It Must Be Fate

Zayn Malik is in the band One Direction,

He has everything...the looks, the voice, the popularity, his 4 best friends and a cute personality,

The one thing he doesn't have is the perfect girl,

After a horrible experience with his ex Perrie...Will Zayn ever love again??

What will happen when Lilly comes into the scene,

Will fate bring them together...forever

The only thing that's stopping Zayn is....she's dating Harry,

Will Harry get heartbroken? Will she fall for Zayn or stay with Harry?


1. Meeting her

Zayn's P.O.V



I was woke up Niall jumping on me. "What do you want?" I asked groggily. "Harry wants us to meet someone at Nandos in an hour so you need to get up!" Niall shouted.

I knew the only reason Niall wanted me to hurry up was because he was hungry and Nandos was his favourite place to eat.

"Leave me alone, I'll get up'' I replied while shoving Niall and he fell on the floor with a thump, I couldn't help but laugh my butt off.

”I will meet you in the living room..." Niall mumbled while getting up off the floor and out of the room, I finally stopped laughing and got up to go get in the shower.




40 minutes later and I was ready to go, I walked in the room to see all the guys messing about on the sofa. "You guys ready to go then?" I asked, once they heard my voice their heads all shot up in my direction. "Yeah let's go!" Harry screamed...

We left the hotel room and got in the car to head to Nando's, once we arrived we all got out the car and walked to the entrance.

As soon as Harry got in he headed over to a table where a girl sat on her own, when she saw Harry she jumped out of the seat and hugged him. We all walked up to them...

"Guys...I would like you to meet my girlfriend Lilly" Harry pronounced. Lilly was very pretty, her long dark black hair cascaded down her face and down her back in ringlets and she had big bold brown eyes...she looked stunning...

"Harryyyy you cheated on me....? I thought what we had was special!!" Louis screamed, breaking me out of my thoughts, with that we all erupted into laughter. Harry let go of Lilly and walked up to Louis with his arms open going to hug him and Louis ran away screaming "No Harryyyy you cheated on me..." let’s just say everyone in Nandos was now looking at us to see what was going on and staring at Louis as if he was crazy. "I'm sorry Lou please forgive me" Harry pouted with his arms open still. "Aww Harryyyy I forgive you" Louis screamed while jumping in Harry's arms.

Harry and Louis where in a tight embrace so I took the opportunity to speak to Lilly. "Hey I'm Zayn" I said while holding my hand out so she could shake it, "Lilly, nice to meet you" she took my hand...a shock of electricity shot through my whole body at her touch, cliché but I don't care. "Are they always like this" she asked pointing to Louis and Harry, "Pretty much" I said and we both laughed. Then we walked over to Niall and Liam who was sat at the table waiting.

"Can we order now?!!" Niall asked us all and the guys finally stopped hugging and joined us all at the table. Once we ordered we just sat and talked. It wasn't long till we left and went back to the hotel.

"Let’s watch a movie!" Louis shouted

"Can we watch toy story? I haven't watched it all week!" Liam asked

"Fine" We all mumbled in unison. "What’s wrong guys why don't you want to watch toy’s one of my favourites" Lilly questioned.

"Yesss!! Harry you have to marry this girl!" Liam screamed. Lilly giggled and Liam put the movie in.



"Zayn...........Zayn............Zayn...........wake up pizza is here" A sweet voice rang through my ears, my eyes where half open and I saw her stood there..."What time is it? I asked while getting up into a sitting position, "Erm half kind of zoned out when the film was on" She giggled. "Oh well we best get into the kitchen because the boys will be wondering where we go to plus I'm hungry...I need pizza" she giggled again at my comment....I love her giggle it’s so cute, cute Zayn you can't think about her like that! She's Harry's.

We both silently walked into the kitchen. "Oh. My. God. I can't believe he didn't hurt you...he hurt me this morning when I woke him up!" Niall said. "Sorry about that have to admit though it was pretty funny" I laughed remembering Niall's face this morning, "I suppose but I'm never waking you up again!" He said.

I walked over to the pizza box and grabbed a piece and turned around to see Lilly on top of Harry's lap while they were giggling and talking to each other, I felt a pang of jealousy go through me. I finished eating my pizza and said night to the guys before going upstairs and text a number I never thought I would ever again....




Zayn: Perrie meet me tomorrow at Starbucks...I need to talk to you x

Perrie: Zayn! I never thought you would text me again! Of course I will, see you at 1 tomorrow then? <3

Zayn: Neither did I, but we have to sort this out and okay see you later x

Perrie: Okay Bye <3

I can't believe I did that, I said I would never forgive her after she cheated on me with Nathan Sykes. God I'm so stupid but we have to work it out right, I guess I just want happiness and Perrie gave me happiness before she did what she did, I don't know what I want anymore....


With that I went to sleep, with only one person that I want but I know I will never have because she’s with Best Friend...

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