the start of the end

There were three kingdoms who hated each other therefore their countries hated each other too. Everyone wondering what the reason for their hatred is but didn't dare to say anything for the sake of not starting war between the kingdoms there were a lot of other reasons for that too but the most important one was that the identity of the kings of the kingdoms were unknown to anyone so they wouldn't ask someone they don't know and has the power to change their life completely a stupid question like "what the reason that you hate that kingdom even though you don't know the face of their king ?" so everyone felt their life will come to an end if they ask so they didn't and it still an unknown reason to everyone


1. the transfer student

"That's really stupid don't you think so too, momoko?""I don't dislike books that much don't you think you're over thinking it, yukii-Chan?"That's right it's just a conversation between best friends in school in one of the kingdoms "sakura kingdom" but who would think that the fate of the three kingdoms will change on the hand of a high school student? She was talking with her best friend momoko until she boomed into him" So you're still here even though I told you to disappear from my sight, stupid yukii?"(His name is shiro shu and he's the worst enemy I ever had) "You're the one who was in the way, you jerk" ß actually she was walking without looking in front of her because she was reading the book and making fun of it "You really have some guts to speak back to me""Please stop picking fights with yukii-Chan, shiro-kun""So you're using your friend to run away huh, stupid yukii?""What did you say who is running away? And I would never use my best friend right momoko ♥?" "That's right yukii-Chan ♥" "momoko♥" *comes closer* "yukii-Chan ♥" *hugs*"Gross as always""What how dare you step on our friendship like that momoko is the only girl I won't let you insult her""yukii-Chan ♥" *comes closer* "momoko♥" *hugs* (Should I tell her that I was meaning her too? Oh maybe later)"See ya, gross yukii" "Gross? So rude" (Ah he went) Okay it may look like a really normal girl after this but she's the girl that will change the life of everyone or she suppose to do so let's hope that. In the meantime in "Olive kingdom""We need a spy to go to "sakura kingdom" to gather some information""Yes, your highness I will go if you allow me""No I have another idea that won't take risk…" "Yes your highness" In the sakura kingdom in yukii's school there were rumors about a transfer-student coming from the west of the kingdom that known for his talent of stealing whatever others have in a way that no one will get hurt (his popularity and his victim) and he's known for his super great scores on the tests and he's really handsome and playboy "yukii-chan I don't think we should do this kind of thing to just make sure if the rumors are true or not I mean I feel sorry for him that you're stalking him like a stalker""Stalker… Ha don't make me laugh he's the famous playboy in the whole school who would think he has someone stalking him""Yukii-chan you're not making sense""Shhhhh he's coming let's hide come on momoko" ß hide behind a wall    (He's a transfer-student he transferred two days ago and he's really popular already I think it's not normal I mean what the hell did he do to get more popular than me I mean I know girls should like handsome guys but he's a playboy and I'm more handsome than him I should be more popular with the girls than him… I mean he gets to know more girls than me "number one school idol girl between girls" ß she's the only one who calls herself like that. I will never ever forgive him that playboy)"Yukii-chan I will go back to class now when you’re done with stalking him come okay?" "Okay"(But I'm not stalking him I'm just watching to find his weakness hahaha)"Hahaha I'll try my best hahaha I won't lose to someone like him"ß didn't realize she's talking out loud  "So you like that kind of guy huh?""Like? Hahaha what the hell of course I'm not it's just because I want to crash him hahaha"(Wait a minute)"Why are you here shiro shu?""I heard some girls talking about a stalker so I wanted to have a look but I didn't think it was you hahaha it's kind of suit you to be stalker that is" "Stalker… ah right I was lost in the war inside my head that I forgot to keep an eye on that freak"(War inside her head? Freak? Should I say something?)"I love you please go out with me, Jiro-kun""Ahhh"ß hiding behind the wall again (Jiro- Kun? Is that his name? Wait is this the so called thing confession? Wow the first time I saw one hahaha look like fun)(What the hell? Why am I lessening to this kind of stuff with this kind of girl? I feel kind of pathetic)"I'm sorry, I have someone I like so…"(Oh that's kind of sad)(That's a lie for sure)"That's okay I will be girl number 2"(Number 2? So they have numbers this kind of sound like math I'm really bad at it what should I do)(Will she give up already it's kind of boring)"But I don't need number 2"(That's good now there's nothing to count)(Really you should have said that from the start)"Then let me be your number 1 I'm prettier than her right? Or do you want to have a secret relationship with me"(That's sound so cool I wish she won't let the secret out)(Really this is getting annoying)"No you're not if you don't back down now I might come to hate you, you know"(That's sound rude just like shiro I bet she will go crying now)(That's the way)"Oh don't get so full of yourself you big idiot I might like you but I just want to be with someone to get my boyfriend jealous and that someone can be anyone I just happen to ask you don't think so highly of yourself you jerk"(Did I hear right?)