The Bucket List | H.S.

❝ What do you want from me, Styles? ❞
❝ I want you to go crazy with me. Let's complete this bucket list together. ❞
Meet 19 year old Emily Rose. She's what every girl wishes to become. Flawless, rich, and ridiculously gorgeous. Her family has given her a job in the passed down bank from her great grandparents, explainning why the Rose family is so wealthy. Never, has she been the type to go out and do wrong things. And she doesn't plan to start now.
And meet 20 year old, Harry Styles. A teenage dropout currently living in a one bedroom apartment. He spends his days picking at the loose thread from his jeans, and let's not forget about his part time job at Mc Flinnigans. Flipping burgers is his speciality.
What happens when the two start to do the most insane, craziest things together? Well, it all starts with a bucket list.


1. 1. Inheritance Box

- Emily -

"Good morning, mom." I lift up my coffee mug, and take a sip of the hot expresso.

"Morning, sweetie. I have to take off, before i'm late. I have to open up the bank today. I'll see you there soon." She smiles and exits the kitchen, with her heels clicking on the floor.

Mom was always queen of everything. Looks, confidence, style, everything. She has golden brown locks of hair, and these piercing green eyes that help her stalk her prey.


But seriously, people could be a bit intimidated by her striking features and characteristics. I don't blame them either, I myself can get a bit scared of her. And she's my mother, for Christ's sake.

"Ah, good morning Emily." My broad father walks into the kitchen, briefcase already dangling at his side.

"Morning, daddy." I put my coffee down, and smile.

"Where's your mother?" He checks his watch.

"Just left. She's opening up the bank today."

My father is a very wise man. Very.. Professional. Dilly dangling is not what he needs to be doing, because he is a very busy person. He has raven black hair that goes up a bit, and some dark facial hair on the sides of his face. I get my blue eyes from him. He also works at the bank.

Mom is basically the president of Rose Bank, and for daddy, he's like the governor.

For me.. I'm just the mayor running for elections.

"Right, well i'll see you both there. I'm going to go pick up some extra things the bank needs before I get there." He adjusts his tie, and shines a bright smile.

"Okay." I stand up from the kitchen stool and head upstairs to my room.

Actually, the whole second floor is mines. Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a mini library, and a deck.

I'm probably the cleanest, neatest, and most organized person you will ever meet. From speck-free floors, to drawers full of folded and ironed clothes, to A through Z listings in my desk.

Walking over to my walk-in closet, I open the glass doors up, and begin to look for today's work attire.

I decide on a white blouse, that tucks into a pink pencil skirt. I clip my pearl earrings on, and begin looking through my shoe selection.

Flats are a huge no-no for me. Heels are usually what you'll find on my feet, nothing else.

I pick out a nude pair of heels, and slip them on.

My phone begins to ring, and I head over to my room.

It's Monica.

"Hey, Monica."

"Morning, Miss Rose."

I chuckle. "You know you can call me Emily, i'm not my mother, you know."

"You're right. Sorry, Emily. Well just so you know, we have a gentleman coming in soon. He's coming here to collect an inheritance, and I know you run that area, so.."

"Yeah, i'm on my way. Thank you." I smile, hanging up.

Swiping a light pink lipstick over my lips, I grab my purse, and head out.

One of the perks I have by working at my family bank, is that it's close by. It's about a ten minute drive, seven without traffic.

Yes, I keep count.

As i'm about to swerve into my parking spot, I notice that there is already a black convertible parked in it.

"You have to be kidding." I shake my head, parking in the spot right beside it.

I walk into the bank, and greet people I see every other morning.

"Hi, Emily." Justin walks over to me, file paper in his arms.

"Hey, Justin." I smile, continuing to walk over to my office.

"I was wondering.. If maybe you'd like me to take you out to lunch later?" He keeps up with my pace.

Justin has been working here for well over two years. He's been nothing but sweet and kind, and I can't help it but admire his characteristics.

"That sounds great Justin, but I should really hurry. I have a customer any second. I'll post you about that later." I smile and pass into my office.

