Love on camera


2. chapter 2

In my first year, I got 1,000 subscribers. I posted tutorials, hauls and unique games with my friends. Don't get me wrong, it was fun doing it with friends but I wanted to do videos with the YouTubers. It was my dream, my destiny, my everything. I had given up living with my mother just because of this so I wasn't going to let this just be a hobby.

I would start every video by saying, "Hello everyone! You're just you and I'm JustCaprice!"

JustCaprice was my YouTube name and I quite liked it. It was simple and Catchy.

While filming a summer clothes haul, I had a phone call. The worst timing ever!

"Hello?" I practically sang down the phone.

"Hey, this is John. I am one of the organisers of Vid Con and I just love your channel!" He said.

"Wow, gee thanks," I gasped. My heart was racing! Vid con was the biggest YouTube get-together event like EVER!

"This year we wanted a lot more new, fresh YouTubers and we thought maybe you'd like to come and just hang round with the other YouTubers such as Zoella, Tyler Oakley, Miranda Sings and Caspar Lee!" John sang.

"Oh my God, this is brilliant! I can't believe it. Thank you so much!" I screamed.

"You very welcome, hunny-bun!" John squeaked.

This was a dream come true!

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