I Love You

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Destiny falls in love with Matthew at first sight, but the bad thing is that Matthew likes Destiny' s friend. She finally confesses to him how she feels about him and they get together. 4 months have past since they have been together and Matthew leaves Destiny for another girl, but he regrets leaving Destiny. She is heart broken and moves to LA. 2 years pass and she comes back, and everything won't be the same.


2. You Love Who Know?


Chapter 2

I stood there frozen i see him. Matthew. I cant move i just stare at him, then Joe gets me out of my trance, by hitting me in the cheek with a sneaker chocolate bar, i give him a dangerous glare, if only looks can kill because he is embarrassing me enough right know. Ugh i will rip out his brownish hair and, feed him his Blue colored eyes! I Hate him so much right know,"I hate you, you know that right," i whispered only for him to hear,"I know i know i love you too," he said with a smirk, i just slap him playfully on his shoulder.

Remember Destiny be cool around Matthew, you dont want him to think you are some kind of freak, right?


Just act brave around him dont freak out, dont freak out.

I wont i hope i dont.

okay lets go.

Wait why am i talking to myself, thats just weird, nevermind that lets just go.

"Come on Destiny lets go play!" Says my friend Teresa she is like the drama queen, she has black hair and gray eyes, beside her is my friend Gabby she has black hair and greenish eyes but her bangs cover one side of her eyes, she is the shy one in this group. Beside Gabby is Stephanie She has Golden blonde hair and hazel eyes she is like the one that gossips and tells us all about the drama and that stuff, Maria has light brown hair and Blue eyes she is the same as Stephanie, The gossip drama and everything And she is dating Joe. Know there is Luis Joe's bestfriend and he has orange reddish hair, has light green eyes, he is dating Stephanie. Then there is Me and Natalie we are like sisters we have kind of the same personality except she is a bit shy and im brave, My friend has dirty blonde curled hair that reaches her shoulder and has ocean blue eyes like me, except I have brunette hair. And of course my cousin is in this group he is the girl magnet guy, and popular guy, he has black hair made into a perfectly hot quiff and brown eyes, everytime i talk to him at school i see chicks creeping behind him taking pictures, Thats a bit freaky but i got used to it over the years. Thats the whole group.

-- Some mini golfing later--

"Omg im beating all of you," i say while laughing at them. I have like sixteen points and they all have less then five. I laugh so hard that i roll on the floor tears coming out because i have been laughing so hard.

"Destiny Omg calm down you look like a lunatic laughing on the floor," Says Luis,"I-I cant help iiitt," i said laughing, and gasping for air. Natalie grabs me by my hand and makes me stand up, i finally control myself and i have a huge grin on my face. Natalie drags me away and we stop beside the pond,"What the Fuck you retard whats so funny?" she says and giggles.

"Its just so funny that i have sixteen points and you people have less than five points," i say trying so hard not to laugh but i fail, i start laughing again until Joe comes toward us," Hey Joe," i say and wave a hand at him, he doesnt say anything and just walk towards us, i give him a " What the hell are you doing' look but he just ignores me, and looks at Natalie.

As he reaches us, he pushes Natalie in the pond, but before she falls she grabs my hand and i throw my purse so it doesnt go into the water, and next thing i know is that i feel this cold sensation all over my body.

"What the fuck is wrong with you Joe," i say sream harshly at Joe, and then i see all my friends laughing at me and Natalie, I all give them glares, and they shut up quickly, they know not to mess with me when im angry, i look at Natalie and she gets what im saying, she nods and i nod back, i stand up, Joe makes a run for it, " im so-," i catch up to him and tackle him from the back, i grab is hands and put them behind his back.

"Why did you do that for?!' i scream and question.

"I didnt mean to Matthew told me to," he said a bit scared. I get off him and pat his back, then I turn around to see a scared Matthew, I go towards him and say,"Im not going to hurt you because you are new to this group, but why the hell did you do that for!" i scream at him trying to calm my self down, then i remember i like him, i immediately calm down, i cant believe that im brave enough to talk to the person i like, huh weird.

