Innate // h.s

Life- the one word that describes everyone's hopes and fears, wrapped in one. All the psychotic episodes, the faults of depression, the secretly depressed, the suicidal and the attempters, the happy and the free, the family secrets, the dark secrets- it's all there, and it can't be changed. It's the reality of the things that we wish unseen, that we wish we could rewind, and all so in a little while, life is short, and it ends abruptly.
Lennox Corbin is not your typical girl, in fact, she's quite the opposite. Lennox's life is anything but ordinary, and daily, she is reminded of that. But what happens when heartthrob and bad boy Harry Styles enters her life?

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3. Author's Note

I really would appreciate it if instead of commenting "update" or "update please," that you guys would comment about your reaction to the story and how it made you feel and what you thought. Saying update isn't going to make me update and it definitely isn't going to let me know how you guys like the story. So please, comment what you REALLY thought of the story, and how it made you feel.

Love you guys, Kait x

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