Lux felled hard, Wyatt totaly stole her heart when they met. They say love is not complicated people are,well in this case Wyatt is.


4. caos

----two years later---

"This is it!i cant take this anymore!" I screamed to Wyatt. I mean the evil who tried to hurt my feelings as much as possible. "Great." He spatted looking me. "Goodbye Wyatt." I said and walked out the started to rain and cold tears streamed down my cheeks like normal person Wyatt would have ran after me and say that he was sorry.but no. Wyatt wasnt that person anymore. I was freezing. I didnt want to go home cause my brother would be there with Wyatt. I could go to my room but the though of Wyatt in same house made me want to cry more. I wanted to get out of there. As i walked down streets with soacked clothes and freezing like hell and it was 11.30pm and i didnt saw no one not even some random people. I was alone.i heard foot steps "Lux?" I heard familiar voice. Timothys big brother Anthony who was 18years old. "Hi." I said quietly. Trying to look normal. "Omg what happened?"he asked. "Nothing." I said.lie. I was bad liar. "Oh Lux.dont lie to me."he said and took his coat and placed it to my shoulders. The cost was big and warm. "Now lets get you home,shall we." He said. "No!" I yelled. "Woah,calm down."he said. "Im sorry, please dont take me there." I said looking him begging."well you cant stay here either,you are coming with me." He said and offered his hand. I took his hand and we walked into his car. He opened the door for me and i stepped into his apartment. He lived alone or i dont know if he had girlfriend. "Now first lets get some dry clothes." He said. I followed him imto his bedroom. He gave me some pair of boxers and t-shirt and exited the room. I changed into his clothes i looked my self at mirror i looked horrible my make up was all over my cheeks. I washed it off and walked into kitchen. "Thanks so much." I said. "No problem." Lux." He smiled. He made spaghetti to us. As we ate i told him why i was alone at street and he was kind and understanding.he was total sweetheart.he was goodlooking,tall and muscular and had blond hair and blue eyes he totally was the charmer. "You can take the bed i will sleep here." He said as we sat on sofa. "You dont have to,i will sleep in sofa." I said. "No you are not sleeping at sofa,you are my guest." He said. "Well i guess the we both will sleep at bed." I said. "Is that okay to you." He asked. "Yeah it is. Or if your girlfriend dont mind you sleeping witj me." I said.he totally had girlfriend. He was such a goodlooking and gold heart. "Uuum. I dont have girlfriend." He said. "What?" I asked. "Is that so hard to believe?" He joked. "Yeah it is, you are such a charmer." I teased.

"Do you mind if i sleep with out shirt?"he said. "No i dont." I said. He winked knowing why i didnt mind. He pulled his shirt over his head,well,well i never knew that he had 8pack hes abs were so muscular that i was almost drooling. He got under cover next to me. "You done with eye raping me?" He asked. I blushed. "Yeah i am." I said. "Good." He said. "Goodnight." He said. "Goodnight."i said. "Uum anthony." I asked. "Yeah." He said. "Would you maybe cuddle with me?"i asked. "Sure kiddo." He said and wrapped his arms around me that my back was against his hard chest. "Thanks." I smiled and closed my eyes. "Anytime." He whisperef and kissed the top of my head and we both fell in to deep sleep. Believe or not but i slept well for long time.

---- Anthonys pow---

"GET OFF MY SISTER YOU SICK BASTARD!" I heard someone yelling. I opened my eyes and saw Lucas,some blonde guy and my little brother Timothy. "What?" I ask. "Anthony i relly though you wont do that with our Lux." My little brother said. "What? No we didnt do that!" I raised my voice and Lux woke up. "Lucas,Wyatt and Timothy what are you doing here?" She asked rubbing her eyes. So that blonde guy what the asshole who she was talking. "Lux why are you in same bed with half naked Anthony and wearing his clothes." Lucas said. "its Wyatts fault!" She said. Wyatt rolled his eyes. I dont like this guy. "Yeah right." He said. Who was this scumbag doing in my house?! "I found Lux at 11.30pm in hillson street Alone wearing soacked wet clothes,she didnt want me to take her to home,so what the hell do you think i would do to her? Ofcourse i gave her dry clothes and food i cant leave her to streets like that. And what the hell you though i would have sex with her? Well im not that kind of animal, i actual care of her! Now whatever is that blond guys name,Wyatt what ever. If i were you i would get the hell out of my house,i will break you in two if you hurt Lux like that ever again!now get your shitty ass out my house before i trow it out." I said pointing the asshole standing middle of Lucas and Timothy giving glares to Lux. Lucas calmed down and glared Wyatt who got out. "Im sorry i yelled,i though.. I didnt know."Lucas said. "Its okay." I said. "Thanks bro taking care of here." Timothy said. "No prob." I said and stood up and put shirt on and gave small smile to Lux who was still at bed. "Im going to make some breakfast." I said and they nod. Lucas walked into kitchen with me.

--Lux's pow---

I was socked of Anthonys out brust but very thankfull to him. "Are you okay?" Timber asked. "Im not sure,but i will be." I said and gave him little smile.

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