"Brothers best friend "

My life is very differnt ♢
only because im harry styles sister ☣
Leanne styles
And i like his bestfriend. ☭
and i have to meet his best mates ✓
its going to be a long summer ☀


3. chapter 3

Leanne's pov

I woke up and checked my phone to see it was 2 pm I got up put on a mint green tanktop and white shorts ,curled my hair and put on some makeup and went to Harry's room because that's where everyone chills I walked up to the door to hear Liam say "okay yes Leanne and I are dating now leave me alone " everyone wolf whistled and then I walked in they all looked at me and I smiled and went to Harry and messed up his hair then sat down in one of the chairs everyone kept looking at me and I said "what " then everyone screamed "YOUR DATING LIAM " I laughed and nodded then Liam got up and pulled up a chair and say next to me and put his arm around shoulder I laid my head on his shoulder and everyone did there own thing and me and Liam where talking to each other and Lou said "HEYY LETS GO TO THE BEACH AND GO SWIMMING"we all went to our hotel room Lou was already wearing his swim trunks I put on a lime green bikini and neon pink bottoms I put on a white tank top and some shorts and got a bag and put a towel tanning oil ,sun glasses ,a brush and extra stuff I walked out and all the boys where running around I laughed and they stopped Liam came straight to me and smiled and said "well you look beautiful " I blushed and thanked him he held my hand and we went to the beach ....

(At the beach)

As soon as we got to the beach Lou and Harry ran in like little kids we all set our towels down I sat in my shorts and tank top because I still have cuts that are healing Liam came and sat next to me and said "babe why won't you come in" I shrugged my shoulders I know I would have to come in soon I took my shorts of first will the boys played then Liam looked at me as I took my shirt off his eyes wided and he ran out the water and came close to me he looked like he was crying and said "why " I said "I was sad and it was a stupid move and they are starting to heal he got down and kissed them and got up and kissed and Lou said "hey love birds stop snugging and get in the water I laughed a little and Liam picked me up and he ran to where the water meets the sand and let me down we got in the water and played around and me and Liam kissed sometimes when we where in the water ,....





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