally noticed that Fate was admiring me from head to foot.
    “And who are you looking at?” I shoved him off and then placed my hand on my neck. It seems I’m more nervous around him, maybe because he was exceptionally handsome when his better appearance bloomed exquisitely. I admit.
    “Now that’s not a way a lady should act around a gentleman who is admiring your beauty,” He sounded different, he sounded even more arrogant, but his voice was warmer than usual.
    “Okay, if you want to change it to acting, let’s play a game then,” I smirked at him.
    “Alright, what are the rules, Master?” He crossed his arms over his chest and smirked back.
    “The rules are simple, whoever dances more than the other will win, and the loser has to do whatever the winner orders the loser for one day, want to play?” I asked and smirked right back at him.
    “Sounds reasonable, oh and let me add one more rule, whoever gets more affected loses also,” He sounded confident and he smiled. He left into the crowd and I began my hunt as well.
    “Whoever gets more affected?” I wondered, he must mean by appearances.  Oh well, time to start.
    “M’ Lady,” A Gentleman approached me with a bow, “Would you care to dance?”
    “I accept greatly, sir,” I smiled, and then he led me to the dance floor, and so the game began. As we swayed across the dance floor, I could see Fate on the dance floor as well, he was dancing with Jin. The song had finally ended, and moments later we updated our score and had 4 to 4, but the evening party wasn’t over yet. The General had cut the music and Fate was sitting in a corner with Margi, they were talking and laughing.
    “Excuse me,” the general coughed, “I would like to thank every one of you who have taken the time to join my celebration, and I have noticed that you all are enjoying yourselves as usual, I would like this mood to stay cheerful until and after this party, thank you. I would like to have my good friend, Mr. Muriel, to come up, please,”
    “Thank you, general,” My father shook his hand and patted him on the back, “I’m very grateful that I was able to come out this evening to celebrate the promotion of a General, I came here as a normal citizen and as a friend. I raise my glass to this day for our general, cheers,”
    “Cheers!” We all repeated. I picked up a glass of red punch and sipped it till it was gone.
    “Here, you want another sip?” It was Fate who was trying to give me his drink, but I had noticed that the smell was strong.
    “Are you crazy, you’re not 21 yet,” I informed him as I noticed the smell of alcohol.
    “Did you notice?” He lifted a bottle from his pocket from his jacket and smiled, “Fooled ya,”
    “You idiot, I almost thought you were drunk,” I worried as I put down my glass where all the empty ones were, they sat there waiting to be washed. But then our hunt began again. It seems that every time I had a dance with someone, he always had someone by his side, almost as if he’s been planning this, as if he has a lot of women on his side. He seemed to be choosing wisely, and then the last ending dance finally arrived. I searched throughout the room, but then my body was being pushed back onto the dance floor. My head was on someone’s chest as I was pushed into the person’s arms; I pulled away from him, and saw the person’s face.
    “Care to dance?” It was Fate’s arrogant voice taunting in my ears, but before I could answer, he had already pulled me further into the center of the dance floor where I could not escape his grasp. My face got warmer, and my heart started pounding as I noticed our bodies were closer than usual. Even without a mirror, I had a feeling that my face was red, “What is it, are you affected by my actions?”
    “No,” I finally got my head back in the game, the song was almost over.
    “Then look at me,” He ordered, I looked at him, and then he bent over as I fell backwards in his arms, “The reason I was happy not to be your brother anymore was because… I have a right to fall in love with you,” My eyes opened wider, my face grew warmer, and my heart pounded to the point of exploding. He lifted me back up and smiled arrogantly as he noticed that he had won. I was very affected, almost traumatized, the shock was almost unbearable. He was joking, right?
    “Don’t joke like that, I don’t know you,” My brain almost stopped working, so I had to pull myself outside, but then I noticed that the earth below me didn’t feel even. I fell near the wall and then fell into Fate’s familiar arms, but then I passed out without noticing any movement in my body. I finally woke up, but I kept my eyes closed, and noticed that we were in a moving vehicle with only the sounds of Mr. Monee and Fate’s voices. I stayed quiet to listen to what they were talking about.
    “Oh, so she’s never experienced love from another man?” It was Fate. I followed up quickly on the conversation and I didn’t like what they were saying about my love life.
    “That’s correct, she doesn’t want to toy with such emotions because she has seen what it has done to other people, in my opinion, I think she is confused,” Mr. Monee guessed. Well, he’s right about that.
    “Has she even been close, like friends, with a guy?” Fate grew more curious, then I felt his warm hand stranding gently across my hair, as if he was petting me like a puppy, wait a minute, don’t tell me I’m lying on his lap! I opened one eye slightly and noticed two kneecaps before me of black linen pants. Oh No!! Keep your cool, Kathleen, keep your cool. 
    “No, at least as far as I’ve seen, she’s never seen a man’s body,” Mr. Monee explained, almost in a joking way. I feel so embarrassed.
    The car finally stopped. I closed my eyes, and felt Fate’s arms hold me gently as if I were a fragile piece of art, I finally felt the soft fabric of my bed, “You can open your eyes now,”
    I lay stiff in my bed trying to fake the sleep I’ve been trying to pull off for the last 12 minutes, but as I heard the sound of his pants moving towards me, I had begun to feel uneasy. By the time I could feel his breath on my cheek; I opened my eyes and succumbed to him.
    “What?” I answered tiredly.
    “How very clever, but you can’t surpass me,” He stood up in mightiness, “I saw right through you,”
    “Impossible, I was asleep,” I refused to completely succumb myself to him.
    “How cute,” He laughed in victory, “Don’t forget what tomorrow is, dear,”
    “That little!” I almost pulled my heel of my foot to chuck at him, but he was already out of my room with a teasing smile, “I’m always losing to him, why!?”

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