Murderers *Jai Brooks*

A normal girl, who goes to church.
Normal guys, who are wanted criminals.

Will this 'relationship' build them up, or tear them down?

5 crazy boys kidnap poor old Riley when they crash her brother's christmas performance at the church. After a roller-coaster of events take place, she no longer sees them as her kidnapper or murderers. Instead she thinks of them as friends... Or maybe even more.



(Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I have been on holiday to Wales and had no WIFI so... Yeah. Sorry it's short, any ideas?... Enjoy <3 )


I spent the rest of the day alone. I think the boys were ignoring me now or something because every time I went in the same room as them or talked to them, they would just leave. Elizabeth probably told them something about me.

Anyway, I don't care.

Right now I was in 'my room' waiting for something to happen... It's been really boring without the guys. My second thoughts on actually coming with these guys were running through my head.

All the things I left behind and now I'm just sat here on my own, waiting for my own death to come. The whole reason I'm here is because I wanted to protect my brother... But now how am I going to protect him if I'm not there with him? Mum? No, she's too old, she needs protecting herself... What do think is happening to them? I didn't even get to say goodbye before the were let out... Do you think they're looking for me? Do you think they even got out alive? How do I know the boys even let them out? What if they're dead right now? Just because they boys said they'd let them go, doesn't mean it's true... Elizabeth told me that they killed people before... How do I know they aren't lying and are just heartless killers... Exactly.

My thoughts were interrupted by my door slightly opening to reveal Beau peeked his head in as if to check if I was in here, then walked fully in.
"Erm, we're leaving in about 5 just, get ready." He said quickly and quietly, before turning around to walk back out.

"Hey wait!" I call to him before he could walk out of my room, "Can I just ask what I did? Please. Why are you all acting like... this...?"
"I don't know what you're talking about..." It was obvious that he was lying, but I don't know why he was nervous...

"Well, why are you giving my the shortest and quickest possible answers and not talking to me at all if you don't have to? Was you the one that was sent in here 'cause no one wants to talk to the girl they will be killing any day now...?"

He shifted from one foot to the other uncomfortably. "Elizabeth told us... That when we get to Australia, you're going to run and tell the police while we're with our families... That's just heartless."

"For one, that's rich coming from you. And two, I never said that." I explained. Why would I do that? Why would Elizabeth say that? That fucking idiotic bitch.

"Please, you girls always think you can trust each other. Well she's not betraying us like you. She said she doesn't want in on your plan, and just a little reminder. You're here because we're going to kill you. We are the killers, we decide the rules, not you." I sounded more confident now, not nervous or uncomfortable. But as he said that, reality struck. They thought I was going to betray them because of that girl.

"Why would I even say something like that to her if I just met her. And I wouldn't betray you. I fucking saved your lives for fucks sake. If I did 'escape' in Australia, do you really think I would waste time Talking to the police? No, I would be on the first plane back to be with MY family!" I scream. How could he believe the bullshit that came from her mouth?

He didn't say anything else. He just turned and walked out... Silence.

I thought these guys would be fun to hang with. Not fucking stressful. Well I am the shit head that actually went with them. I could have waited for the police to come in the forest, I could have let the other gang kill them and escape, I could be leaving now. Whats stopping me from leaving right now?

Come to think of it, Why am I not trying to get away now? I could be on my way home right now.

I stood up and cautiously walked to the window, peaking out at the fields that surrounded us. I could hardly see a road in the distance, but there were no cars there. It was a typical place for some kidnappers to live. Somewhere where no one else will go. Guess that's a bit of a disadvantage to me running away. But I'm sure I could make it to the other side of the field in front of us and into the forest. Surely I would find my way back without being caught by the buys. Them not talking to me makes this the perfect time. They wont be checking on me probably until they're ready to leave.

I made my decision.

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