Murderers *Jai Brooks*

A normal girl, who goes to church.
Normal guys, who are wanted criminals.

Will this 'relationship' build them up, or tear them down?

5 crazy boys kidnap poor old Riley when they crash her brother's christmas performance at the church. After a roller-coaster of events take place, she no longer sees them as her kidnapper or murderers. Instead she thinks of them as friends... Or maybe even more.


2. My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

It has been an hour and a half... So far 6 people have gone, an old man, an old woman, a priest, a child, a teacher and the kid's father.

It was just about to turn 01:15pm. The boys had gathered us together and were now walking around us secretly deciding who to choose next. I felt uncomfortable but I didn't bother to look at them to see who they were looking at, I just wanted to keep my brother and mum safe.

All of a sudden 'My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard, And Damn Right It's Better Than Yours..." started blaring out, ruining the silence that had been created... At first everyone, including me, looked confused. 
The boys got really mad and stared shooting stuff and slamming chairs about, talk about anger management?
Just then, I realized it was my phone, and so did some other people close by. Now everyone was looking at me as I reached into my pocket and ended the call, it was just my friend Drake... I can bet you that I was red in embarrassment after that. 
The boys glared at me and one of them held their hand out for my phone. I pulled it close to my chest, cradling it, and shook my head so he wouldn't get it. He sighed before starting to walk around again. I just stuck my tongue out at him when he had his back turned, earning a few laughs from other people around us and even the boys, but also a few crazed looks, probably because I just did that to a murderer.

As he walked away, he pushed a chair at me but it missed me... Instead it hit my brother.
I turned and saw him bleeding from his head, and I was shocked, who in the mother-effing world would do that to an eight year old, even if it was meant to hit me...? I took a cloth from his bag, which he usually uses for his glasses, and started to wipe his wound, wondering how it got that deep...


"What do you think you're doing?" The smallest boy, who I think was skip asked.

"What does it look like, I'm wiping my brothers face because he's fucking hurt!" I say back, very annoyed that someone would hurt him.

"Well stop it or we will shoot someone!" A medium height one said... All these boys were very rude! I put the cloth down since I had already finished anyway and glared at the buffer of the medium height ones.


*Ding Ding*


That was the signal that it was 15 past 1, yes, one of the boys did put a reminder on their phone.

"Right Beau, It's your turn... Who are you going to pick?" Another medium height boy asked. Beau looked around and his eyes landed on me, I glare at him, then look at my brother, secretly telling him to pick my brother so he was safe... and that if he didn't I would kill him, Gun or No Gun... He sighed before, indeed, pointing at my brother. I smiled at his actions, thinking maybe they could actually be good guys, as my brother was pulled into the other room. Away from us all, and the murderers...





Now, the only people that were still here were: me, a teacher and a little girl's mum.
My mum got picked shortly after my little brother, Jason.

But I just think the boys are trying to scare me because of my phone and brother incidents...


*Ding Ding*


"Oh look, It's half past 3... Who are going to pick now???" Beau, I think his name was from when someone else said it, asked.

"Hummmm, you can go." One said pointing at the teacher. I sighed, knowing I now have a 50% chance of getting kidnapped or being taken from these 5 crazy boys. I know they are crazy now because of what they have been doing all this time. This Master Plan was obviously thought up by the tallest one, James?, since he was the only patient one here, the others get so bored, they started dancing with me. Yes! Me!

I was just sitting and they decided to put some music on one of their phones, picking me up and running around with me on their shoulder, they took turns doing this, then started making me do different dances like the ChickenSprinkler and Macarana.

"And you two are the only ones left... Of course both girls, I'm not sure anyone thought we were going to  take a boy, that wouldn't be any fun, would it? I was thinking, you know, cause she is a mum and has a kid to look after, we should just take the girl. What do you think?" A medium boy said, I think Jai, I honestly have no clue since he looks so much like the other one, Luke? OH I DON'T KNOW!

"You are very smart Jai, anyway, the girl looks like a lot of fun, the mum has already been used so lets get rid of her." A tall boy said, looking discussed at the mum. They dragged her out by her arm and the boy, Jai ?  grabbed my arm and took me outside to their black car. He pushed me in and buckled me up.
"You do know I can do my own seat-belt?" I sass, not liking this random person touching me... He chuckled before closing my door, making sure it had child lock on so I couldn't open it and run away.

When the others got here, they all got in, speeding away down the not-very-busy road.

 This was going to be a long drive.


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