Tell me how you feel. A short introduction

This is a short introduction to my fictional story about Marcus, Lucas and Maria. Three assassins in 1980s England, trying to fight for revenge and a greater good.


3. Hallway



Marcus finally sat down in front of Maria, and looked her deep in the eyes. Maria could feel her heart-rate rise, as he sat there in a shirt, a waistcoat with two guns hidden very well, which she found super-sexy, nice pants and what looked like fine, expensive shoes, which they were, but not your typical patent leather shoes. No, these shoes were custom made for Marcus; specially designed for climbing. They had a high-friction material on the sole instead of the more typical plain sole, so Marcus could climb buildings and balance solidly on the ground.


Everything on Marcus was made to help him on his quest for revenge. His bloody, murderous and death-filled path for the better of all, but most of all for himself and his own satisfaction. She admired his will to stop at nothing to achieve his goal; the things he had gone through to get to this point. Not only the years of honing his skills in martial arts, marksmanship, climbing, tactics and intelligence, but also all the pain. Several gunshot wounds, stab wounds, broken ribs from falling whilst learning to climb, concussions, cuts and scars scattered over his body, but also the psychological struggles: he has trouble sleeping, accompanied by nightmares and, of course, the memory of his parents’ death.


Maria lost her breath just by thinking about it. Suddenly, her own traumatising experience of being raped every day for almost a year didn't seem so bad compared to Marcus' life. Maria had a good childhood: she did what she liked until she left her parents and joined the army. She hadn’t spoken to her father or mother since. Didn't care. After four years of service in the British Army, she joined a mercenary group. Here, she received training for two years, but during the last year of her time in the group, she was raped by the same guy almost daily.


This guy, Thomas Harrison, was unlike the rest of the group. He was bullied and picked on, but when Maria joined, as the first and only female in the group, Thomas and her quickly became friends. She protected him and looked after him for the first year However, when she started to talk to the other guys and was accepted as part of the group by the rest of the mercenaries, Thomas felt left out, so he turned to more drastic methods.

He became violent towards his coworkers; he didn't respect the leaders, and the only one who could calm him down, was Maria.


Thomas began to take advantage of Maria’s affection for him, and that advantage became his leverage for sexual exploitation. After about a year of close-to-daily rape, Maria had had enough. She snapped, and killed Thomas. Stabbed him multiple times in the chest, head, thighs, crotch, legs, arms, hands - any part of his body that didn’t already have a knife wound - all the while ignoring his screams of unfathomable pain and agony, until she at last slit his throat and literally carved out his heart.

She laughed the whole time, and felt so relieved. Finally, the torment would end! She wouldn't have to fear the sound of a door opening or the sound of someone heavy walking on the bathroom floor while she was showering. No more. She was covered in blood from head to toe, and she loved it. She could feel her blood boil; she felt aroused by the sight of Thomas' dead body in front of her, lying lifeless on the bed, mauled, with body parts and organs everywhere.


After about two hours of manic laughter and macabre play with a corpse, Maria woke up on her bathroom floor, covered in blood. She tried to scream, but couldn't because she was in shock. She blacked out again. This was where Marcus had it worse.

He never got the satisfaction of killing the one who made his life a living hell.

The next thing she remembered was walking to a pub in London, all dressed up nicely, and without a spot of red on her body. With her, she carried a small luggage bag, most likely filled with her favourite dresses and guns. She was a changed person. A different person... but she had no idea what to do. For now, she thought, let's just find a cute guy and sleep at his place. Or girl. Doesn't matter. She took a turn and walked into a little pub in an alleyway, hidden from the main road.


Sitting next to her at the bar was a young gentleman, dressed in a nice suit from top to toe. He had a dark-red shirt, black pants and jacket, nice leather belt with a silver buckle and a ring with the engraving "ML" on his ring finger. She started to talk to him, and finally ended up in his car, on their way home to his mansion. This guy’s name was Lucas. Marcus' little brother.



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