Lux felled hard, Wyatt totaly stole her heart when they met. They say love is not complicated people are,well in this case Wyatt is.


2. meet Wyatt

I steped in our kitchen and found my favorite drink 'orange juice' i poured it to glass and sat down to read magazine. I heard my brother entering the house,he wasnt alone. I could hear the unfamiliar voice who was talking to my brother. The voice was low and raspy. I felt cold shills run down my back as i listened them talk his laugh was something. It gave me this weird feeling. I felt the urge to look who owned this voice. They stepped in kitchen "this is my sister Lux." Lucas my brother said. That same boy from bus stood in front of me. He looked me and gave me smile "i'm Wyatt." He said with that sexy voice of his what was driving me crazy. "Hi." I said blushing.

Two weeks later---

I runned to big swing and sat down. Wyat came behind me he was chasing me. He smirked to me. "Lux.your hair is funny." Wyatt said looking my curly hair. "Its so curly." He said taking a curl to his fingers touching my hair. "Your hair is funny too." I said and stood up i was standing in front of him and runned my fingers through his soft hair and messed it. He just smirked. "Cmoon lets get back to others." Wyatt said and fixed his har and put his snapback on. We walked to our friends Bianca,trevor and max. We stood there talking and laughing when my smile freezed as i saw Amber walking towards us with her annoying bestie Patricia. "Hey Wyatt." She said giving a flirty smile and smiling to Wyatt. Don't tell me she has crush on him. And how did she even know Wyatt. Wyatt rolled his eyes and gave disgusted look and said "Amber." I smiled as relief when i noticed that Wyatt wasn't happy to see Amber. Amber pushed her hair back and narrowed her eyes to me "what are you doing here?" She snapped to me. "Hanging with my friends,what does it look like?" I snapped back. She rolled her eyes and started to speak very loudly like she always did. I got bored of hearing her talking and noticed Wyatt making funny faces to me. I started giggle causing Wyatt to smirk. "What is so funny,Lux." Amber snapped. "Nothing." I said. And she continued talking. I took Wyatt's snapback and put it to on my head ans messed his hair he just laugh and shook his head. Everyone stared me. "What?" I asked. "You just touched Wyatt's hair." Trevor said staring me like i was ufo "and?" I asked bit confused. "He don't like anyone to touch his hair." Max said. "Well i'm special."i joked. Amber rolled her eyes as Wyatt smirked to me.

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