Lux felled hard, Wyatt totaly stole her heart when they met. They say love is not complicated people are,well in this case Wyatt is.


1. blue eyes blond hair

This story it how i fell in love.

I sat in school bus next to my bestfriend Debbie."If Amber says something about Tony i promise i will rip her fake blonde hair out off his head." Debbie said. "I wont stop you." I said. We hated Amber. She was horrible person. "I really though that He liked me." Debbie said. "I'm so sorry." I said feeling bad for her. Tony was her boyfriend but now her ex. But to be honest we were only 15 years olds those things never work. We are only kids. I didnt have crush. How sad was that. Well in our school boys are horrible no one interests me. Its been while when i felt something for someone. The bus stopped i looked out of window we werent at school yet. Door opened and silence falled in to the bus. As he got in. The time stopped. I saw his blonde hair and his charming jawlines. He payed to the driver and turned to walk down the hall of bus. His face was perfect.i couldnt stop staring. Our eyes met he had beautiful blue eyes what were bit grey his eyes were beautiful to compared to mine boring black-brown. He gave me half smile. I looked behind me making sure he smiled to me. I noticed that it was me who he was looking i blushed and looked quickly to my shoes. "Woah Lux what was that?" Debbie asked. "What do you mean?" I asked acting like nothing wasnt wrong. Well everything was okay better than okay handsome stranger just looked me. Like how often does that happen? "Im sure i felt something between you and that hot blondie." She whispered. "And you are blushing!" Debbie said. "No im not! Shut upp." I said awkwardly. We were at school he didn't got out of the bus that ment that he goed other school. What a shame.

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