(Her real personality appeared?)(Wow it's really a shock but why she still here? Go away already)(It looks like I heard it wrong there's no way a girl would say such a thing right? I have to help her)"Stop it right there playboy-san how dare you make a girl cry I will never lose to you"(Playboy-san?)(Cry?)(Lose to you?)(I wonder if I scare him) ß serious thinking "Oh you are…" ß was thinking she's someone he rejects before "Hahaha that's right I'm number one school idol girl between girls hahaha"(What the hell?)"Yes right I'm a big fan of you" ß to cover his mistake "Why are you here?""No don't worry about her she's just a stalker and girls lover""Stalker you say?"(And girls lover?)"You one big of hell liar… stalker you say?""But you were watching him while hiding isn't that stalking?"(Watching him while hiding!!)"You think I was just watching … hahaha no I just want to challenge that big playboy to see who is the most popular between girls that's all hahaha"(Challenge)(Big playboy)(The most popular between girls)"Hahaha you're really are a weird girl aren't you?""How unfair two guys on me at once""Hey don't get me dragged into your idiotic fight, stupid yukii""Hey remember this you stupid jerk and playboy-san I'm an enemy to all the boys who hurts girls and from now on you're on my blacklist and I'm not bad at fighting back for your information and this sweetheart girl I won't let you hurt her anymore than this if you're going to have a fight come at me with all you got anytime anywhere because I'm always in mood for fighting and don't forget that I miraki yukii-sama is always on the girls' side oh yes hahaha"  "Here she go again playing the popular girl role like an idiot""I really don't know her but she's on my side so… oh yukii-sama you're here to help me I'm in heaven I thought I was going to die but now I don't care if I die because I will die happily because of you yukii-sama""Unknown victim girl" *comes closer* "yukii-sama" *hugs*"I feel like I have seen this before"(Digavo?) ß Have weak memory actually he doesn't even try to remember anything "How cute is she's your girlfriend?"(Oh he still here okay I better go the class will start) ß Goes to the class(I guess I'm wrong well who care?) ß Goes to the class"Okay bye-bye now yukii-sama" ß saw Jiro went so she went too"Okay if you need me just call me" ß playing the hero role"Okay" ß she will never call her again"Well I guess I better hurry up and go to momoko now"(I guess it's pretty late now but hi I'm yukii… miraki yukii I'm in high school I'm known as number one school idol between girls… I live in the beautiful sakura kingdom it's a great kingdom with a lot of kind people inside it… to tell you the truth I'm known for my hatred to the kings of the three kingdoms I won't tell you why because It's let's say it's a secret between me and myself I live in an apartment near the school it's just two stops away I ride the train everyday even on my holidays so I almost know everyone who get on the train my memory is my great talent it never get me in trouble I hoped for peace between the three kingdoms but I don't care about peace anymore and I wish that the kings could die and suffer so the people could live in peace again like how it should be not ruled by someone you don’t even know it's just not fair don't you think so too?)"Oh momoko ♥ I missed you sooooooo much you know""Huh? Yukii-chan, are you okay?""Okay? What? Of course I am why do you ask?""No if it's nothing then it's fine you look like you're about to cry that's all""Hahaha cry? Who? Me? Don't make me laugh hahaha""If you're ready to talk about anything I'm ready to listen to anything okay yukii-chan?""Okay, but really I'm fine hahaha"(That's right they just have to die)After school when all yukii's classes had finished she went to the backyard to do the cleaning duty that she took from a girl in the class that said "I'm sorry can you take my turn I have something important to do" so yukii who like to play the hero role said "of course leave it to me" and now she's cleaning it on her own."I'll be fine it's just a backyard how dirty can it be?""Oh yukii-chan, right?""You are…""Oh I met you this morning I'm taki Jiro you can call me Jiro""Jiro... ah the famous playboy"(Playboy?)"Ah that's right""So what do you want from yukii-sama you bastard?"(Bastard!!!)"Hahaha nothing just saying hi""If that's it then I'll be leavening"(Oh I forgot I was on duty I better go back)"Yes your highness"(Highness? Who?)"I told you don't call me like that in school you idiot"(Ah that voice)"I'm sorry I'll be careful next time"(Next time? What the hell is going on?)"Okay but remember when we still in here don't let anyone find out who I am or we will be in great danger"(Great danger you say? Who the hell are you?)"Of course no one will find out that you the king of olive kingdom your highness"(KING!!! I won't forgive him)"You bastard""Yukii-chan?"(Why is she here? And why she's angry? Did she hear us?)"I'll kill you"(Kill me? even if I were king why would she kill me?)"How dare you do that to me?"(What is she talking about? Is she meaning that I didn't tell her? But we weren't even friends why would I tell her?)"You killed them and you deserve to be killed too"(Killed them? Oh wait a minute why is she holding knife? Wait is she serious? She look scary what's with that look?)"Why you're not saying anything?"(Because I'm scared)"That's good so you don't have last word"(Last word? She's really planning to kill me)"You just have to die you big killer""wait don't…"*click* ß sound of the door closed with key And the door to the garden was close and they are locked inside what would he do if yukii really kill him?

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