Blame it on The Captain

Nathan is the captain of the basketball team and the most handsome guy in school he has gone out with many girls but now Ariana wants to go out with him. Ariana is the cheer quad captain and she is only in her second year of high school will she find love after her last boyfriend dumped her? Read to find out


1. second chances

My second year in high school so far has be a peice a crap. Well my name is Ariana venti my father dided in the summer of 2008 due to war. I live with my mother and well I had a summer love until he dumped me at last years dance. His name was Brian and we met at the mall but I have gotten over the breakup and starting over. Ariana time to wake up my mother said. I get out of bed get dressed and eat. Soon i'am out the door and I walk to the corner to wait for the bus. The bus comes and i sit by my friend Emily and my other friend Amelia. I hope this day goes the way I want it

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