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Life- the one word that describes everyone's hopes and fears, wrapped in one. All the psychotic episodes, the faults of depression, the secretly depressed, the suicidal and the attempters, the happy and the free, the family secrets, the dark secrets- it's all there, and it can't be changed. It's the reality of the things that we wish unseen, that we wish we could rewind, and all so in a little while, life is short, and it ends abruptly.
Lennox Corbin is not your typical girl, in fact, she's quite the opposite. Lennox's life is anything but ordinary, and daily, she is reminded of that. But what happens when heartthrob and bad boy Harry Styles enters her life?

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2. Chapter 2.

"So," Amber begins. "What did Ms. Samuels give you?"

"I almost forgot about that. Thanks, Amber!" The sarcasm in my voice is evident.

She laughs. "Sorry, but no, seriously- what happened?"

I groan. "That new kid, Harry, got me into some trouble- he's quite the asshole. Anyways, Ms. Samuels talked to me in her office, and she let me off with a warning since I'd never got into trouble before," I sigh. I lean back against the brick wall in the school yard and toss my feet onto the table in front of me, crossing my ankles.

"But?" she egged.

I groan. "But I have afterschool detention for the rest of the week."

"That's cruel and unusual punishment for someone like you," she gapes. She would know. She's been to afterschool detention for than one can count on both hands. She's a handful of trouble but she's my best friend and I love her. She's literally the only person I would trust my life with, so she knows everything about my parents and our history.

"I don't mind," I shrug. I really don't mind; anything is better than what I thought Ms. Samuels would have given me, but luckily, she has a heart and I have no history of misbehaving. Besides, an outburst in class is hardly a reason to send someone home with suspension.

"You will when they tie you to your chair and spit balls of paper into your hair," she scoffs and cross her arms across her chest.

"Awe c'mon, they wouldn't do that." No reply, just a glare. "Would they?" I croak.

"Those people in detention, Lennox, they're not entirely friendly." Her arms loosen across her chest but her eyes still stare with intensity.

I gulp, penetrated under her stare and paralyzed by her words. "Maybe things have changed?" It was more of a question rather than a statement, and even I felt unsure and uneasy.

She gives me another look- which I'd rather just pretend didn't occur- and silence envelopes us for a few minutes before she breaks it. "Hey, about I get myself a detention tomorrow, too? That way we can be in there together and you'll have someone to talk to," she beams.

"Yes, yes!" I jump from my spot and hug her immediately, making her laugh, but she hugs me back, squeezing me tightly.


The next day was agonizing as I awaited the end of the day and anticipated the detention with such anxiety. The day was dreadful, and being in final period with Harry fucking Styles did not help any bit of it lighten my mood. I groan and sink further down into my seat as Ms. Samuels continues pointing at that damned white board, saying something intellectual about science. I hate science so damn much. It's boring as shit with all these damn big words thrown around that no one quite understands, and yet, they seem to make it more impossible to understand by having a theory for everything. Apparently everything has a reason for its existence, but I knew better. There are some things that even science can't explain.

"Lennox?" I groan as I hear the familiar voice whispering my name, pestering me. "Pst, Lennox."

"Go away, Harry," I sneer through gritted teeth. Honestly, he pisses me off, and that's not a good thing.

"Lennox, answer me."

"No." My voice is scary calm and low but firm and stand-ground-worthy.

He huffs and sinks in his seat as he crosses his arms across his chest. I triumphantly smile at his defeat. Unfortunately, that didn't last very long, because his next words surprised the shit out of me. "This is fucking bullshit! I don't understand any of this shit and I'm sure that no one else does! Why fucking waste your time and our's and teach us shit that we're not going to use in our entire fucking lives again?" he yelled with such fierce that I literally nearly jumped out of my skin. At first, when the first two sentences slipped from his mouth, I thought they were directed towards me. But as he finished the sentence and I watched as everyone gaped at him, myself included, I realized that the words were indeed directed at Ms. Samuels, and she wasn't happy one bit.

"Harry, that's enough! Detention! You can join your buddy over there. Right, Lennox?" Her eyes turn to me now, and she smiles at me. What the fuck? Is she trying to get someone killed? I nod my head slowly, but more than anything, I want to crawl in a dark hole under a rock and shoot myself. Detention with Harry? Now that is cruel and unusual punishment. I will kill Amber if she doesn't show.


