Child of no one

The gods sent their children to save the world.
well, their children and me.


1. Tara


Chapter I




"Just why am I here again?" A beautiful woman was holding my arm in a tight vice-like grip. Right above my elbow. Here. Just where is "Here" Capital H? Looking around I didn't know what to think.

Definitely "Capital H"

It seemed that everything here was capital. I was in a throneroom, for giants. Twelve giganourmous (that IS a word) thrones were positioned in a semi-circle around something that looked like a bonfire on a silver platter. Eleven giants in dresses (Even the men!?) were seated on the thrones. One was empty. It was right in middle. I looked at the vice-woman holding me. She was wearing the same kind of dress the rest of the giants (even the men!!!) were wearing.

Not dresses, togas! 

"Just where am I?" Again I was ignored. Or well... Eleven stern, concerned, annoyed and even frightened looks were directed at me.

Yay... Attention... *sarcasm* *wink*

"What have you done!?" Somebody in the throneroom spoke up. My eyes darted to the speaker. It was a young girl, maybe twelve? Thirteen? I don't know. She was pretty. Pfft. 

"This human is our only hope" I was pretty quick to decide that: No, I don't like Vice-Woman. Her voice was cold and icy and controlled. Bad news for me.

"How will a mortal be of help to our children?" A guy who looked alarmingly like Sean Bean, leaned over his knees, and was now staring me up and down.

"We will bless her" A cold smile spread on Vice-Womans face as the rest of the twelve began shouting and protesting all together at the same time.

"All of us!?"

"It has never been done before!"

"How will we know she won't turn against us?!"

"A mortal with that much power?"

"We can't!"


Everybody looked at the tuff guy who had just proposed to: "Kill her"

"Really Ares?" A pretty woman with grey eyes and black curly hair massaged her temples.

"I think it's a good idea!" Mick Jagger had apparently joined the party.

Now they were arguing on: How to kill me, when to kill me and why. 

"Enough!" I shouted to what i now realised wasn't cross-dressing giants, but greek gods.

"You're all gonna shut up and listen!" I pointed to Vice-Woman, (Who had now let go of my arm and was smirking satisfied) 

"Who are you?" She made an annoying grimace and looked at me with disgust.

"When speaking to a god it is normal courtesy to say "Lord" and "Lady""

"You'll be known as "Lady-Vice"" I turned around, ignoring the gasps and muffled giggles from the rest of the gods.

"Where am I?" I crossed my arms, demanding respect.

"You're on Olympus" The kindness in the pretty womans voice took me by surprise.

"And I am Athena" She added.

"Godess of wisdom and battle strategy!" Actually knowing something in this eff'ed up situation gave me courage. Athena just smiled at me, and I smiled back.

"Okay....." I started pacing the floor.

"How did I end up on a mountain in Greece?" Lady-Vice walked past me and started growing. At first I thought she was going to explode. It would have been fun. But she stopped when she was about the same size as the others (Which was huge BTW). She sat down next to Cross-Dresser Sean Bean and looked at me with her eyebrows raised as to say: "Now that I'm a giant, I bet you're scared of me". Dream about it Vicy. 

"You're not in Greece" The pretty young girl spoke up again. Her hair was brown and her skin was pale, her eyes were sorta grey-yellow.

"But.... Mount Olympus"

"Is the center of power in the western world" A guy with sandy hair and elfish looks interrupted me.

"Hermes" He waved awkwardly as he introduced himself. 

"So... Olympus moves with the time?" Athena nodded approvingly at me.

"Okay. But-why-am-I-here!?" I blurted out my question ever so elegantly and instantly covered my mouth.

"I'd like to know that too!" A squeely-girly-blondy-popular-girl-voice complained.

Lady-Vice straightened her back and said something in greek. I got the last word. Something about tartar-sauce.

Apparently tartar-sauce is taboo, because everybody either gasped, screamed or just looked at me.

