Tell me how you feel. A short introduction

This is a short introduction to my fictional story about Marcus, Lucas and Maria. Three assassins in 1980s England, trying to fight for revenge and a greater good.


2. Trauma



Maria knew what physically happened; she knew about the murder of Marcus' mother, father and older brother Adam; she knew how Marcus witnessed his mum literally beaten to death in front of him whilst he was tied to a chair in front of the fireplace, unable to do anything.

She knew how his father and brother were tied up beside him, witnessing the same horrors as Marcus, not knowing who would be next.

She knew all about what happened that night: how, after his mother was dead, his father got burned alive, and Adam was thrown over the balcony four times: it took four falls to kill him. The killers were a group of mercenaries and assassins hired by a secret organisation, known only as ‘The Order’ - the same organisation that Marcus, Lucas and Maria were now hunting down and destroying; one member at time.


The mercenary group had been hired to take out Marcus' and Lucas' family, to ensure that their family would stop trying to ruin The Order’s plans and schemes. The assassins had decided not to kill seven-year old Marcus, but instead burnt down his house, hoping that he would die in the fire. They knew nothing about Lucas - the younger brother - who was, at the time, no older than five months of age and had been put to bed earlier that night. Lucas had fallen out of the bed and rolled underneath during his sleep. At least, that was Marcus' theory, because that's where he found his little brother.


When the ropes that bound him to the chair were charred by the arriving fire, Marcus was able to escape. Seven-year-old Marcus had then run upstairs to rescue Lucas, and finally, had run out into the backyard, where he’d hid in his playhouse located in the big tree outside the kitchen window. Here he stayed, watching over young Lucas, clinging on to what little family he had left.


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