Child of no one

The gods sent their children to save the world.
well, their children and me.


3. Jason

PiperChapter III


"So what do you think of this?" Piper was the one who brought me out from my thoughts by taking my hand. I looked into her eyes for a second, and I counted at least four different colours. Schist! What was the question again?


I tried.

Piper just laughed her amazing laugh, and pecked me on the cheek.

"What. Do. You. Think. Of. This?" She had cut off the way to my room by standing in front of me.


*girly scream*

"I think Leo's finally getting his butt kicked" I took Pipers hand, ignored the shaking of her head, and went back to eavesdrop on Leo and Tara.

I got the door smacked in my head. Hard.

Leo came marching in, arms crossed, furrowed eyebrow(s). (Seeing as he only had 1 1/2)

And Tara came strolling after him. A big smile on her face.

"I guess" Leo hissed between his teeth.

"That we can conclude" He looked angrily at Tara.

"That you can fly! And shoot fireballs. And call lightning." Tara just smiled.

Piper grinned and high-fived her. 

"Well it's about lunch-time!" I got Leo so easily distracted.

"And we're having hot-wings" He bit the bait.

"Hot-stuuuuuuuuuuuuf!!!" Tara just stared at the hispanic running down the hall.

"Is he always like that?" Piper just sighed and nodded.

"Well I don't remember ever being this hungry before!" I looked at her. I've been through amnesia, and it sucks. But she just seems to want to make the best of the situation. You have to admire her for that!

"GUYS!" Leo's head was sticking out from the door to the mess hall.

"If you don't hurry I'll eat all the hot-stuff for the chicken wings!" I started sprinting towards him:

"Oh no you don't!" Piper shook her head and said something to Tara. 

In all honesty I didn't have time for details like my girlfriend, when the hot-stuff was on display! (Okay... That didn't sound douchy at all!)


"I don't remember ever being this full!" Hazel stretched her arms over her head.

"No Levesque" Tara pointed at Hazel with a half-eaten chicken wing.

"I don't remember ever being this full" She dumped the chicken wing onto her plate like a boss. Frank had the decency to laughy-grunt at her joke. Nobody else found it funny. 

*explosion* *crash* *monster roaring*

"Monster attack!" Frank jumped up, grabbed his bow, and ran out. He was faster than anyone else, seeing as Hazel was so full she could hardly stand. I ran after Frank, Leo close behind me.

When we made it to the upper deck, there were tiny rocks everywhere. Like the rocks in grandma's driveway, only they were knee-high.

Frank was crouching on Leo's "Supreme-captain-commander-chair" Pointing his bow around, twisting and swirling it all the time, as the roars seemed to be coming from everywhere.

"FRANK!" I got lucky that no monsters were roaring when I called out. I got Franks attetion and kept yelling:

"Numina Montanum! They're probably on Gaia's side!" Frank nodded and kept aiming everywhere. 

"JASON!" A voice drowned out the constant roaring of mountain spirits, and rolling of huge stones.

"WHAT ARE THOSE?" she pointed out into the mist.

I fought my way through grandma's driveway and over to Tara.

"Numina Montanum, or Ourae in greek!" She looked at me with her arms crossed.

"Not helping!" Oh yeah, she's neither roman nor greek...

"Mountain spirits! BAD NEWS!" She nodded and tried to walk, but ended up giving a frustrated sigh. Then she flew. Why hadn't I thought of that?

Trying not to get killed, I soared over the rocks. My eye caught something, just behind Festos at the very front off the deck. It was like seeing water well up from a clogged-up drain. Except it was tiny rocks that were welling up.

"What the-" Piper cursed and Hazel didn't even slap her... Weird...

"I think I found the source!" I was lucky she heard me. Piper and Hazel started fighting their way to me. 

"We couldn't hear what you said" Piper supported herself on her knees and huffed.

"But since we got all the way over here-" She looked me straight in the eye.

"It better be important!"

I pointed to the source of the rock-attack. The tiny stones were now halfway up my thigh. Dam it (A/N Hehe). Piper looked disgusted and intriugued at the same time.

