I wanted you first

Ella and Connor are best friends. But what happens when Ella doesn't get to Connor first? Feelings are revealed and it's almost to much for Ella to handle.


6. together now?

Connor and I get ready quickly. I put on my swimsuit and a sweater over the top. I put on some shorts. I swipe some water proof mascara over my lashes and tell Connor I'm ready to go. I walk out of the bathroom and back into Connor's room. He's shirtless. I can't help but stare.

"Take a photo. It'll last longer" he says winking. I laugh.

"Let's just go" I say to him. We get into the car and head out. "Starbucks!!" I say loudly as we pass a drive thru. Connor chuckles and pulls in.

"Hi can I get a-" he starts.

"Caramel macchiato" I whisper.

"Can I please get a grande caramel macchiato?" The women answers yes and we go forward to the window. The lady hands Connor the drink and he hands it to me. Connor pays for the drink and we are off.

"Thank you" I say giving Connor a sip.

*at the beach*

We get to the beach and pull up to the sand. Connor picks we up bridal style and carries me down to the water. I have already taken of my shirt and shorts.

"Connor!" I squeal. He throws me into the water. I prepare to feel freezing cold water, but instead I land in someone's arms. I look up and see kian. He tosses me back to Connor. The boys play this game and the rest of the boys join in. I am roses back in forth, screaming my head off. Finally Sam catches me and let's me down. Phew. The sun has started going down so we all go back on the sand and pull out some food. We start eating and everything is delicious.

"Excuse me, I have an announcment" Connor says loudly. Everyone looks up at him including me. He pulls me to stand up and I look around confused. Connor takes my hand. Gosh I know what's happening next. I cover my face with one of my hands.

I will" I say dramatically. Everyone claps and connor grins. "I will always love you" he whispers.

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