The Perfect One

A 17 year old girl thinks her life is over because her whole family died in a car accident. She is living with her best friend Valeria. Valeria is all she has left until she meets Justin. Justin changes her life from bad to good.


4. Girl Day

I woke up and I saw that Valeria was asleep. After all she did for me the day before I got up and made her a special breakfast. She came down and was half asleep

Valeria: What are you doing?

Patty: Im making you breakfast so sit down

Valeria: Why are you making breakfast?

Patty: You helped me with everything the day before so im gonna make breakfast

Valeria: Patty your so nice but you didnt have to do that

Patty: Yea your right I didnt have to but I did

Valeria: Alright

Patty: Now sit down and eat

Valeria: alright alright so how did it go with you and Justin?

Patty: Good but im not single anymore

Valeria: really who is that special guy?

Patty: Justin

Valeria: thats so awesome did he ask you out?

Patty: yea

Valeria: nice

Patty: today will be girls days like bffs day ok

Valeria: ok what are we gonna do today tho

Patty: i was thing may be to the mall then the movies

Valeria: sounds good

Patty: ok just finish eating and get ready and well go

Valeria: ok

So after she was done we both got ready and we were on our way to the mall. When i got there we went to a shoes store first

Valeria: how about these shoes? There blue!

Patty: those are so cute you should those

*ding ding* Message from Justin <3

 Hey baby I wanted to know if you were ok i need to see you again

I replied

Hey babe im fine im at the mall with valeria and you just saw me yesterday

*ding ding* Message from Justin <3

 But i need to see you beautiful face everyday and im gonna pick you up tomorrow and your gonna come over

I replied

Ok Justin i will time please?

*ding ding* Message from Justin <3

At 12:30

I replied

K Justin ill see you tomorrow im gonna go so i could shop bye

*ding ding* Message from Justin <3

K be careful beautiful bye

So we shopped most of the day and bought sooo much clothes and shoes it was awesome.
We dropped the bags off and then we went to the movies we decided to see The Fault In Our Stars. While we were buying our tickets we saw Angel. He saw us and walked over to us and I was scared because he knew I liked him but all those feelings went away and im glad they did. Justin is my only love and thats how I want it to stay.

Angel: Hey Valeria Hey Patty

Valeria & Patty: Hey

We chuckled because we said it at the same time

Angel: How have you been Patty you havent answer my text?

Patty: Ive been fine i have just been busy at the house and making plans

Angel: Oh with who?

Patty: Justin

Angel: The one from school?

Patty: No

Angel: Oh ok

*ding ding* Message from Justin <3

Hey beautiful princess you ok?

I replied

Hey Justin yea im just un comfterble can you come like right now please?

*ding ding* Message from Justin <3

Yes baby where are you?

I replied

The movies but i need you now please hurry

*ding ding* Message from Justin <3

K babe im on my way

Angel: Who was that?

Patty: Oh it was Justin why?

Angel: Just cuz umm..Patty wanna go on a date with me?

At that moment Justin arrived and he noticed why he started running over to me

Justin: Hey baby whats wrong?

Patty: Justin!!!

Angel: Oh this is Justin as in Justin Bieber

Patty: Yea Angel met Justin Justin met Angel

They shook hands and Justin put his hands on my waist i felt more relaxed when he did that and Justin noticed it

Angel: So about the date is that a yes or no?

Patty: Um...No sorry Angel im taken

Angel: since when?

Patty: Since yesterday

Angel: Oh ok well which movie you gonna see?

Valeria: The Fault In Our Stars

Angel: Oh we could watch it together

Patty: Rather not

Angel: Why not

Patty: I just dont want to I just wanna hang with Valeria

Angel: Then why is Justin here?

Patty: Why dont you stop asking questions and get out of here its better for everybody

Angel: Ok I was just asking because i know what happened but I understand if you dont wanna see me anymore

Patty: Thank you well bye

Angel: Bye

He turned around and left. After I said that I felt bad. I think Justin noticed because he tighten his grip on me and kissed my cheek.

Valeria: Ok so how did he know we were here?

Justin: She told me to come

Valeria: Patty did you?

Patty: Yes but only because of Angel

Valeria: Oh ok Justin could stay if you want him to

Patty: Are you sure Vale?

( Vale is her nickname)

Vale: Yes its fine

Patty: Ok thanks girl. Justin would you stay for the movie?

I puckered my lips and he kissed them and then he pulled me closer and I was happy myself that he showed up for me

Justin: I would love to babe

Patty: K Justin and were you busy?

Justin: No why?

Patty: Just incase so you could go back to do whatever you ere doing if you were busy

Justin: Well I wasnt and even if I was I wouldnt go back because I would rather be here with you

Patty: Ok Justin

So we payed our tickets and watched the movie. Vale and me were crying and Justin just wiped the tears from my eyes.

Vale: That was an amazing movie!

Patty: I know right such a good movie

Justin: K babe im gonna go home now see you tomorrow

Patty: K Justin

Justin: Come here

I walked over to him all confused and he pulled me roughly and kissed me and i tried to pull away but he didnt let me. Once he pulled away he pecked my lips and then left.

Vale and I left but stopped at a gas station to get junk food and watch movies at home.

Vale: This is an awesome girl day

Patty: I agree

Vale: Well im tired im gonna go to bed goodnight




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