Murderers *Jai Brooks*

A normal girl, who goes to church.
Normal guys, who are wanted criminals.

Will this 'relationship' build them up, or tear them down?

5 crazy boys kidnap poor old Riley when they crash her brother's christmas performance at the church. After a roller-coaster of events take place, she no longer sees them as her kidnapper or murderers. Instead she thinks of them as friends... Or maybe even more.


5. You know...



I woke up again in the same bad as yesterday, still in the same clothes as before.
I felt disgusting, I needed to change my clothes and have a shower.

I got up out of my warm comfy bed and started looking for a shower. I found one in a bathroom leading from the room I was in.
I quickly locked the door before looking in the mirror. I looked like... I don't even know how to say this... My hair was everywhere... My little amount of makeup was no-longer there... Where the heck did that go?

I don't even want to know...
I climbed into the shower washing my hair and every other part of my body.
I suddenly felt so much better...



When I got out I used a dark blue fluffy towl to wrap around my small body and let my hair stay where it was, droplets falling onto my bear back...
I walked back into the room I woke up in and saw my bed had been made and there was a pile of clothes on the end.

There was a note next to it reading:


These are for you, get ready love. Come out when you're done, we're going out xx <3 -Jai 


I put on the Staples bra and panties, then my small strapless boob-tube on that showed half of my stomach... Then I put on the black skinny jeans with what looks like tiny white paint splatters all over them. Lastly I put on the Black Janoskians jacket with white arms and black heeled shoes with straps all over them. I added the jewelry that was with the note; a little chain bracelet with a heart on it, earrings and a ring with a bow on it. There was also a hat and glasses, so why not add them all together... Whoever brought these had a good sense in fashion. (external link)


I walked out of the room examining my outfit.
"Guys, this is lovely and all, but if I'm going to die, I want to die in some clothes I feel comfortable in, which by the way is a jumper and leggings, and, Just asking who the heck are the... Jan-oski-anss? And whoever brought this actually has a good sense of fashion for a bo-" I was interrupted by surprise of seeing all 5 guys tied up in the living room and a  bunch of guys the same age or a bit older trying them up.

"What's going on...?" I ask.
"Get her guys!" A man shouts.
I saw Jai wiggling the cloth over his mouth until he could speak, "Run Riley!" 

Realization hits me and I start walking backwards, seeing someone tie Jai backup.
I started running back down the hall and footsteps trailed behind me.
I quickly jumped into a room, locking it behind me. I turned and saw a messy room, which I think was Beau's... I don't even know why I think it's Beau's... I just did.
I was knocked out of my thoughts when I heard banging on the door and shouting from the other side.
I looked around and found a window. I ran over and looked out... There was one of those metal staircases there, luckily. I jumped out and onto it, before climbing up the next flight of stairs.

What? You didn't honestly think I'd leave the guys in there. Even thought they will still probably kill me, I'd only want them to kill me, not them big buff dudes that were tying them up.

I hopped into another window, coming into a game room, I believe... Yes, another one!
There was another pool table, a giant TV on the wall with the door, all different game consoles under it with lots of video games to play... C'mon Riley, your not here to play around, You're here to help the guys... But if I do survive, I will definitely make the boys let me play in here before they kill me.

I walked into the empty hall and trudged to the stairs. I tip-toed down, careful not to make the floor creak. 




Just thought I'd say that to break the tension. There may be none where you are, but there is for me! I'm about to save MY murderers from some other murderers.

I was next to the living room where everyone was tied up, and I could hear voices.
"We're going to get her..." A voice I didn't recognize, but imma call him croaks since his voice was croaky.
"She's gone, and you won't find her!" Beau shouts.
"NU-UH, She's still in the house, my men told me!" Croaky says. I hear standing up and footsteps coming towards the slightly open door.
"She's just such a dumb bitch, she doesn't realize we know." Mr CroakyMcCroaks said.

"Excuse me! I am not a dumb bitch!" I shout, opening the door to see everyone, the door hitting the radio and the song human started playing full blast...

"...Wups... I don't think that was meant to happen... Can we like, you know, rewind?" I ask, tiptowing backwards since Croaks was coming towards me and two guys were now either side of me.
I looked back and saw the looks the boys were giving me. Stuff like 'I can't believe you didn't run you stupid idiot, we're going to kill you worse unless you get us food since your on the way to the kitchen...'
Well that's what I was getting anyway...
I smile sweatly, before turning around, into the kitchen, locking the door again.
"HA HA HA HA HA!" I shout through the door, liking getting the men angry, they amuse me.
They were kicking and punching the door.
"Hey! These door were probably really expensive!" I shout at them.
My head was resting against the door as it got quiet out there... 

Then suddenly a knife's blade cute straight through the wooden door, centimeters away from my face.
I shrieked quietly, pulling back, also hearing the boys groaning...
"OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!" I hear someone shout,  music still playing.
I quickly run over to draws and found a big knife, holding it up in case someone magically ended up in here...

A lot of kicking and punching was going on, but this time, it was easier to get in... And there was no escape.
I jumped on the island in the middle of the kitchen, waiting for them to come.

When they got through, in the background, I actually saw worry in their eyes. Who would have thought some murderers would be worried for their hostage. Maybe they want tom make sure they kill me...
Another Christina Perri song came back on in the background; Arms.

"Bo!" Was all they had to say and it caused me to fall backwards off the counter.
I popped my head back up glaring at them, only to see a knife flying straight at me.
I ducked again, leaning on the cubards, the knife stuck in it, just above my head.
I started crawling round to the other side, seeing the others sneaking around the other side.
The boys could see me now, and everything that was happening, relief flashing through their eyes.
I winked at them, smirking.
I stood up about to run, when another knife flew at me, landing on the open door, just where my head was. Why keep gong for my head? Go somewhere else, please!
They came back around, forcing me back onto the island.

A man tried to reach for my leg, touching me slightly.
I kicked in his face, standing on another one's hand that was resting there.
I jumped down, running into the living room, quickly going over to Luke who was the first person I saw, cutting his rope on his hands and legs with my knife, before getting pulled backwards by Croaky himself.
"Oi, Get the fuck off her now!" Luke shouts after undoing Beau's hands, handing him the knife to sort everyone else out.
Luke grabbed my arms, pulling me out of his grip and pushing me behind him.
I help Beau get everyone else out.
Them then helping Luke, leaving me to watch helplessly.

I decided to do something more effective and strolled over to the music playing casualy, changing the song to flatline by Justin Bieber.

Jai turned to look at me and smirked, before carrying on.

Croaky was on the floor, covered in his own blood.
I felt bad for a split second before shrugging it off, walking into the kitchen getting a can of coke.
I walked back into the living room, sipping the fizzy drink in my hand.
This has been an eventful day... And it's only 11 am...

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