Dear finder


8. Chapter 8.

Dear Finder,

After work, witch felt like forever, I went to the mall.

I was running out of clothes so I needed to get some. A funny thing happened at the mall, I got a cute guys number.

His name is Chris and he just randomly came up to me and asked for my number. You could tell that he was May age or around there.

He had blonde hair with dark brown roots, and he had dark brown eyes.. He was wearing jeans and a Hollister shirt.

I left the mall with a guys number and some new leggings, tank tops, shirts, and sweaters.

I know I know your probably saying "she is in a foster home how can she afford this stuff?"

Well I have a Credit card, I have money from birthdays and Christmas.

When I went to the home I put all my new stuff away, I wouldn't call my self a clean freak but others will.

I chilled for a bit, then I got a text from Chris. We talked about what happened to me and, where I lived and where he lived.

He lives on the rich side, but he is not snotty. After a while he asked me to go to the movies with him on wednesday (today is Monday) like any lucky girl I said yes.

I might as well put some positive things in my life, then thinking about the negatives. There's not a day that go's by I don't think about my mom and dad.

I miss them so much, I pray every night saying I love you, it's hard.. It's hard to know you don't have parents, that the people who will always love you more then anyone is gone from your life forever.

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