"Like" The blonde popular-girl-in-high-school-goddess (who just HAD to be Aphrodite) swallowed a lump in her throat-

"She walked through?" Lady Vice shook her head.

"She stayed there" More gasps. Aphrodite placed a hand over her heart and looked at me with pity.

"For six months" Aphrodite screamed. Then she stood up, tears flowing down her cheeks, shrunk to normal size and hugged me tightly. I could smell her expensive perfume. It was like being choked in the strong scent. Which for some reason triggered me off completely. I started gasping for air. She let go. But it was too late. Pictures of darkness ran through my mind, red clouds, breating acid, drinking fire. Being in constant danger. Fearing for my life every moment, of every day. I had fallen to my knees. Aphrodite had jumped away from me.

Like I was contagious. 

Like I was a freak.

Something told me I was used to being treated like a freak.

Something from a different life.

I stopped hyperventilating.

"I'm not from here am I?" Lady Vice stood up.

 "This is Tara" She gestured to me. Something about the name sounded familiar.

 "She is from a land far to the north. A land where other gods reign. The nordic gods." As she went along I remembered. I remembered a white house on a field. corn ready for reaping. Horses. Cats. Once a dog. But was I alone? I couldn't seem to clear the fog in my head, not before Lady Vice went on anyway.

"She never felt like she belonged. Not in Denmark" Denmark that was it! My head started hurting as an entire language popped out of my memory, no two languages popped out.

"One day it was to much and she ran away" Now I just felt bad. I remember leaving at 5 Am. 

"I probably really hurt my parents" Aphrodite was the only one close enough to hear my mumble. She offered me her hand to help me up. It was nice of her, but i think i can stand up by myself.

"She flew to New York City  where she was homeless for six months and..."

"STOP"the aggresivness in my own words surprised me. Considering I was seconds away from breaking into tears, my voice was pretty steady.

"It hurts to remember so... Please just-" My voice cracked and I looked away

"Just get to the point" My arms were crossed, this time more pathetic and protective.

Aphrodite looked at me with pity. Pretty much everyone did. But Athena seemed to admire me more.

"The crew of The Argo II Has the Athena Parthenos. But without Percy and Annabeth..."

"They will be falling apart" Artemis finished the sentence no one else would.

"Where do I come in in all of this?" Okay, truth be told. I was tired. Tired of not knowing what was going on, where I was, WHY I was there, where i was going and why a bunch of cross-dressing GREEK GOD-GIANTS WERE LOKING AT ME LIKE I WAS AN INFANT ORPHAN- WITH NO ARMS!!!

*Poker face*

"YES! I'm DYING to know" Everybody facepalmed.

"Hades, this is serious!"

"I thought it was funny..." The god of death was no-doubt very funny.. ha ha... I simply didn't have time to enjoy his great godly humor.

"Ha ha Hades..." I crossed my arms in a mocking manner.

"You're so funny you're going to kill me" Hades looked at me with hope in his eyes, hope of a new pun-partner. (that IS a word)

"Back on track!" A god with (Let me be honest) a horribly misshaped face lead the attention back to Lady-Vice.

"Hera" A man with sea-green eyes stared her down.

"You have some explaining to do"

"I already said we're going to bless her" Everybody opened their mouths at the same time, but Lady-Screwdriver held up her hands in a stop everything gesture (No pun intended)

"I have also summoned other... smaller gods..." 

"Who are you calling a "smaller god"!" 

"Iris!!!!!" Aphrodite looked (And sounded) like a fangirl obsessing over her favourite artist.

"Aphrodite" Iris looked anything but exited.  She couldn't escape the hug though. She fought bravely, and went down with honour. She hugged Aphrodite back with one arm and half-a-heart.

"Is this the girl?" Iris was smiling and pointing at me, while looking at Hera (LADY-VICE)

"Yes Iris. That is Tara" Iris was still smiling. And she was normal-sized, which was nice!

"I'm Iris, the goddess of rainbows" She flashed me a huge smile and shook my hand.

Then she slapped my black jeans. And they turned bright yellow.

