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Crystal is a girl with Straight Black hair with Ocean blue eyes (Like Nialls but darker:) She is a Honor Roll Student. She isn't a nerd or geek she's not the famous girl. She's normal. She has 2 of the bestest friends, named Saige and Gabriela. Her other friends are: McKenna and Julie and Mazel. But the first day or senior year, one of the baddest boy comes up to her, Ashton Irwin. Soon they fall in love, but will her parents like him? What happens when she gets kicked to the streets? Will Ashton help her? Or was he just using her for sex?


1. Chapter 1

Crystals POV:

I search for something what to wear.. Hmm.. I found it! My light pink crop top with my high waisted jean shorts. I put on my Black and red Jordan's. I brush my hair back and look at my self in my body mirror. I've always had small breast since I was young. I take off my shirt and put on one of my PINK push up bras. I put on my shirt again and go into my connected bathroom. I straighten my hair and do my regular make up. A tan color on the top getting darker on the crease of my eye lid. I put on extra mascara. And eye liner. I look at my phone. Shit.. 8:13 the buss will be here in 2 minutes. I run downstairs and grab my backpack and run outside. I go to my bus stop and see 4 boys. I've never seen them before. Maybe they're new. They were covered in tattoos and piercings. I stand there and wait. I hear them whispering and laughing. "What's your name?" I hear a cute accent ask me. I turn to them. "Crystal" I say firmly. They whisper again then the bus stops. I get on the bus and loon where to sit. "Come on hurry up" I hear a voice say behind me. I turn around to see a guy with dyed hair and tall. I walk towards the back and find saige. "Hey" I say smiling. "Hi!!" She says looking up from her phone. *Skip bus ride* I get into the school with Crystal and Gabriella.  "How's your summer been?" Crystal asks. "Not much just Wifi and food" I say. "Same" Gabriella says. We all find our lockers and go our own ways. "First period is.... Reading" I whisper. I shut my locker and walk to reading class. I get in and a female teacher sitting at the desk. Everyone else was sitting down. I found an empty seat in the front. I sat down. Thebell rang. "Hi everyone I'm Ms. Sugg" she said, she has an English accent. She was very pretty. 


Hey guys:)) I love 5sos so I'm going to make a story about them :) I'm also adding Shane Dawson into this story because he fucking fab. Ok like read comment favorite bye!!

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