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8. Teen Choice Awards 2012-2014



Teen Choice Awards 2012-2014


1. Choice Music Group


2. Choice Single Group: "Story of My Life"


3. Choice Love Song: "You & I"


4. Summer Tour: WWA Tour


5. Choice Social Media King


6. Choice Twit


7. Choice Break-up Song: "Story of My Life"


8. Male Hottie(s)


9. Choice Smile: Harry Styles


10. Choice Fanatic Fans: #Directioners



Not did only the boys win an award, the fans did also! So congrats to us all for going crazy over them! <3



Here are the past awards they won back in 2012 & 2013


Teen Choice Awards 2012


1. Choice Music: Breakout Group


2. Choice Summer Music Star


3. Choice Love Song: "What Makes You Beautiful"



Teen Choice Awards 2013


1. Choice Tour: Take Me Home


2. Choice Music Group


3. Choice Male Hottie: Harry Styles


4. Choice Smile: Harry Styles


5. Choice a Single Group: "Live While We're Young"


6. Choice Love Sing: "Little Things"



Total Awards of TCA: 19



So the boys have won every award in the TCA's that they've been nominated for since 2012!

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