How do I react to that?

"Um......" I looked at the rainbow goddess with questioning eyes.

"Too much black depresses me" She was still smiling, but it wasn't annoying. It was nice. Everything was weird and uncomfortable and there she was. Smiling, lighting everything up, just by being there.

Like a rainbow after a thunderstorm. A promise. The promise that the sun will shine again. A promise I needed.

"Iris have you seen the Algea? I would have expected them by now" Lady-Screwdriver was grinding her hands impatiently. 

"The Algea?" Four or five different gods asked at the same time.

"There is a dark side of power, that is what will balance her" Hera looked at me suspiciously and continued her lecture in greek. It seemed like she was slowly convincing the other gods.

After ten minutes of greek scolding all the gods grew restless. The one with the misshaped face was the first to talk.

"Very well mother" Hephaestus held up his hand as if giving in. 

"She will have my blessing" After that all of the gods seemed to agree, some in english, some in greek. One with a Haiku...

I am so awesome

The girl gets my blessing

My hair is perfect

I just mentally facepalmed at Apollos Haiku. Still a lot of questions were buzzing in the back of my head, but I was starting to understand the situation. Still, a few questions were un-ignorable.

"What does it mean to get someones "blessing" and who am I supposed to help and for the love of Zeus Apollo...... Just.... cut the Haikus!"

"Oooooh ooooooh can I explain it?" Aphrodite was jumping up and down like an overly-happy teenage girl.

"Sure, why not?" Hades made a motion with his hand as if whether my questions were answered by a caffeinated teenage girl, or a person didn't matter.

"Well" Aphrodite began putting a hand on my shoulder and dragging me away

"When gods have children with mortals..."


Walking back to the throneroom, I wasn't sure I was ever gonna be hole again. Can you imagine a biology-class. Like where the teacher talks about sex and stuff... Imagine doing that, only DNA, monsters, something about space, superpowers, scents, and animal sex were for unspoken reasons mixed into the conversation.

I'm just going to go cry in a corner if that's alright...

"Honey you look pale!" I felt like throwing up.

"Are you alright?" NO!!!

"I'm just a bit overwhelmed is all" Overwhelmed was an understatement.

"Aphrodite hon!" Hera called out over the room, catching her attention.

"The Algea are here!"

Aphrodite grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around to face her. She was surprisingly strong.

"Tara" She looked serious. The whole "Teenage-girl" thing was gone, and I saw real, deep worry in her eyes.

"Getting a gods blessing basically means that they give you the power of their children, their strongest children. But where it would be a natural part of the child, it will more be like... Like" She fanned her face looking for the right words. Obviously stressed.

"Like, if it is an extension of the demi-god, it will be a mutation to you." I looked at her with pure horror.

"So you're saying I'll grow an extra arm or something?" Aphrodite smiled sadly.

"No, it will be like, a prosthetic, replacing the powers you never had." 

"I'm not sure if... If I want that..." How could I be sure? what if I would turn into a monster, not being able to control my powers.

"Aphrodite?" She looked at me, nervously biting her nails.


"What if... What if I.... What if I hurt someone? Someone I love" she was really quite beautiful.

"You will learn to control your powers" Her voice was reassuring, I coudn't help but believe her.

"So... I'll be the strongest mortal to ever have lived?" It was probably the scariest thought that had ever crossed my mind.


"I don't think I want that" Aphrodite looked at me with sorrow and pity in her eyes.

"I'm sorry Tara" Then she hit me in the temple and I went out.




"She's waking up!" A rough, hoarse voice announced, just as I opened my eyes.

I was sitting on a chair. As I felt a pounding in my head and reached up to massage my temple, I realised I couldn't. 

"Why am I tied to a chair?" Still blinking the blurryness of sleep away, I wasn't really surprised to hear that my voice was groggy. 

"Now that she's awake-" I did not like the glimpse in Apollos eyes.

"Let the fun begin" He smacked his hands together and walked over to my chair. He was pretty good-looking. But he had too much confidence, like, an entirely distorted image of himself.