I shut the door and walk over to my desk.

"Your office is very neat, maybe a little bit too much." A voice laughs.

I look in front of me to see a boy with curly hair and a sly smirk on his face sitting in one of my chairs.

"I'm sorry, but who let you in?" I place my hands over my chest.

"That lady at the front desk, Monica. She's quite gorgeous, i'd hit that any day of the week." He chuckles, his dimples prominent.

I cough and my eyes widen.

"Excuse yourself."

He just looks at me, and smiles.

"Let me guess, you're very professional. Stuck up, right?"

Who is this rude jerk, and why is he acting so ignorant?

"Listen up, i'm here to help you. But if you're going to be speaking to me in such manner, I suggest you run along to another bank." I walk in front of my desk, leaning against it.

"Calm down, honey. I'm just being honest. Didn't your mother ever teach you to be honest?" He laughs.

"Yes, of course."

"Well, that's what i'm doing. Now, are you going to help me out?" He folds his hands.

He has a very bad boy look to him. Not dark, and secretive.. But rude, and despicable.

"Yes, just let me make a call really quick." I walk back to behind my desk, and sit in my chair.

I dial number 1, and Monica picks up.

"Yes, Miss- Um, I mean, Emily." She giggles.

"Two things. One, next time I have a customer, please have them wait in the lobby for me. And second, please call the towing company. There seems to be a black convertible in my spot." I sigh.

"Woah, I think that's my car." The sly boy speaks up.

"I'm very sorry about that, Emily. I will next time. And yes, i'll call them now."

I look over to the boy and let out a breath.

"Never mind about the car, it's leaving any minute. But thanks." I hang up.

"You're lucky, this one time. That's it." I point to him.

He nods and grins.

"So, you're here for an inheritance.. Correct?" I log into my computer.


"What?" I ask.

"God, you're such a shell. Yes, i'm here for a damn inheritance." He stares into my eyes with his emerald ones.

I huff out a deep breath, and open up the account for inheritances.

"So, who's inheritance are you here for?" I type in my password, waiting for it to open up.

"My fathers." He gulps.

"I-I'm sorry." I look over to him.

"Don't be, I hated his guts." He laughs lowly.

I ignore his rude remark.

"What was his name?" I ask.

"Des Styles."

I type in the name, and look through his account.

"And your name?.."

"Harry Styles."

Looking for his name under his fathers account, I find it easily. His picture appears, and I mentally laugh because he didn't even smile.

"Right, come with me." I pick up the keys from inside my drawer and walk out of my office.

Bringing myself towards the room where we keep our safe deposit boxes, I see Justin eyeing me from a distance.

I look away from him, and unlock the room.

"Just shut the door behind you." I instruct Harry, and he does so.

"So, who's the guy?" He asks, while I begin to search for a certain number box.

"What guy?" I scan over many different numbers.

"The guy that was looking at you like you are his lunch or something."

I turn back to look over at him.

"You noticed that?"

"My grandmother could even notice that, and she's half blind."

I giggle and look back over to the boxes.

"You have a cute laugh."

"Here it is." I slide out the box and unlock it. I hand it to him, allowing him to open it on his own.

He lifts up the top, and sighs. He pulls whatever is inside and stuff it in his pocket.

"Here, take the damn thing." He throws it across the room, it landing on the floor with a huge boom.

"What's the matter?" My eyes widen.

"It's none of your fucking business!" He shouts and exits the room, slamming the door.

I stay frozen for about five minutes, trying to replay what just happened.

When I finally break out of my thoughts, I walk over to where he threw the now dented box, and I pick it up, bringing it back to it's place.

I exit the room, locking it and walking back over to my office.

"Are you alright, Emily? I saw that guy leave the room pretty pissed off." Justin walks over to my side and I half smile.

"Yeah, it's fine."

"Emily, could you come over to my office. I have a paper jam, need your help." My mom walks over.

"Yeah." I nod and loom away from the brown haired boy, and head over to my mother's office.

But the confusing curly haired boy remained on my mind.

What was he so mad about?

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