The Perfect One

A 17 year old girl thinks her life is over because her whole family died in a car accident. She is living with her best friend Valeria. Valeria is all she has left until she meets Justin. Justin changes her life from bad to good.


3. Perfect Day

So I got home really happy. As soon as Valeria saw me she noticed. She pointed to up stairs so i could tell her everything

Valeria: Ok girl what happened you look so happy

Patty: Well im going on a date with Justin Bieber


Patty: Yea hes coming for me at 8:00

Valeria: Ok so like you havent eaten but whatever and what are you gonna wear?

Patty: I think the blue dress with the dimonds in the front and with the sweet heart yea that would be perfect

Valeria: I totally agree

Patty: Are you like mad that im gonna be out tonight or your ok with it?

Valeria: No its fine and I think you deserve to go I mean look what happen just go and have fun dont worry ill be fine

Patty: Ok thanks girl

Valeria: Well you have plenty of time its barely 11 and I think you should eat something

Patty: Ok I will

So while I was eating i was sooo excited I ate soo fast and I just wanted the time to come. I know that my whole family just died but like come on im going on a date with Justin thats just awesome. While i was waiting me and Valeria were having a girls day. We went to go get our nails done then we rented some movies and bought ice cream and so much junk food it was a lot but today was an awesome day. I didnt check the time at all today but it was 6:45. I stopped and put on the dress and Valeria was gonna take me to get my hair done because it was a really special date.

Valeria: Make her hair look sexy and pretty its a special day and we need it to be perfect

Hair Salon Girl: Ok we will be ready by 7:30

Valeria: Ok ill be back patty to pick you up im gonna go my mom needs me to help her with something

Patty: Ok just dont forget to pick me up

Valeria: I wont I cant even forget about it, Im just so happy for you

Patty: aww thanks girl

We hugged before she left and the Hair Salon Girl stared she worked fast. I was just worried it was gonna come out ugly but I knew she was gonna make me look beautiful

Girl: So why dont you tell me about your date?

Patty: Oh i dont really know myself. He just told me he was gonna pick me up at 8:00. I think its a surprise. I just met him and hes already doing surprises.

Girl: Aww thats so sweet. Whats his name?

Patty: Justin

Girl: Oh ok well have fun tonight and make memories

Patty: Thank you

Girl: Im almost done just a couple more and weeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeee done!

Patty: OMG!! I look amazing thank you

That moment Valeria walking in. Her jaw dropped and she just stood there looking at me

Patty: So how do i look?

Valeria: Patty you look beautiful. Hes so lucky to get a girl like you and your blue eyes complete the outfit.

Patty: Aww thanks

So we left and we just got there in time. we got there 5 minutes before he did. He stood in front of the door for awhile. I guess he was shy.

*ring ring*

Valeria told me to wait up stairs while she let him in. So I did as she said. I could hear her open the door and he asked for me and Valeria told Justin to come in.

Valeria: PATTY!!! HES HERE!!

Patty: Ok im coming down

As i walked down the stairs Justin eyed me up and down.

Justin: Wow you look amazing

I chucked

Patty: Thank you. You dont look to bad yourself.

He hugged me and he smelled good. I felt like i was going to prom

Valeria: Have fun you to and Patty text me when your coming back

Patty: Ok I will

Justin walked me out and opened the door to his car and helped me in

Patty: So where are we going?

Justin: Thats something for me to know and you to wait and find out

Patty: Ok we like just met and we arent dating I think I should know

Justin: And..........

Patty: Ok ill wait

Justin: Good girl and you look soooo beautiful

Patty: Thank you for the second time

I think i blushed alittle bit but all I did was smile. Justin noticed and just stared at me.

Justin: Were almost there beautiful

That was the first time someone has called me beautiful. He made my night. It was just awesome being in the same car as Jutin and going on a date with Justin

Justin: You ok?

Patty: Yes why?

Justin: Your just really quiet

Patty: Yea well im just kinda shy

Justin: Well your gonna love what I did for you

Patty: ok but we just met

Justin: i dont care I think your an amazing girl

Patty: Ok

Justin: Well were here

It was near the beach and he set a table with candles and had dinner made for us. It was perfect but I wonder why he was doing all of this.

Patty: Justin its perfect. I love it. Thank you but why are you doing this?

Justin: Because your an amazing girl like ive said so many times and i wanna get to know you

Patty: Ok thats good I guess

Justin: Lets eat come on

Patty: Ok what is it?

Justin: Steak


Justin: good you like that

Patty: Yea who wouldnt

Justin: I dont know but im just glad I sat down with you this morning

Patty: aww me to Justin

We talked most of the ime while we ate and Justin asked so many questions about me I guess he really wanted to get to know me. Hes so sweet to me.

Patty: That was good thanks Justin

Justin: your welcome anything for you

Patty: Your so sweet

As i turned around Justin grabbed my arm and turned me around

Justin: Patty can i ask you something?

When he said that i froze what if he was gonna ask me something bad I was nerves.

Patty: Yea what is it?

Justin: Ok I know we like just met and stuff but your super pretty and your everything i ever wanted so will you go out with me?

I stopped i felt like my heart stopped. I mean i couldnt say anything. Justin just asked me out. Thats every girls dream

Justin: will you?

Patty: Yes

Justin: Yes the most beautiful and amazing girl said yes

As he said those words he picked me up and spun me around

Patty: Ok Justin I said on word and you get all happy

Justin: Thats Because you said yes to me. Patty if you would have said no my heart would have broke. As soon as you said yes my world light up. The minute i saw you I knew you were my true love. I know this might sound crazy but i love you and i dont want anything to happen to you.

Patty: Justin you are crazy. You just met me and your already saying these things but hey love at first sight right

Justin: right but really call me if you ever need anything

Patty: Ok babe

When i said that i winked at him

Justin: Come on lets g-

I interupted him with a kiss i put my hands around his neck and he put his hands on my hip and pulled me closer I pulled away

Justin: Hey come here im not done

I smiled during the kiss but im happy im dating someone who cares about me. I love him I just dont wanna say it yet. We just started going out maybe a week but not now.

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