The twins

A small village in Dorset, two miles from the city, the early summer of 1194. A murder has been committed, the mother of disabled twin boys, 5, with rare condition has been found by neighbour.


1. DAY 1

13th February 1994

I hate to say it but the case seems to be leading nowhere - I mean, its such a small village, you would've thought there'd be at least one obvious lead.

Well, all that we know is that some one in this village is capable of murder.

They knocked on Mrs Harrison's door at around 2200 hours, the murder was committed a few minutes later, the neighbour, Mrs Gartridge arrives at the door because of screams and the police were called and informed about murder at 2230 hours.

Nobody knows what happened in that house between that time except 4 people; the victim, Mrs Harrison, the killer, and the children. At the time of the murder two disabled 5 year old twin boys by the names of Nash & Nate Harrison were in their bedroom. After hearing screams they went downstairs, we suppose they would've then witnessed the murder of their mother from the staircase which on looked the living room where Mrs Harrison's corpse was found.

The twin boys have been questioned a number of times but due to their disability, they cannot proceed in understanding what happened that night, or any other time, their disability has caused them to become like tape-recorders,together they have amazing memory, remembering every detail that comes their way but they fail to understand the events, they cannot describe anything, they can only state what they see.

My plan at first was to interview the boys myself however they have developed this rare case of traumatism and fail in their ability to speak if asked about the night, they stutter and stammer until we drug them.

I fear that if I leave it too late they will loose memory of the night altogether, I tried even today, to get the boys together however Nicholas Carlton, the clerk/doctor/school teacher in this small village seems to always have one of the twins, for 'experiments'. I do say, I find this more than slightly suspicious but I cannot say it provides me with any valuable evidence. 


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