"Hey there T" The nickname made me frown. He got like really close to me. 

"Woaw!" I tried to move away from him. But apparently, chairs can't fly... Pfft.

"What is he gonna do?" I tried to look past the sun-god, but he was sorta blocking my view.

"I'm gonna bless you of course!" His ear-to-ear smile was maybe the reason people would go blind from looking up at the sun for too long.

"NO!" I was NOT gonna take this! Trying to move away with all my power got me nowhere.

"Did you bolt this thing to the floor!?" I looked up at the gods, well knowing that my frustration was probably getting the best of me. I started screaming and shouting, and whimpering and pleading.

"I'm not gonna hurt you!" Apollos smile was still not very reassuring. 

"GUUUUUUUUUH!!!!! GNHGH! GAH!" One step closer and I was gonna bite him. Really. Not even kidding.

"Shhhhhhh shhh-OW!" Apollo turned to look at the other gods.

"She bit me!" I Growled. A deep, threatening gutteral sound I had only made a few times before.

"Tara" Aphrodite crouched down beside me, and began stroking my hair.

"It's okay, it's for the best, the world needs you" Her words got straight to me.

"Needs me?" I was feeling light-headed. And the goddess of love was just what I needed, her words keeping me in reality, keeping me human.

A thumb was placed on my forehead, another at the center of my collarbone.

"Be blessed with the sun" I felt a rush of heat, and power course through my body.

Unable to speak I just looked up at him. He had done something to me. Something I didn't want done. And I hated him for it. But he didn't look at me. He just walked away.

"I would rather kill you but..." The war god stepped closer to me. Placing his thumbs the way Apollo had. Ares didn't seem more sorry than Apollo. As I tried to jerk my head away from his hands, Aphrodite started doing her magic again. She pet my hair, told me not to worry. And for a second, I didn't. Not at all. I got through Ares', Hephaestus', Zeus', Poseidons and Hermes' blessings before Aphrodite stopped talking. I looked at her, feeling light-headed and fuzzy. She was trying, fighting to hold back tears. As Artemis moved forward I realised that Aphrodite had been telling me the truth. The world did need me. And she was crying. Not because she felt bad for me, but because she wanted me to be good. And I wasn't.

"I'm sorry Silena I Jus..." She stopped herself mid-sentence. Her eyes wide as she realised what she had just said, and rushed out.

"Who is Silena?" My interest was sincere but Artemis looked suspicious.

"Silena was a hero" Ares said as he stormed off after his lover. I noticed the past tense. Silena was a hero.

"Bless me" I don't know what happened. But Artemis just raised her eyebrows and did as requested.

Once Demeter, Athena, Hades, Hecate, Iris and Hestia had all blessed me, Aphrodite came strolling back. Widely smiling and with Ares walking behind her, like a happy dog with a foolish grin on his face.

"Time for my blessing!" She said it like it was christmas and her gift was the best gift ever!

I doubt it.

Her thumbs quickly fell in place.

"Be blessed with love" All of a sudden I felt like crying and laughing and eating ice-cream.

"Algea" Hera gestured towards me, and three skinny, pale and absolutely miserable-looking gods came trudging towards me. The best way to describe them would be: Emo. All the way through. A dingy aura of sadness and pain and grogg was all around them.

"Alright" One of them sighed and flipped his emo-hair away from his eyes so he could cast his eyes upon a world that was obviously nothing but miserable.

"Let's get this over with" The lined up in a triangle around me (A/N Illuminati!)

"Be blessed with Pain" A shriek escaped my lips as something that felt an acid-shower went through me.

"With grief" Their monotone unanimous words had barely reached me before I felt all the grief in the world. My heart was being clawed out my chest and I was left with a big hole.

"With sadness" I almost started crying from the world. pictures of dying loved ones, lonely people, pure misery ran through my head.

"With ache" I was senseless. I had an idea of a body, far away. A body in pain. But I didn't want it. I didn't want life.

