She is the cheer captain and the little sister of the schools legendary male popular. He is the team captain for the schools football team and the little brother of the schools legendary female popular. Eve and Calum never really communicated much, but a few mistakes can change that.


3. 0.3

Calum's POV:

"Have you ever wondered why becoming friends is hard for us?" Her words echo as I walk around my neighborhood.

Yes, Eve, I have. I've always wondered why it was hard for us to become friends. Maybe it's because she was always with Luke and then both him and Michael. It could also be because our parents would try to force us to become friends. Mum always wanted me to marry Eve, but only if we could become friends. Rita wanted Eve to have one straight friend according to my mum. Maybe a forced friendship is what also kept us apart. It caused everything to be awkward for us. Oh and not mention that I've had a crush on her since we were seven. That's possibly the main reason why it's awkward for me. It's probably only awkward for her because her only straight friend is Jake. Michael is either gay or bi and Luke is gay.

"Dammit, why am I even thinking about this?" I whisper to myself as I go back to my house.

I walk into my house to find my sister sitting on the stairs. Usually she sits there when she waits for me to get back from parties. Shit! I completely forgot about the party tonight! Dammit! I completely forgot that I promised Blake that I'd go to his party tonight. It's the seniors last day and last party on a Friday night before we graduate. I want to go but I keep getting this feeling that something bad, yet good, is going to happen.

Eve's POV:

"Hey, bitches, Blake's throwing the Senior's Last Day party. We're going," Luke announces as he walks into my room.

Michael and Brandyn break away from their make out session and hoot. Guys are just weird.

"And exactly what am I gonna wear, Luke? I don't have any slutty clothes." Just got my skinnies, yoga pants, and some shorts.

"Michael, you're bi, you can help her," both Brandyn and Luke tell him. Sometimes I forget that Brandyn is gay and not bi. So Michael is really the only one who can help me here.

Before Michael can answer, Jake comes in and let's out a big sigh. He probably had a long day at work and some problems getting Matt to sleep. He tunes into our conversation, but doesn't say anything.

"Eve, I can't really help you. You don't have anything slutty enough for this party. I can't make you look hot." Nice excuse Mikey. He's definitely gay. That green-haired ghost looking lad is not bi.

"For fucks sake, just wear those red skinny jeans you just got the other day and a crop top. And wear flats," Jake says before leaving the room and probably going to bed.

Brandyn goes through the many skinny jeans I own and finds the brand new red skinnies with tears. Luke finds a black crop top of the many Penelope left here. Michael finds black flats with silver buckles. I change in front of them and ask what they think. They rush me to my bathroom and plug in my straightener. Brandyn, being the most experienced with a straightener, brushes and straightens the mess my blond hair has become. As he does my hair, I touch up my makeup and spray some perfume. I look at my appearance through my body length mirror. I actually look like a guy would want to fuck me as soon as he sees me.

I leave the boys to fix their hair and go downstairs. I hear two voices coming from Mum's office. One belongs to Mum and the other belongs to I think Ashton. They're talking about meetings they have to attend next week. When the conversation has died down I knock on the door frame and enter. Ashton's mouth drops when he sees me. It takes my laughter to snap him out of whatever thoughts he was having.

"Uh, uhm, uh." He pauses and takes a deep breath. "Hi, Eve."

"I heard hooting upstairs. Senior Last Day party?" Mum asks as she writes notes on her calendar.

"Hi, Ashton. And yes it is." I wait for my annoying friends to come downstairs.

"So when did they come back?" Oh right when Jake called Michael and told him we were making cupcakes. Instead of answering her, The boys come down and say goodnight to my mother and drag me out of her office.

We decide to walk since we're most likely going to get drunk. It helps that I only live a block away from Blake. Walking distance would be about five minutes. And that's how long it takes us to get there. As soon as we get there, I get me a beer and sit on the counter. Luke is probably looking for a guy to hook up and Michael and Brandyn are probably playing beer pong. So here I am sitting on a counter top drinking beer until I am buzzed. Then I'll play beer pong and possibly hook up with someone. It's a party so there's no telling what will happen.

After about five beers, I am buzzed and making my way to beer pong. Blake comes up to me and asks to be on my team. We only play in teams because we are the best players and it's fun watching the other team lose. We make our way to our side and kiss each other good luck. We end up winning only having to drink two beers. To celebrate our victory, we shared a bottle of vodka. Once the bottle was empty, we went our separate ways. I grab a full bottle of tequila and gulp it down. People chant for me to chug and I do just that. Once the bottle is empty, I place it on the counter. Yeah, now I'm drunk. Either Mum or Jake is going to be pissed at me tomorrow.

"What's wrong with me?" a drunk Luke comes up to me and places his head on my chest. "Am I not sexy or hot enough?" I laugh at the poor boy who is wrapping his arms around my waist.

"If you were straight, I would fuck you and beg you to have my children." What the fuck? Where did that come from? Stupid drunk thoughts.

"Really? That's so sweet. Thank you so much, Eve." He stops talking but keeps his arms around me. "You should sleep with that guy who came to dinner." Who is he talking about? Am I too drunk to remember someone's name?

"He was really hot. Is he here?" Luke points to the living room where everyone is dancing.

As soon as he is gone, I grab another beer and chug it down before heading towards the dancing crowd. I find the attractive lad from dinner and he immediately grabs my hips. After that, I don't know what's going on. All I know is I am laughing and some really, really cute guy is laughing with me as he leads me upstairs and to the empty guest bedroom.

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