Just A Game (Magcon Fanfic)

New York City. Parties, love, drugs, sex, lies, and volleyball? One tournament can change Maeve's life forever because of one boy.

Nash was at this hotel for a convention not to fall in love.

Two groups of friends brought together full of fun and love. But many people torn apart because of lies and hate.


1. Intro

*Maeve's POV*

24 serving 21. This was it. Game point. One point until New York City. This one point.

My back was turned and I was facing the net ready for my teammate and one of my best friends, Sam, to serve the ball over the net. I could feel the crowds eyes on us as we waited for this, hopefully, final serve.

As soon as I heard the ball hit Sam's hand I snapped out of my trans and got ready. The other team settled the ball but had to just set it over making it easy for my team to set up.

Paulina received the set from the other team and bumped it perfectly to Madi who set the ball up high in my direction. I had one instinct so I jumped up and spiked the ball as hard as I could.

I couldn't see where the ball landed but I knew it did. Game over. New York City, here we come.

*2 weeks later*

"Bye mom!" I screamed as I slammed the front door and dragged my giant and very heavy suitcase across my front yard to Paulina's car. We were on our way to the high school volleyball nationals that were held in New York City. The tournament was 2 weeks long for everyone and 3 weeks long if you're team made it to the finals. My three best friends and I were going a week early for a vacation because why not we needed a break from this boring ass town.

I threw my bag in the trunk and jumped into the car.

"Hey friends!" I said as I sat down in the backseat.

Paulina was driving. She is tiny but had a cute face with light hair and the most beautiful and giant green eyes and because of the way she looks you wouldn't think she was a party girl but this girl could drink and drink and drink. Next to Paul's in the passenger seat was Madi. Madi is the definition of model; tall, skinny, long blonde hair, bright blue eyes, but the most awkward person you'll ever meet. Sitting in the backseat next to me was Sam. Sam is stunning. She is tan with long, dark, wavy hair and dark eyes. She is crazy but her taste in music was flawless. They all could get a guy without trying and here I am: the ugly friend.

"Who's ready to turn up and party!" Paulina screamed and honked her horn as we drove down the highway. I put my headphones in and shut my eyes.

After about 2 hours of driving I could see the city in clear view.

"GUYS!" I said and pointed out my window towards the city.

"If there are no cute boys I'm literally leaving." Sam said.

"Same!" Madi, Paulina and I replied in unison.

The rest of the ride into the city was only about 20minutes. Those 20minutes were filled with a 5sos jam session and yelling at random people walking down the street like

"HEY I LIKE YOUR 5SOS" "WHAT'S YOUR FAX NUMBER?" "I LIKE YOUR FEDORA CAN I HAVE IT" until we reached our hotel, and "home" for the next 3 weeks to a month, The Empire.

It was 5 minutes from where nationals were held. The rest of our team would be staying here in a week but on a different floor.

We walked into the lobby of the hotel and just stood amazed by the beauty of this hotel. We checked in and got our room key. As we walked over to the elevators I noticed a giant sign in the middle of the lobby.

"What the hell is a vine convention?"

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