The Perfect One

A 17 year old girl thinks her life is over because her whole family died in a car accident. She is living with her best friend Valeria. Valeria is all she has left until she meets Justin. Justin changes her life from bad to good.


8. The Surprise

 I woke up and Justin wasnt by me. I started to freak out because he didnt leave a note or anything. I walked down stairs and I saw him cooking breakfast. Just me seeing him calms me down.

Justin Well look whos awake

Patty: Hey handsome

Justin: Hey how is my beautiful girl today?

Patty: Im fine just feel a little sick

Justin: Well maybe you should eat something

Patty: Yea your right maybe thats what this little one wants

I said that as I rubbed my stomach.

I walked over to the kitchen and I was gonna open the cabinet until Justin picked me up by the waist but was careful of course. He set me down at the table.


Justin: You will and ill get it for you. Your pregnant you dont need to be doing a lot of things

Patty: Ok but what will you give me?

Justin: Anything you want

Patty: Ok fine I want waffles with blueberries

Justin: Ok coming up

As Justin was cooking I was remembering how my family would eat waffles every Sunday and would have a family day that day. No cell phones, no computers, no nothing unless we were gonna play the Wii or something but besides that we would do everything. Like we wold go bowling or to the movies or ever roller skating. I miss them so much but what am I supposed to do? Bring them back to life? I would if I could but its impossible. Even if it were it wouldnt be the same. It made it even worse knowing that vale was in the hospital and me not knowing is shes gonna make it. Its hard not having any friends. I mean I had angel but I pushed him away because he wanted to go on a date. He would have understanded that I was taken if I ould have just old him. Remembering everything made me shred a tear. The minute Justin saw me he came over and hugged me. He knew exactly what I was thinking about.

Justin: Its gonna be ok dont worry

Patty: I just wanna eat and go with Vale

Justin: Ok we will and breakfast is ready

Patty: Ok thanks

After I was done eating I got ready to go see Vale. I dont know why but I was just so happy to go and see her. Justin drove me because he didnt want me to drive. We got there and I was walking fast into the building. I went straight into the room and I saw Vale. She looked way better than before. We made eye contact and she grind. I was so happy that I ran over and hugged her. I noticed that her stomach was bigger than before. WWWAAAYYY bigger.

Vale: Patty I cant believe your here.

Patty: Well believe it

Vale: Did you see whos here?

Patty: No.....

I was scanning the room and I saw a guy sleeping in a chair. I looked closely and it was Twist.

Patty: OMG Twist!

Vale: Yea he said that he was sorry and he asked for a chance

Patty: And.... did you give him one?

Vale: Yea I think its a good thing because of the babies they need there dad

Patty: Wow wow wow...... babies? They? Vale are you having twins?!?!

Vale: No

Patty: Oh then why di-

Vale: Im having triplets


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