The One (Matthew Espinosa)

Emerson is your normal senior in high school, with a crush on Matthew Espinosa. She's known him since she ran away for a hour or so, but what she doesn't know is that Matthew has a crush on her too. Emerson thinks that Matthew doesn't know who she is, but she's wrong. What happens when Matthew leaves for Sunsation? Read to find out!


4. Chapter Four

Chapter 4

Mathews mom pulled into the police station parking lot. Matt opened my door and I got out. I've never been to a police station before, but I was really nervous about it. Matthew held open the door open for me. I thanked him.

"Miss. Wilder?" A police officer asked.

"Yes?" I responded.

"Come with me."

They led me to a conference room. They opened up a folder. There was a picture of my moms body and my dad's. I started crying.

"Miss. Wilder. Are you okay?" The police officer asked.

"I-it's just mom is gone...she's never going to see me finish growing up..."

"Do you want me to call in your friend out in the hallway?"

"Y-y-yes please."

She brought Matthew into the room. He sat down next to me and held my hand. I just couldn't believe that my mom is gone.

"Miss. Wilder. We called you in because, your father killed your mother and then we had to shoot him down. They're both dead, but I'm really sorry for your lost."

"I-I-I-it's okay. My mom texted me before she was killed."

"Can we see the messages on your phone?"


I slid my phone over to the police officer. She looked through the messages. Then she took pictures of the messages.

"Thank you. These will be helpful."

"Helpful?" Matthew asked.

"We're trying to finish a investigation we started years ago about your father, Emerson."

"Is it about his illness?"

"Yes...we're trying to figure out why he went crazy and wanted to kill you and your mother."

"Oh okay."

"We'll keep in touch. You can go, get some sleep. It's a little late."

I left the police station, with Matthew still holding my hand. I guess he sat next to me in the car. All I remember is resting my head on his shoulder.

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