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2. sucking my ass

As u must of under stop from the first storie my boy friend is kinky he loves to try all sorts of new thangs. So he thought it would be fun to get anal beads.

So I told him we could try try them somtime. I often sleep naked with him I love him kissing and caressing my body before we go to sleep.

It's about 1 am and I sudden wake up relishing I'm cuming hard and fast I look down and my boy friend has my pussy in his mouth.

All if a sudenly I feel this wierd sensation in my ass and I relize he is slowly pulling out the anal beads.

Let's just say no matter when no matter were the second he says anal beads I'm there on my hands and knees begging for him to use them. I LOVE THEM and he knows it he uses it as power against me for my birthday he got xL and holt crap I was streched for days but I came on ever bead it was great.

But back to my storie he takes them out one but one and slowly lifts them to his mouth and starts to suck them. I guess my fav was priceless he start laughing so hard.

Knowing how embarrassed I get and not caring he keeps laughing. Now he's crying and making fun of me. I start to cry real tears and he stops that very second. He grabs me and kisses all the tear on my face .

I know I shouldn't get so worked up but I do and I don't know why I guess it's because it comes from him. I don't know but it hurt.

He says he sorry and puts me on my stomach. And in the softes way kisses my ass checks and starts slowly opening them he slowly softly sucks my asshole skin so sweet so soft so caring. I loved every second of it.

From that day ok anytime I'm sad I get and ass sucking.

Sorry if this one sucked still feel free to message me 850-238-7726 with any stories or comments I take requests

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