Kidnapped by vampires

What happens when Hannah gets kidnapped by vampire known as one direction( that's they vampire gang name and one direction is not famous)

Will she fall in love with a vampire?

Will one have feelings for her?


2. chapter 2

Hannah's pov

I started walking home and it was very dark outside I could barely see what was ahead of me, I was five blocks from my house and then I remembered this shortcut Andrea showed me and so I decided to go that way. You had to go through this long alley way and it pitch black you could only see the outline of people. I was about exit when I see red eyes and five people I think they are teenagers( like 16- 20) blocking me from getting out I go the other way there is just a boy there and one of them was walking towards me and I screamed help me!!!!!! And then someone grabbed me and was holding on to me and then I saw the cloth and then I was holding my breath and of them said breathe and I did nothing and one of them said it's okay just breathe and for so reason I felt safe and I did.

I wake up in a small bedroom with a window yes I said to myself and I see a closet and a private bathroom yes and then I heard the doorknob move and I lay down as fast as I can and pretend I am asleep " I know your up" the guy said and wake up and turn to him and sit up and didn't say anything " well you going to say anything" he said i just ignored him but I was furious right now and I want to go home. Then four other boys walked in and one of them had brown hair and it was like justin bieber hair and one of them has brown curly hair and green eyes, another one had blonde hair and blue eyes omg he was hot, one them had black hair quiff and hazel eyes, and the last one the one that is talking to me has brown hair and tall and not scary at all I am serous he doesn't. " girl" one if them said and I just ignored them and got up and I had by very short black dress on still and they were just staring at me. " were you going" one if them asked. I know it stupid just to ignore them but it's funny tho and them trying make me talk if I did talk it was all be cuss words because I am furious inside and I want to murder them but I think they would kill me first before I could come at them. " open the door" one of them yelled I decide to freak them out there was a window in the bathroom so I decide open it and open it all the way so It looked like I escaped when I didn't and hide in the closet that was big and there was a corner in the closet that was dark and I had a black dress on and I could here th yelling and then door went down and they were searching everywhere for me and then they spotted the window " that little bitch" one of them said they all ran except the hot one and he was walking toward the corner and he bent done and said Hannah I see you and I am helping out because when you find out who we really are it's going to a nightmare

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