ALL THAT GLITTERS- Teaser Chapters

Wickerwire, Iowa is home to a notorious jewelry thief who has the ability to get by completely undetected. The only trace he leaves behind is candy in place of the things he steals, the media dubbing him "The Candy Caper."

He won't give up until he finds the item said to be possessed with ancient magic...unless someone else gets to it first...or just gets in his way.

Described to be a "backwards superhero story," ALL THAT GLITTERS takes a look at the character that is considered to be a villain...but is he really? What drives someone to crime?

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1. Prologue

This was an urban legend that didn’t make it onto

In fact, it wasn’t even famous. Those who even heard of it dismissed it as town folklore. But, he didn’t.
He sat up, turning up the volume on the TV as soon as the next programming started to play. These skeptical stories about urban legends only fueled his fire, even though it might just be another repeated programming he’s seen before. It might just be the same information in all the magazine articles, newspaper clippings and highlighted book segments he had thrown all over his room, but he
was always looking for more. There was only so much to do with recycled information. Wasn’t there a time and point where this information becomes updated? The narrator on the TV began to drone on.

“There is a story, dating back to the ancient Aztecs of a young prince named Chimalhuitzcoatl next in line to become king, but a king was everything he was not. He was shy, insecure, weak, and unable to
make decisions. He certainly was going to be the one to bring the fall of the civilization. Desperate he prayed for days to the gods for help, and one night the god Tezcatlipoca appeared to him. ‘Take these
jewels,’ he said to the prince, holding out an assortment of necklaces and rings and bracelets. ‘I have blessed them to take care of your personal faults. They will help you cure those faults and make you
the person you were meant to be.’ The Prince put them on, and then was no longer shy and weak and no longer indecisive and insecure.

He became a great king, but on his deathbed, he wanted the jewels to be destroyed. Fearful that anyone would find out he was only great by magic, and would use his magic jewels to do harm, he cast them away. Many years later people believed they found their way to the western United States, mostly in Iowa. The legend is still a legend, and not even proven to be true, but it has remained an idea some
love to entertain.”

The man sat unmoving on his couch and unmoved by the narration. All he knew was that for some reason these legendary jewels managed to stay hidden and find their way into modern-day jewelry stores.

“While this is so,” the narrator continued, “people have claimed to come in contact with pieces of gold jewelry that gave them their own magical touch and became believers of this legend. There was one
case in the nineteen forties of a jewelry store owner who claimed he had a lucky chain. He wore the chain while vacationing in Vegas and went home with jackpot winnings. There was another of a young
shopper in the eighties who purchased an anklet at a strip mall. She claimed this gave her the gift to become the fastest swimmer in the state and won a full college scholarship. These stories and others all come from Iowa but many jewelry shop owners and workers have been interviewed, and not many believe in this legend. In fact, several were unfamiliar with it in the first place and disregarded it. If this is so, then why did people in the area claimed it happened to them?”

He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, drumming his fingers together rhythmically.
This time, he promised himself, it’s going to be me.

© Copyright 2013 Jackie Sonnenberg

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