"What is that?" 

"It looks like a foul drain" Hazel was mirroring Pipers expression.

"Well I guess since it's the source of all this-" I gestured towards the ship.

"We might wanna do something about it" It was at that point, somebody decided that we didn't have enough trouble already, and started throwing huge round boulders at us. 

Well thank you.

"STOP THAT" Pipers charmspeak made me wanna lay down and never do anything for the rest of my life.

Piper looked questioningly at me with her arms crossed.

"Stop looking at me like that!" Why was I the one to dive into hip-high grandma-driveway rocks to do something about some sort of Something.

"Pleeeeeeaaaaaaase?" Damn that woman. Diving into the rocks I realised:

You can't swim in rocks!

But you can't drown either, which is good I guess.

After like, ten minutes, I reached... Something...  The rocks welling up from... It... Were wet and slimy, there was a smell of vinegar. Suddenly it closed. It's.... Mouth? 

Okay, there was some sort of monster on our ship throwing up rocks... 


Grabbing the little creature by it's head I stood up again. Haha, it sounds so easy doesn't it? Well it wasn't! 'Cause when I grabbed it, it of course started throwing (up) more rocks at me. And a monsters' stomach-acid does not smell nice! I'm actually pretty sure it cauterized my "Camp Jupiter" shirt. 

When I had gotten up, with the little thing, I got an opportunity to take a closer look.

It was as tall as my lower arm, built sort-a like a piranha (With legs though) and it was grey-blue. The inspection didn't last long though, because Piper took the thing, and threw it overboard. I could hear it screeching until it hit something.

"There" Piper clapped her hands clean.


Sometimes she amazes me, with her willpower, and "I'm-gonna-do-stuff"-ness. (That IS a word!)

"GUYS!" Leo's voice broke my Piper-tration. (concentration, but with Piper *wink*)

"We're dropping!" All the extra weight form the stones.

"Hazel! Is there any kind of metal in these rocks?" Hazel closed her golden eyes in focus for a moment.

"A little iron, why?" 

"See if you can move the rocks by willing the metal" I turned to piper.

"Grab a bucket and get as may off the ship as possible" She nodded.

Hazel was able to take out about two bucketfuls at a time, but Piper worked fast.

Standing as far away from the others as I could, i started to make a hurricane, about the size of me. When it was full, It took all my power to throw it overboard.

"Guys!!!" Leo stood in the entrance, nervously jumping up and down.

"We're still falling! We need more hands!!!" And as if on cue, Tara came flying down.

"That mountain spirit-" Blood was running down her arm from a wound she was pressing her hand onto.

"Is not a happy mountain spirit" She leaned against the mast, trying to catch her breath.

Again, Piper was the one with the initiative.

"Frank!" The archer spun his head so quickly it would have broken my neck.

"Get some nectar and ambrosia!" Frank's eyes darted to Hazel, just to check that it wasn't her he would be fetching it for. Then he turned into a cat and walked on top of the rocks, over to the entrance. Getting the door up was a problem. Frank changed back into human, and then he began moving the rocks and by the pushing, pulling and removing of stones, the door opened and Nico came tumbling out.

Frank didn't waste a moment to push past the stunned son of hades.

Nico didn't waste much time either. He disappeared into the shadows.

"What was that!?" Piper exclaimed, pointing to the place where Nico had just disappeared. 

"Who does he think he is? Running around disa-" Piper got broken off by Nico, materialising right next to her.

"Oh" Piper looked only slightly embarrassed.

"Hi Nico..." Nico just looked amused at her embarrassment.

"Who's hurt?" Nico broke the silence, and Tara raised her hand. The moment she did that, a deep, horribly bleeding cut, was exposed.

"Tara!" Piper yelled.

"That's serious!" With those words, she ran over and started examining the wound.

"Piper stop" Tara scooted away from her motherly care.

"Just focus on the rocks" She gestured towards the entire ship.

"Mainly at the door" She stood up tall and straight. But she was very pale. At that moment I realised she had large dark circles under her eyes, and she was skinny, really really skinny!