"With trouble" My reality was red. All I was able to see was blood, disgust, hate, evil, pain.

"With anguish" I clenched onto the pain. It kept me alive, it had always kept me alive. Alive and human. 

"We need pain" I muttered it out under my breath. Twitching in the chair to get rid of it. 

"With distress" 

And it was over. They stepped away. I could breathe.

I smiled. Just because I could. Just because the pain was now bearable.

I felt two cold thumbs on my body but I didn't care anymore.

"Be blessed with family"

I was removed from the chair. At some point I was shown a movie. Or well it was like a movie, It started with a guy named Percy. He defeated a titan. Then he got the girl (YAY) Then there was a guy named Jason who didn't have any memory. Then Percy didn't have any memory. Then everybody got their memory back and set off to defeat mother earth. Then Percy and Annabeth (His girlfriend) Fell into hell for each other (Awwwwwwww) and then there were some lost demi-gods on a flying ship.

Yup. Pretty much sums it up :)

"Tara?" Iris was smiling slightly at my overwhelmedness. (that IS a word!)

"You know" Iris looked at me with eyes that kept changing colours. 

"We choose if we're happy" 

I was just about to say something pure genius like: "Oh! Uh....."

When Hera interrupted me.

"You know Tara" Her smile seemed warm and welcoming, but I knew she could turn around and go all Screwdriver-god-giant-smash on me any moment...

"Yes?" I crossed my arms. I had to resist the urge to jump on Iris' back and scream "DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE WITH IIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!" when she started to walk of, happily humming.

(Of course I didn't do that!)

"You have a fatal flaw like every other hero" Hera didn't seem angry or suspicious or anything.

"Even god has them" She sighed and looked at her husband, who was openly staring at Aphrodite. 

"My fatal flaw is my strenght" She smiled at my very (not)-intelligent expression.


I realised the agony she was in.

"You can't stop loving him can you?" And there it was. Aeons of love never being returned.

"You know... No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" Hera looked at me. With eyes so full of sorrow I could feel it. 

No, I could actually feel it. The blessing from the Algae!

Digging a little in the pain I could feel coming from Hera, I all of a sudden felt a wall break down. And her suppressed thoughts came to my mind.

WHY WON'T HE LOVE ME LIKE I LOVE HIM!? The heartache almost got me on my knees.

WHY CAN'T HE SEE THAT I CARE FOR HIM!?!?! I felt like screaming out the agony inside.

But somehow, I could bear it. The unbearable pain was mine to carry.

Zeus shared a look with his wife. She nodded. He nodded. Then he walked over.

"You done talking?" I couldn't speak. I could hardly breathe. Then he looked at her. 

They stared at each other for a long time. And the burning in my chest eased. Zeus is an idiot, he has cheated, and been bad to her. But he has been with her forever, and though he might not be head-over-heels for her like she is for him. He still loves her.

"Well then" Zeus was still staring at his beautiful wife, but now, his hands were on each side of my head.

"Are you gonna electrocute me?" I know I should have let them stare and all, but I just, I mean, come on! The god of lightning holding his hands like that!

Zeus started glowing. This had been quite the eventful day. Even though I have nothing to compare it with. Sure sure, I can tell you details about my flower-wallpaper at home, but I don't know if gods teleporting you was part of the everyday roll. It probably was.

"You will probably feel uneasy while flying-" His monotone voice sounded like a steward telling you to fasten your seatbelt and make sure your table is stowed or something.

"I can't guarantee that you will land on the ship so be prepared to fall about a mile" He said this like he hadn't just casually mentioned "Oh! And besides expecting YOU to save the world, I might not be able to get you to the ship so you might die"

"Um.... Can't you make sure that I..." And then I turned to smoke...

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________A/N Sorry about crappy chapter, I know everybody might seem a little OOC but I just think the gods come off as very one-sided in Uncle Ricks books.

Story WILL get better (If you are patient enough to hang on!)

Please comment and review and all that good stuff! :3

xxx NERD

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