In His Shadow

That is a word you use to describe the boring life that I live.
The life that, one day, changed.
Not the way that I planned it to. I didn't expect this change to happen in the first place. I wasn't prepared for my whole world to come crashing down..
That is the word that you can describe my life now.
Because he is always there.
And I'm I that dark place behind him.


3. In the System

The music pounds against my ear drums and the sweat of dancing tingles my skin when it drips on the back of my neck. This club is pretty big and it is almost crowded. Everyone fist bumps to the beat and the DJ constantly yells nonsense into with microphone. When the sweaty bodies gets too much, Heather and I go back by the bar to free ourselves from getting bumped into.

It's been and hour since we talked to Michael and I haven't gone near to get and liquor even though the said that this Luke guy was going to pay for it. I rather buy the $3 bottled water than getting free drinks from someone I don't even know.

"I cannot believe that it's only 10:30!" Heather slurs and leans against me.

After trying to convince me to drink with her, she gave up on me and bought herself drinks. Shots after shots, she became the emotional drunk that she happens to be. Right now, standing by the wall of the co-ed bathrooms, she's checking her phone and telling me about the time.

"Yeah, what time do you want to head out?" I asked while fixing her hair.

She pushes my hand away and groans. "I don't want to leave. We should've went with Michael!"

"Are you still complaining about that? We don't even know him-- Here, drink some water."

She drinks from my water bottle. When she hands it back, she lifts her arms up and yells, running back to the dance floor. I place the cap back on the water bottle and started to walk back to the bar. Then, I see red leather couches located by the "v.i.p" room. Seeing that no one is there, I decided to sit to watch Heather being Heather.

Even with the loud music, I hear the bathroom door slam open. I see this couple sucking face while walking out. The girl had her legs wrapped around the guy's waist. With my luck, they plumped on the couch and the guy's head lands on the lap.

"Dude! Really?" I yell and got up.

Their lips separate and he sits up on his elbows while the girl ignores me and starts to kiss his neck.

"Sorry, babe. But this is the V.I.P section." He smiles and tells the girl to get off him. The blonde gives me a dirty look and walks away.

He sits up and looks at me. "Are you on the list?"

"Uh, no. But I'll leave." I went for my water bottle that was on the corner of the couch but he stops me from getting it by pushing my hand away.

"What's your name, babe?" He leans back and looks me over.

"Are you serious? You're going to hit on me after sucking face with that girl?" I rolled my eyes at this jerk.

"Chill, it's just that you look familiar." He puts his hands up in defense. "Look," He reaches out his hand to shake mine, "I'm Calum."

It was my turn to push his hand away, so I did. "Sandra."

"Pretty name. Not so common." He leans back again.

"Yours isn't either," I chuckled.

Calum pats on the couch indicating for me to sit there.

I looked back to the dance floor and see that Heather is dancing with this cute guy.

"Is that your friend?" He asks.

"Uh yeah," I turn my attention back to him and decided to sit down, leaving space between us.

He chuckles at the amount of space I left. "I don't have germs."

"That you know of," I sarcastically smiled.

He awkwardly stares at me and he seemed to light up. "Now I know where I saw you from! Under the bridge on campus!"

My head snaps up and he speaks again.

"So why did you reject Michael's invite?" He raised an eyebrow at me.

"You guys are strangers!" I rolled my eyes, "you guys could hurt us or something."

He laughs. "It's just that we knew you guys were from school. Besides, it was Ashton's idea."

"Ashton?" I question.

"Uh, yeah. It's a long story actually. Anyways, you should get your cute friend and come inside."

I thought about it. Even though I saw Calum making out before I got to know him made me fell a bit uneasy. I don't know what his intentions are but there's only one way to find out.


"Great!" He stands up and I copied his actions. "Get your friend and I'll be in the VIP room to tell the lads."

He walks in the room and I was left alone by the dance floor. I spot Heather to go after her but she already spotted me and started to, barely, walk her way towards me.

"I saw you talking to the guy!" She smiles at me.

"He invited us to the VIP room. He knows Michael so I was wondering if you--"

"Yes!" She grabs my arm and pulls me into the VIP room.

The room was smaller than I thought and there wasn't a lot of people. The couches were like the couches outside but they were black. They music seemed a bit more hardcore than the music they are playing in the club.

I instantly saw Michael and Calum.

"Hey freckles," Michael winks at Heather and she giggles.

Next to Michael was a tall guy with light brown curly hair. He giggles at Michaels approach to Heather. His giggle is contagious.

"See, you seem to like it here." Calum wraps his arm around me. When he does, a blond guy with mesmerizing blue eyes walks in.

"Luke!" Michael yells when he walks in.

So that's Luke?

I look at him to see that he has tattoos all over his fair skin. When I look at his lip piercing, he takes it between his teeth.

"Any reason why you're staring?" Luke tells me in a monotone voice.

Everyone quiets down and turn their attention to us. Like the loser I am, I stand there quiet.

"C'mon Luke, leave the girl be." Ashton, I believe, spoke up.

Luke rolls his eyes and made his way to the couch.

Calum whispers in my ear, "Don't worry, Sandra. He's like that to the people he likes."

I sigh and Ashton stands up.


Michael turns up the music and I feel like disappearing.

To the people he likes??


{Sorry if I took too long to update. And sorry if this chapter is shitty :( }

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