"Grace get going!" I didn't even bother to see who was bossing me around, I just got started.

When Frank returned with the nectar and ambrosia, Tara impatiently snatched it away from him, took a bite, had a sip, and started working.

Her and Hazel were a good team, I didn't notice the way her hands were shaking. Or the fact that she was drenched with sweat. No. What really caught my attention, was Nico.

He had opened the shadows on the deck, and looking right, a hundred feet or so, i could see a lump of shadow, throwing up rocks.

"Guys we're flying again!" Leo wooed and did a weird victory-dance. 

"Guys?" Everybody were sprawled on the ground. A weird groan escaped Tara's lips:

"Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh" Hazel looked at her and answered:


"Well thank you for clearing that!" Leo smirked with his arms crossed.

"But we still need to interrogate Tara" I felt sad for the girl. I remembered what it was like arriving at camp half-blood, nobody believing me, however, I guess I could see Leo's point. Getting up, rubbing my eyes and offering Piper a hand I said:

"You can stay in Annabeth's room to rest. We'll put guards at the door" She didn't answer, or breathe. 

"Guys!" Hazel was kneeling next to Tara.

"There's something wrong! She's not breathing!!!" Hazel didn't calm down before Tara gasped loudly about twenty seconds later. Her eyes still closed.

"Guys give her some space!" Hazel held her arms in the air in a stop motion.

"What is it?" Leo had lost the "Tough guy" attitude and actually sounded worried.

"She's having a flashback" Nico stepped up next to me with his arms crossed and a poker-face as good as Reyna's.

"Hazel used to have those too" Hazel nodded at Nico's statement.

"It'll probably last about five to ten minutes" She took a sack laying around on the deck and placed it under Tara's head.

"The best thing would be to question her about it when she wakes up" Hazel made a motion for all of us to sit down.

"Might as well get comfortable" Piper smiled and closed her eyes as she snuggled into me.

I couldn't help but smile and kiss her on top of her head.

***Timey-wimey wobbley-bobbley***

Tara blinked confused. 

"How are you?" There was a motherly tone in Hazel's voice. Tara tried to sit up, only to be pushed down by Hazel again.

"Did you have a flashback?" Tara covered her face with her hands and pressed lightly on her eyes. 

She nodded and everybody were quiet. 

"I... I..." Her voice trailed of.

"I was in a field" She uncovered her face and looked into the sky.

"It was summer and about reaping time, my house was in the distance. I was listening to disney-music."

She looked down herself.

"I was thirteen. I was there with my father and brother. We were picking Wild-oat, and.. And... My brother and I were singing along to the disney songs. We were both really good singers"

She looked around at all of us. I wanted to comfort her.

The weird thing is though, she didn't look scared. She looked so strong, as though life had kicked her in the gut several times, and she had no intentions of letting it happen again.

"Is there something practical I can do?" She sat up and was looking around again.

"Or do you want to interrogate me first?" She said it with no anger or fear in her voice, rather a little mocking and amusement.

"We can do that later" Hazel offered Tara a hand, but she stood up herself, smiling at Hazel.

"Tara needs to rest, flashbacks can be pretty tough on you" Nico added.

"I guess that settles it?" Piper looked questioningly around. Okay, I guess I need to go all "Praetor" on them now... Well here we go...

"Annabeth's room is the first one on the right hand when you come down from the deck" I said with my most leader-like voice:

"I'm sorry but we'll have to post guards at the door" I really was sorry, and then... not...

"Get some rest, Tara" Frank put his arm around Hazel.

"I'll take the first watch" Everybody looked at Nico, he just kept on his poker-face.

"Cool" Leo pulled his suspenders out from his body and let go of them again, causing them to smack against his chest.

"I'll go fiddle with the engine" And Leo was off.


A/N Hello lovely people!!!

I've edited the first chapter a little. It's not like the entire story is gonna change because of it, but maybe if you... I don't know... Have some spare time and have nothing better to do with your lives???

xxx NERD

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