"Brothers best friend "

My life is very differnt ♢
only because im harry styles sister ☣
Leanne styles
And i like his bestfriend. ☭
and i have to meet his best mates ✓
its going to be a long summer ☀


2. chapter 2

Liam pov

I was thinking about Leanne because she is perfect in my eyes and amazing ,sweet ,mature ,and so much more I heard my door open and close Louis said "LEANNE LIKES YOU ALOT " I wouldn't belive it louis must be joking but why would he be joking about that I got up and walked to there room and nocked on the door I heard some movement. And I saw sleepy leanne she looked up an her eyes went wide I just smile she then spoke "come in " I walked in and looked at her and said "Louis told me you like me " her eyes went wide again she then spoke "he said the same about you is it true " I nodded my head and started blushing I looked up and she was blushing to I then spoke Again "would you like to go on a date tonight " she answered with a nod and asked what to wear I of said sweatpants and a tanktop after that I left

*night time *

Leanne's pov

I can't belive he asked me out I was pulling up my sweat pants and grabbing my tanktop that says cool kids can't die and slipping it on I brushed my hair and fixing it a little but and then grabed my phone and walked out and saw Liam by his door I walked over to Liam and said "ready to go " he flashed his million dollar smile and nodded we walked down the hall and went down the stairs and went outside we walked to this small park Liam said "so tell me about yourself " I said "well when it was born our dad left because our partents didn have a good relationship umm I was one if best kids in my class I had lots of friends and at one point I got bullied so I didn't have friends for awhile and now I'm where I am now " he nodded and we started talking about anything and everything and then boom he kissed me I kissed back and warped my arms around his neck and he held my waist he let go of the kiss making me want it more and said "leanne I know I just meet you but would you be my girlfriend " I kissed him again. And said "does that answer " he nodded and kept kissing me and then we walked back to the hotel got each other numbers and went to our hotel room and we texted all night long

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