The One (Matthew Espinosa)

Emerson is your normal senior in high school, with a crush on Matthew Espinosa. She's known him since she ran away for a hour or so, but what she doesn't know is that Matthew has a crush on her too. Emerson thinks that Matthew doesn't know who she is, but she's wrong. What happens when Matthew leaves for Sunsation? Read to find out!


8. Chapter Eight

Chapter 8

Emerson’s POV: Matthew wanted to know an answer to a question. I only said that because of my dream. This guy was madly in love with me. My dad was there too. That talker guy and my dad would only let me go, if I told them who I am in love with. So i told them and I must’ve said it outside of my dream. I just don’t want Matthew worrying about me anymore. I can take care of myself, but I want to date him. It’s a daily battle I have with myself.

“Matthew would never want to date a girl like you. You’re ugly. Fat. Worthless.”

Everything went flowing through my head, rapidly. I started to feel a little light headed. I felt myself fall and I hit something on my way down.

Matthew’s POV: I was cleaning up the food from the living room, when I heard a sound that sounded like thunder. ran down the hall and saw Emerson laying on the ground in Kirsten's bedroom. Blood trickled down her arm. Glass surrounded her.

I pulled out my phone and called my mother. She didn't answer. I called my my father and he didn't answer either. So I called my sister. She answered.

"Matthew. What is it?" She asked.

"It's Emerson. She fainted or something and hit your nightstand and it broke. A piece of glass cut her arm and I need to take her to the hospital but our parents aren't picking up," I said into my phone.

"Okay. I'll be there in ten."

Kirsten hung up and I ran to her room. Emerson laid there, like nothing was wrong. Her face was pale and her eyes were closed. I walked into Kristen's bathroom, very carefully. I grabbed a wash cloth and some gauze. I cleaned Emerson's wound and checked for glass. I didn't see any, but it's a safe thing to wrap the wound, so then it doesn't get infected.

"Matthew? Where are you?" Kirsten yelled.

"In your room!" I responded.

Kristen helped me lift up Emerson. I put her in the back of Kristen's car and I sat next to her. Kristen sped off to the hospital.

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