Lies & Secrets

The young and beautiful 14 year old Addyson has a secret about her moms boyfriend that's not just unforgettable but could lead to mayor problems or even prison if anyone found out. Will she keep it to her self or tell someone?


2. The Unexpected

"RIIINNNNGGG" Yay schools out! My last day to since we were moving. I was sad that we were moving away from all my friends. I hated moving, starting over with new friends, new teachers, new school, new town. It all seemed to be going to fast to soon. As we pulled up to the school like apartment where Jackson lived I had butterflies (and not the good ones.) My first thought was no we were moving in with him. Like some big happy family and that was not what I wanted at all. I was just happy my mom was happy. There was no fighting everything seemed so perfect at first but then my sister started not liking this idea of my mom having a boyfriend. She would cry about it and say he will never ever be our father or replace our father. I knew where she was coming from I guessed I just really need a father figure in my life. Weeks went by and it was all fun till my mom started buying shorter shorts and other slutly clothes. It was weird and very unexpected. I always thought I would be the one wearing cute short shorts and tank tops not my own mother. Everything was changing her and I don't know how I feel about that.  

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