Kidnapped by vampires

What happens when Hannah gets kidnapped by vampire known as one direction( that's they vampire gang name and one direction is not famous)

Will she fall in love with a vampire?

Will one have feelings for her?


3. chapter 3

Vampires pov:

Harry pov:

I can't believe that little bitch escaped from us and we have really good smell and we still don't smell her scent. I was going to be nice to her bit I guess not once we find her.

zayn pov:

That bitch is so dead once we find her I am really nice but not when you get me pissed off and she did, I don't even know her fucking name.

Liam pov:

she got away this is just great I tried to be nice to her and she escape this so aggravating and harry is probably going to kill her and I won't let that happen to my sister.

Louis pov:

I can't believe she escaped and harry and zayn are the worst people to get mad harry tried to kill me for pushing him into the pool once.( Classic Louis) I hope nothing bad happens to her.

Niall pov:

I am helping Hannah because she is sweet and she looks scared and she looks scared of me but I don't bite only if you piss me off or hurt somone I love and that person is Hannah.

" Nialll" I heard someone scream have you found her yet?

" no" niall said

" we need to " one of them said

" I will stay here" Liam said( aka my brother)

" okay" one if them said.

" Hannah where are you" Liam whispered

" I am in the closet" I whispered

" are you okay? I am so sorry this happened to you" Liam Said

" no I am not okay you are my brother you are supposed to keep me safe and it looks lime you are not doing your job and how am I supposed to tell them that I am a vampire too.

A/n: hey guys I hope you liked this chapter and I need 10+ comments for the next chapter

Thanks- Hannah

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