Child of no one

The gods sent their children to save the world.
well, their children and me.


4. Leo


Chapter IV



"I don't trust that girl! She comes dumping in, knows everything about everyone but nothing about herself? It's just weird... " I got a wrench from my toolbelt and started to fiddle with the engine.

"If I raise the doohicky by a few millimeters-" Screwing said doohicky around, I reached for a metal-doopey to keep the doohicky raised. It worked as intended, but, I don't think it made the biggest difference.

"What are you doing?" I said to myself as I sat down, head in my hands. 

"The machine is fine! You're just trying to avoid being in the "Happy couples zone""

I stood up, determined to go 'be social'.... ugh...

But being me, I walked into an oil-pipe. The pipe somehow broke, and oil was spilling everywhere. *Applause* 

After struggling for a few seconds, I managed to tie a rag from the tool belt around the leaking. 

Oil being very thick and all, it didn't flow through the rag. But I looked like I had just taken an oil-shower.

"So much for being social" I sighed. Well... 

Walking up the stars from the machine-room, I saw Frank and Hazel sitting ouside the door to Annabeth's room. They were leaning against the door, smiling at each other.

I actually don't think I envy Frank... Well, maybe a little, but I think, I envy them more.

"Leo!?" Hazel practically gasped.

"Don't stand up for me" I made a calming movement with my hands.

"There was a broken pipe, but things are fine now, I fixed everything as always" I gave them my patented goofy grin. 

"Just don't do it again" Hazel's voice was firm all of a sudden.

"Yeah Leo," Frank added.

"You scared the schist out of us" Hazel took his hand and giggled. 





"I'll go shower" I pointed towards my room.

"Remember to use water this time instead of oil!" Hazel's voice was friendly as she shouted at me.

"What?" I asked playfully dumbfounded, with my head just barely out the door.

"Just go shower already!" I saluted for a short second, before walking into my room for that shower.




Going out the shower, I noticed how there was oil everywhere. The doorhandles and door frames were the worstly treated ones. Once I was dressed in clean clothes, I went out into the hall. Hands in my pockets I walked over to the door of the mess hall. There was a note on it, with our guard shifts. My turn in twenty minutes. My shift-team (That IS a word!) were piper and- Wait WHAT!? What did it say? Piper and Tara?! 

How long have I been in the shower?

"VALDEZ!!!" Coach Hedge was screaming my name. I turned to the voice, his horned head was visible from the door to the deck.

"Yes coach Hedge?" I made sure to talk properly, he freaks out when you mutter. Actually he freaks out when you don't mutter as well.... He's funny that way...

"Your shift begins in ten minutes, and you need to teach the new kid!" Not... Cool... 

"Why do I have to teach the new kid? You're the gods damned coach!"

"Valdez! I don't wanna discuss it! Deck now, or you'll be on cleaning duty for the next week!" 

Considering that you might die anytime, being a demigod and all, spending an entire week cleaning is quite a threat.

So, with Coach's threat in mind, I started walking towards the deck.

When I opened the door I was blinded for a second. 

Lifting a hand to shade my eyes from the sun, I stepped onto the deck. It was a sunny day, there were mountains in the close horizon (can you say that?) and the weather was just perfect.


"Well ladies" I took the wii-controller from Jason as I spoke.

"Your captain is here and we'd better get going" I walked up to Festus while enjoying the wind on my face.

"Hey Valdez?" Tara came walking up to me.

"Coach Hedge said you'd find a work for me" Oh gods... How much can we trust her with? What is she capable  of? Would she ruin everything? Does she know how to tie a knot? 

"Maybe I could just keep the spirit up, and watch n' learn?" I nodded gratefully at her. She smiled back at me, understandingly. 

"You shouldn't trust me too much..." The wind was blowing her hair back, and she had a distant look on her face.

"Don't worry, I won't" My voice was light and playful, my words true though. She gave me a small smile at that.

"Leo?" Piper came to join us at the rail.

"You're the captain, you set the course" I nodded, and walked up to the control panel, while humming the theme of 'Pirates Of The Carribean'

Where Piper just shrugged, Tara joined in on my humming.

And so, we hummed together.



A/N sorry bout the short chapter, more and better is coming, I'm reviewing this fic a lot right now, editing and so on, so hopefully it'll be better in the future

stay lovely!

xxx NERD

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