I wanted you first

Ella and Connor are best friends. But what happens when Ella doesn't get to Connor first? Feelings are revealed and it's almost to much for Ella to handle.


3. fire

Ella's P.O.V

Connor leaves my room and I decide to find that food that food that Sam was talking about. I walk into the kitchen and see Alex and Sam kissing passionately. Not wanting to interrupt anything quietly grab a piece of pizza from the box on the table. As I'm heading back I hear gross slurping noises. I look back and they are both going at each other as if their life depends on it. I shiver and decide to eat up in the attic.

The attic is a dusty place but I like it up there. There is one window and a chair that I brought up. I sit there for about half an hour. I smell smoke, Trevor probably burnt his pizza. But it is getting awfully hot up here. I start to head out. I open the door and I see one thing...fire. I scream as the fire alarm starts to ring. I have to get out. I will be trapped in the attic if I dont get out. I jump down from the attic door and land in the hallway. It getting hard to breathe. I have to crawl down on my hands and knees. A piece of burning ceiling falls, I scream and jump to the side. The smoke is getting in my eyes and mouth. I get to the living room and then everything goes black.

Connors P.O.V

I hear the fire alarm go off. Oh god. I run out of my room to Ella's room. She's not there, she is probably outside. I run out through the front door and see all of the guys. The house goes up in flames.

"Where's Ella?!" I say panicking as I don't see her out here.

"I thought she was with you!" Alex says. God she must be inside. I have to help her. I run back in the house as I hear Sam scream "Connor! Stop!" The living room is engulfed in fire. The flame licks the walls as I look around the room. I see Ella passed out on the floor by the wall.

"Ella!" I cry. I run over to her praying that she is still alive. The door way is covered in fire. I can't get us both out safely. I am not going to leave her. If we are going to die, I am going to be with her. I start crying but quickly wipe the tear away.

"Connor?" Ella says, her voice hoarse. The tears are falling now.

"It's gonna be okay Ella" I say half to her and half to me. Everything happens in a blur, I hear sirens but for me the world is moving without us. Firefighters run in the house and pry me away from Ella.

"No stop!" I scream at them. Ella looks at me and then falls back unconscious. I am pulled out of the building and pushed against Sam. He has to hold me back as they bring Ella out on a medical bed. I jump into the ambulance with her.

"I am not leaving her" I say firmly to the medics. They nod and shut the door.

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