I walk into detention and take a seat at the very back of the class. I would much rather stay away from everyone else, at all costs. I keep my eyes on the entrance and watch the many students file through the doorway, silently praying for Amber to walk through at any second. I watch Harry as he enters, but as he continues to make his way into the classroom, I keep my eyes on the door. C'mon Amber. C'mon Amber. I repeat the mantra inwardly and hope that it'll will help.

But it doesn't.

Harry takes a seat in the desk beside me and I mentally curse myself and him, and Amber as she never walks through the door. She promised. She said she would get detention so I would have someone to talk to. 'Some friend she is' I inwardly huff sarcastically.

"Hey there, Lennox," Harry smiles.

"Go to hell, Harry." I lean back in my seat, and honestly, I want to cry. I'm one of those people that cry when they get really pissed off. And that's exactly what I am- really fucking pissed off.

"I'll go if you'll follow." I can tell he's smirking at me.

"Fuck off." I huff my hair out of my face. Does he not understand that I don't want to fucking talk to him?

"Awe c'mon, you don't hate me, do you?" I turn to face him and glare at him. Does he really think that I don't hate him? He's dillusional. "Oh." And with that little hushed word, he leaves me alone and slides down in his seat.

As the silence consumes Harry and me, I wait for the teacher to walk in, but they never do. If there isn't going to be a teacher in here monitoring us, why the hell are we even in here?

"Hey, Lennox?"

I groan and give in. "What do you want, Harry?"

"Let's get out of here." It's not really a question, more so a hopeful recommendation. His voice is calm and soft, but still so deep and sexy, even. No, Lennox! It's not sexy! No!

"What? Out of detention?" I look over at him and arch an eyebrow.

"Sure, why not?" he shrugs.

Oh, what the hell? I stand from my seat and throw my backpack over my shoulder, watching as Harry does the same. I follow him out the door and into the student parking lot. I lean against the lamp post near his car and prop my foot up against the base. I'm not going to bother asking Harry for a ride but it's too hot to walk. Maybe I'll just call Amber and ask her to- no, no, no. Definitely not. She ditched me and left me in detention.

"Uh, Lennox?" Harry asks, confusion laced somewhat in his voice.

My head snaps towards the direction he's standing in. "Yeah?"

"Are you waiting on someone or..?" He digs his hands into his pockets and his eyes keel the ground.

"Or," I firmly state. I can't help but sigh right after finishing my one-word-sentence.

"Do you, uh, maybe need an um, ride?" he stutters and rocks back and forth on his heels slightly. Is he nervous?

"Sure, yeah. Thanks Harry."

Instantaneously, he pulls his eyes from the ground and whips his head towards me. He eyes me as if I were to have two heads, but hell, right now I'm thinking that I do too. I mean, I hate him, don't I?

After a few seconds, he seems to snap back into reality. "Oh okay, yeah," he pauses, registering my sentence. "Yeah." He pries his hands from his pockets and walks around to the passenger side and opens the door for me.

I push myself off of the lamp post and make way over to where he's standing, and I smile up at him. "Thank you, Harry."

"No problem," he says as I sit down in the seat before he closes the door. He quickly makes his way around the car to the drivers side before sitting down. He sticks the key in the ignition and turns the ignition over.


Harry pulls into the drive of my house. I notice my parents' cars in the drive and I want to cry, knowing what to expect. "Thanks," I choke out.

"You alright?" he asks, concern concern and confusion laced in his voice.

I use my hand and wipe at my eye. "Yeah." My voice is cracked and weak and barely audible, and my mind is elsewhere. I don't want to stay here. I can't. The word that I spoke a minute ago begins to betray me as the tears slowly start to fall. "Bye."

Before he gets the chance to say anything, I leave his car and race up the steps and into the house. I will not let anyone see me cry. Only Amber has every seen me cry.

As I close the door, I lean against it and slide down until I'm on the floor. I want to let myself go and cry, but the sight of my dad quickly changes that.

"Well, well, well. Welcome home, baby girl." The tone of his voice makes me want to cry more, but knowing what's coming, if I were to cry, it would make it all 10 times worse.

"Hi, daddy." I wipe at my nose and dash the tears out of my eyes quickly.

His ever-growing, evil smirk appears on his face and he walks over to me, towering above where I sit. He reaches down and grabs me by the hair, yanking me off of the floor and dragging me by my hair across the room. I've learned not to struggle, not to fight him, because if I do, things will be much worse. Suddenly, he releases my hair and throws me back onto the floor.

I feel the hits against my skin, painful, but with each hit that comes, a few bludging my head, every ounce of consciousness fades away, and I slip into a pit of black abyss.

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