Child of no one

The gods sent their children to save the world.
well, their children and me.


2. Leo

Chapter II



It was about noon, two days after we had lost Percy and Annabeth. Two days after I had lost them.

Right now, we all seemed like normal teenagers, despite from the fact that we were on a flying warship. Well... You can't have it all can you?

Nico was in the crows nest, trying to get a glimpse of what adorable monsters would try to eat us next. And Hazel was sacrificing her breakfast, to whatever we were flying above right now. Frank was handing all my beloved Wii controls over. (Frank, Jason and Piper had just ended their watch) And Jason and Piper were just standing next to the ship-pole, FLIRTING! Outrageous... 

"What the!?" Nico's voice trailed off as something dragged him from the crows nest, down along the ships-pole, and straight onto Jason and Piper.


"What's up with that?!"

"Nico get off me!" Pipers charmspeak caused Nico to crab six feet away from the pile of entangled legs. Leo couldn't count how many there was.

Piper screamed. 

Frank ran over to get Jason un-entertwined (That IS a word!) from a fourth body.

"It's probably a wind nymph!" Hazel was the only one being able to wrap her head around the situation. And it made sense, There had been a lot of wind nymphs bothering us lately. 

"It could be dangerous!" Wow Frank... We hadn't guessed! 

Everybody had formed a circle around the wind nymph. Weapons drawn and guard up.

When I walked over to join the circle (Having pulled a hammer from my tool-belt as the only weapon nearby) I saw a pathetic being in the middle.

A girl, probably sixteen. Red-brown hair, down to the middle of her back. Bright yellow worn-out jeans. And a black tank top with burn holes in it. Furthermore her complexion was green. Not in a nymph way, more like she was sick to her stomach. She was sprawled weakly on her knees, leaning against the ship-pole and holding tight onto one of the ropes for support.

"It doesn't look angry" Hazel (Being the good person she was) let her guard down a little.

"It can still attack!" Frank (Being the overprotective guy he was) positioned himself a little more in front of Hazel to be able to protect her better.

"I prefer to be referred to as 'Her' rather than 'It' please" The girl in the middle had fought herself to a standing position.

"And now if you would please exscu- MMHHPF" she made a gagging sound, and no one tried to stop her when she ran to the rail.

The sounds were disgusting.

When she had emptied her stomach, she came strolling back, obviously trying to preserve her dignity. She failed. When she turned to Nico and put a hand on his shoulder, he looked at like he was trying to guess her weight.

"Sorry Di Angelo, I just grabbed whatever was near to avoid falling. I didn't mean to drag you with me" She shrugged. Nico just looked at her.

"How do you know my name?" He placed a hand on his hip and looked at her expectantly.

"Long story short:"She took in a deep breath, and started speed-talking

"I think I lived in Denmark, but I ran away when I was fifteen and lived on the streets of New York. And then Hera put me..... Somewhere? for six months, and then all the gods blessed me, Which means I'm basically a mix of 17 different demigods, and then Zeus zapped me here"

"Uhhh...? Well, um... I.. uh I think?...." Annabeth would've known what to do.

"What's your name?" Good thinking Jason, let's start with her name...

"I'm Tara"

"Well I'm-"

"Cut it Valdez! I know all your names" She stopped me with her hand.

"Just trying to be polite" I mumbled out under my breath. She heard it though.

"Just trying to get me on Team Leo more likely." How could she just come waltzing onto my ship and huff that way about team Leo?

"How do you know about team Leo?" Hazel couldn't keep a smile from her lips thinking about 'Leo Valdez Bad-boy supreme'

"Oh I know a lot of things Levesque" There was a sad tone in the girls- in Tara's voice.

 "Let's try to be logical for a moment here" Jason's praetor-side came up and he got a dangerous glimpse in his eyes.

"Are you a mortal?" The thought of asking Tara whether she was a mortal hadn't occured to me. Good thinking Jason! *mentally patting Jasons shoulder*

"Yes" She wasn't looking like she was gonna hurt us. And I couldn't help but lower my hammer a little.

"So you're not a demi-god?" I could follow Pipers thoughts, how did she get here if she was just a mortal?

"Nope" She popped the "P" slightly, and her natural and relaxed smile just made me wanna hug her.

"You said, And I quote: "I think I lived in Denmark" How can you not be sure?" Frank apparently had a good eye for details, because I didn't notice that. Pfft.

"Hera messed with my memory"

"That makes us two"

I don't know what reaction Jason had expected, probably not the one he was getting,'.

"I know Sparky!" She looked at him like he was trying to explain to that 2+2=4, even though she was way smarter than  him.

"Are you gonna kill us?" I know it was stupid, and if she was gonna kill us, she probably wouldn't say so, but it was relevant!

"Well" She started, a teasing smile on her face:

"It's not the reason i came here, but I may kill you" Okay so it was a stupid question.  BIG DEAL!

As if she had read my mind she said:

"There are no stupid questions Valdez! Just stupid people"

"Well why are you here?" Frank interrupted me before before I got a chance to say something witty back to her.

"The gods sent me" She said ever-so-casually.

"Why?" Tara just looked at Piper with an interested glare.

"Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus right?" Everybody stared at the stranger who had just dumped onto half the crew on the ship
"How did you..." Pipers voice trailed off.
"Hera thought you could use some help. She said that: "This was all part of her great plan to save the world" or something... I guess"
"And you're on Heras side?" Jason apparently couldn't help but ask. Which I understood because if that was the matter then-
"NO! Heavens NO! I'm definitely NOT on Heras side! There's no way in Hades I would..." 

"I think I like you" Piper broke her off. If Tara was against Hera, she couldn't be that bad.

"But what about the "Mix of 17 different demigods"-thing?" I asked. Probably saying what everyone was thinking.

"Good question Leo" Hazel nodded approvingly at me. *Mental shoulder-clap*

"Now answer it" Piper came off sounding a little more rough that what she probably intended.

Tara laughed, nothing crazy or diabolical. Just sweet and sincere.

"No need to charmspeak me McLean, I'll give you guys all the answers I have." She stretched in a very cat-like manner.

"When a god blesses you, you basically get the powers of their strongest children" She looked around at each of the demigods.

"And who blessed you?" Jason's voice was a lot quieter now. Now that he knew that this girl could probably kill us all...

"All the olympians, Hecate, Iris and the Algea" She looked thoughtful for a moment. Her "I'm-thinking-face" Was her pouting her lips and a distant look in her blue eyes.

"Yup those" Everything went quiet.

"So you can fly?" Jasons voice croacked.

"Well I" She did a gesture towards the sky-

"I don't know? I guess?" She looked at her feet and I could actually Feel the awkward

"It's like, an hour ago it all happened, I haven't exactly had time to experiment" She said it like we were blaming her and it was an excuse.

"I guess theres only one way to find out right?" I could feel the elfish grin on my face.

"Leo you're not gonna?" Hazel looked at Tara with pity.

"What if she can't-" I cut off Frank with a motion of my hand.

"I'll be gentle" As the other ran down the stairs and to safety-distance from my fire, I turned towards Tara.

I was in no way planning on being gentle.


A/N I know the ending seems a little weird, it's like he's either gonna torture her, or do Le sexytime *Eyebrow-wiggely-buisness*

Reviews are always appreciated. 

xxx NERD

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