"Because it hought i would be funny," he said, i knew he was lying but i dont want to discuss right know im soaking wet, i let out a frustrating 'Ugh' and walk towards the exit," where are you going!" yells Luis behind me, "im going home to shower im soaking wet!" i yell back. Natalie follows me.

We walk then i ask her," DO you believe what Matthew said," i ask her, she shakes her head make some water splatter on me," Im going to find out what it is," i tell her, she nods in agreement.

As  i get to my house i wave at Natalie goodbye and she goes inside her house, she lives infront of me so yeah, i open the door and i see my sister, looking at me in shock.

"What happened," she asked.

"well Matthew and Joe thought it will be funny to Push Natalie and I into the mini golfing pond," i say, she looks at me and then at the wooden floor," Go Change your leaving puddles all over the floor," she said i nod and go upstairs.

My sister is the one that takes care of me and my brother and other sister of course she is like what 25? she works as a model here in miami. Anyways since the day my parents died my sister promised my parents she will take care of us. I Love my sister so much. My brother and siter and me are like her kids. My parents died when i was eight and know im sixteen, they died because of a plane crash and the plane nor any of the passengers were found. They still dont give up finding the plane and its already been eight years since that happened.

I go upstairs to get some clothes, a black tank top with red words saying, Girls Just Want To Sleep, panties all black and some yoga leggings, I walk to my bathroom and close the door i look at myself in the mirror, and think good thing i didnt use make up, i would of been a mess. I strip off my clothes and put them in the floor starting to make puddles,i run the water and put it all hot no cold water, no more cold water for today I already had enough of that. I open the curtains and get in feeling the hot water running down my body so realaxing. I put shampoo fastly, and wash it off, i put body wash thats smells like strawberries, then the conditioner i put some in my hair from the root to the bottom of my hair and wash it off, I close the water, and get a towel, i dry myself quickly my hair still dripping water.

I put on my clothes on and get the soaked up clothes that i was wearing before the little accident and take them to  my sister to wash, i go upstairs and climb in my bed, i feel my head hitting the fluffy pillow, and then i think, what is Matthew hidding? Im going to find out weather they want me to or not. Then i pass out.

--Next day--

I wake up with the light hitting my face, i squint my eyes and look at the clock, 8:30 its says, Shit im going to be late again, why didnt i set the alarm! I get my phone from my nightstand and text Roger.

'hey roger im coming with you today'

'okay D just hurry up or your going to be late to school, Again'

i hurry up and find some clothes to wear, i get some skinny jeans, pink bra and pink panties, i get a pink and black laced shirt, and i grab some heels black heels since i couldnt find my pink converse, i get off my other clothes and just throw on my clothes.

I finish just in time, with out no make up im going to school i guess anyways im naturally beautiful thats what i friends tell me, i sometimes wear make up but ruight know this is a run run situation.

I go down the stairs and towards the kitchen and grab a nice warm pop tart and say goodbye to my sister in a hurry. I see roger and my cousins and little brother and sister already in the car, and we drive off.

--10 minutes later--

We are in school and the first bell rings.Phew. I made it to school and ten minutes to spare. I go inside and say 'Hi' to Pricilla. I go to my locker and get my since things and into the room, i see all my friends there," well finally she decides to come early," teresa says i just roll my eyes. I find joe and luis and Matthew together talking about something.

"Alright tell me the truth why did you push Natalie into the pond," i say giving them a ' dont lie to me or your dead' look they all gulp, and then Luis says,"Alright,alright, Matthew wanted Joe to push her so Natalie could tackle him," he said i looked at them confused and then i saw their faces OMG they are not lying.

"Why the hell did he wanted her to tackle him?" i asked.

"Because Matthew Likes... Natalie," Joe said. i stood there making a 'O' with my mouth, Thats when my world crumbled down into pieces

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