Lux felled hard, Wyatt totaly stole her heart when they met. They say love is not complicated people are,well in this case Wyatt is.


3. only you

---two years later---

My feelings towards Wyatt just had gotten stronger. But he was my bestfriend and my brothers friend so i didn't have change with him and i don't think he liked me that way. he had girlfriend Siennan two days ago but she broke up with him. It killed me that he was dating someone,when they kissed it killed me more. But i was good actor i didn't show how sad i was. He was bit broke after the break up. But i was there for him,like i always were.

"I can't believe i was so dumb,i actually though she liked me." Wyatt said. "She said that she wants me to find someone who feels the same way." Wyatt said. What a bitch Sienna was. I tapped his shoulder. "That sucks.but hey you have me, friends help each others." I said. I was so friend zoned. He looked me and i could see the happines sparkling through of his sad eyes. My brother walked in. We were sitting in our living room. He was with Timothy. Timothy was my good friend we have knew each others years and are in same class. " Luxor!" Timothy said. "Timber!" I said. We had these weird nicknames to each others. "Babe!" He said and hugged me. Wyatt narrowed his eyes and raised his eye brows. "This is Timothy." I said to Wyatt who nod. "This is Wyatt." I said to Timothy. "Hey man." Timothy waved to Wyatt.

My brother and Wyatt were playing with their phones and i had pillow fight with Timothy. Timothy pushed me on to floor and put the big pillow over me and i couldnt get up 'cause he was holding the pillow. "Timberrrr!" I said and he just laugh. I could see Wyatt looking us with annoyence. What was his deal? I ignored him and got finally up and sat on Timothy's lap and covered his face with pillow and he tried to put the pillow way but he couldn't i giggled as i heard him groaning and trying to push me away. "Go fuck somewere else." Wyatt suddenly said with anger in his voice as he looked us pissed. I stopped teasing Timber and stared Wyatt with wide eyes.Timothy rolled his eyes and said "okay,whatever dude." And my brother looked up from his phone and said "chill,bro." To Wyatt who was still pissed. I got off from Timothy's lap and said "ewwwn i wouldn't do that with Timothy." And Timothy laugh and said " i agree." Wyatt rolled his eyes. Few minutes later we were chasing each others around the house and yelling like little kids with Timothy. Timothy was fun guy. He was this confident and funny and didn't care what others though about him. He isn't so good looking or i don't know i didnt see him that way, he is same heigh with me and had blonde hair and blue eyes like Wyatt,but Wyatt was more charming. "We are going to store." My brother said. "I have to get home." Timothy said. "Byyeee timberr." I said and hugged him. Wyatt shook his head and walked outside furiosly. I walked to store with my brother and Wyatt, Timothy had went home. Wyatt was acting normal like nothing happened,he was playing around and teasing me. What was his deal? They went to buy some food and i wated outside. I saw Logan outside and run to him. Logan smiled as he saw me. Logan is this guy from school he was really nice but i don't know him that well yet. "Heyy." I said. "Hi." He smiled. "What are you doing here?" He asked kindly. "I'm with my brother and his friend they went to buy some food." I said smiling. "Oh cool, i'm waiting my sister to pick me up." He said. "Cool." I smiled.we talked little but then my brother called my name. " i have to go now." I said to Logan."oh okay,see you at school." He smiled. "See you!" I smiled and walked back to my brother and really pissed looking Wyatt. "Who was that guy?" My brother said and wiggled his eye brows. "Thats Logan we go to same school." I said. Wyatt was quiet. "What's wrong." I asked when we were at home. "Nothing." Wyatt snapped harshly. I was bit socked about his tone. Wyatt never talked like that to me. He was always so kind even if he had bad day. "Okay." I said and he looked me angrily. Later that night i coldn't sleep i was thinking about Wyatt and how he acted today. Was he jealous? Oh if he only knew that no other guy made me heart skip a beat when he smiled to me or make me so nervous whenever hes around. I liked Wyatt so much that it hurt.

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