The Perfect One

A 17 year old girl thinks her life is over because her whole family died in a car accident. She is living with her best friend Valeria. Valeria is all she has left until she meets Justin. Justin changes her life from bad to good.


5. Needing Him

We both went to bed but i couldnt sleep. I called Justin and he picked up I was surprised I mean considering its 2 in the morning. His sleepy voice was seriously the sexiest thing.

Justin: Whats wrong babe?

Patty: I cant sleep

Justin: What do you need?

Patty: I need you

Justin: Want me to pick you up and bring you over?

Patty: If you can?

Justin: Of course I can. When it comes to you. Ill be there soon.

Patty: K thanks Justin

I woke up Vale and asked her if it was ok I would go with Justin and spend the night and not come back till later on later. She said it was fine

*ding ding* Message from Justin <3

Im outside princess

I replied

Ok im going out

I walked out and Justin was in his boxers I guess he didnt care that I would see him like that. You could tell that he was tired because his eyes were red. I felt bad when i saw him like that.

Justin: Hey beautiful you ready?

Patty: Yea I missed you

Justin: So did I

We drove off and I guess he lived kinda far because we drove for awhile. His new album was on and I was singing to everyone.

Justin: You know all the song thats so cute

Patty: Yea I love your music and whoever doesnt is stupid because your music is the best

Justin: Thanks

Patty: Welcome Justin

We got to his house and when I got out of the car Justin carried me braid style way and walked into the house and up the stairs to where his room was. He put me on the bed and I guess he wanted to cuddle because he was really close to me. I didnt mind but i was really un comfterble  well because I was still in my day clothes

Justin: Wanna change babe?

Patty: Umm....yea but I dont thing you will have clothes that will fit me

Justin: Just wear on of my shirts

Justin threw me one of his shirts. It fit me big but it was really comfterble.

I went to the restroom to change into the shirt he gave me. When I stepped out Justin was fast asleep. He looked so cute asleep. I just got in the bed and got close to him and rested my head on his chest. He slowly moved his arm around me and pulled me closer. I just realized I needed Justin to make me happy. Ever since i met him hes acculty cared for me. I never wanna lose him

~Next Day~

I woke up by Justin on the phone

Justin: No Scooter im gonna spend the day with her

Justin: NOO!! I LOVE HER!!

Patty: Hey Justin

Justin: BYE SCOOTER!!!

Justin: Hey beautiful princess sorry if I woke you

Patty: No you didnt

I loved being in his arms. Hes just so warm and strong.

Justin: I dont think I can sleep without you anymore

Patty: Well I cant live with you

Justin: Oh yes you can

Patty: As much as I would love to I cant all my stuff is at Vales house

Justin: Well why dont you call her and tell her that your gonna be living with me know

Patty: Ok let me send her a message to tell her about this

I sent Vale a message

Hey Vale im gonna stop by to talk to you about something. See you soon

*ding ding* Message from Bestie

K see you soon

Patty: Justin can we go to Vales to talk to her about it

Justin: Yea we can leave now if you want

Patty: Yea lets leave now

We drove to Vales and when we got there I was nervous to tell her. I had a bad feeling about this I dont know why.

Justin: Im gonna wait outside k babe?

Patty: Ok it wont be long

Vale opens the door and I step into the house and we sit down at the table so i could talk to her about it.

Patty: Hey I have to tell you something

Vale: Ok what is it?

Patty: I am going to move in with Justin and I wanted to see if it was ok with you


As she said that she ran out the door. I followed her and all I saw was a car heading towards her. I screamed her name but she didnt listen and - CRASH!!- she got hit by a car. I screamed Justins name and he calls the ambulance.

~ At the Hospital~

The doctor told Justin and I that she had severe bruises and the baby might not survive.

I looked at Justin shocked and I asked the doctor if I could come in. I stepped inside the room to see my best friend suffer. I saw her in tears and I was thinking that it was all my fault.

Vale: Im sorry I just know that your gonna get hurt 

Patty: Im not I really trust him

Vale: Really patty because one of his friends got me pregnant and said he didnt want to do anything with the baby and I called him right know and told him the baby is dying and he didnt care.

I just looked at her in shock. I walk out of the room and told Justin everything.

Justin: What friend?

Patty: I dont know

Justin walks into the room and demands to know who was the friend

Vale: His name was Chaz

Justin: Ill see if I can talk to him for you

Vale: Thanks Justin and whatever you do take good care of patty and if you hurt her you will never see the sunlight again

Justin: Dont worry I love her so much nothing will ever happen to her. Shes my life and I want her by my side forever.

Patty walks into the room again

Vale: How am I gonna survive with a baby?

Patty: You can do this I have faith in you.

Vale: But im a single mom

Patty: Who cares ill help you with everything

Vale: Thank you your the bestest friend ever!

Patty: Your welcome and your the bestest friend to and ill be here by your side forever


*comment if you wanna hear more of the story! Hope you guys are enjoying it so far! As soon as i get comments ill update promise*

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