Love on camera


1. chapter 1

I had spent two years of my life watching YouTube videos on my laptop. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to start my own channel, meet up with other YouTubers and have tons of subscribers and fans.

I never had enough courage to do so. I couldn't anyway as I didn't have any equipment.

I tried to drop hints to my mum about her getting me a camera, a tripod, lighting and microphones but it was always the same answer, "Caprice, you don't want to be a YouTuber! All they do is record their life for a living. They don't do anything motivating for a job. Please grow up to be a smart accountant or a journalist or-"

"Mum, I'm going to be a YouTuber, end of conversation! I will find the money for equipment somehow and I will be successful!"

My dad, however, thought it was a great career choice. I don't know if he actually thought this or because he just disagrees with what my mum has to say, especially now after their divorce. "That sounds great, Hun! I'm sure we can get you some filming kit for Christmas or your birthday," he would say.

I definitely liked my dad better than my mum so in the end, I moved in with my dad. Finally after two years, I got my kit so from there, I was officially YouTube crazy!

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