Insane Love ~ Joker and Harley Quinn fanfic ~

" I admit I lost it" she cackled, tears filling her eyes; " I use to be sane, but then haha I met mistah J and I ended up hating you B-Man! Now the second my mistah J gets here the sooner I will be out of this cell and making sure that the bat never leaves it's cave AGAIN! " she growled.
The Joker changed her... Nothing could put her back.. Could it?


1. Harley Meets Joker

Harley's POV:

I had been doing some research on the mentally ill citizens of Gotham City, Arkham Asylum was the perfect place for the start of my research to write my book. I had always loved peculiar, no, interestingly different personalities.

I walked into the large prison, I heard yelling, grunting and a few whistles from the cells. I thought to myself. Whistles? For me? That couldn't be true? I wasn't much of a looker anyway, my hair of dirty blonde tucked away in a tight, near bun, my horrible, large, round glasses the rested perfectly on my cheek bones, my large legs and hips. I wasn't really a thing of beauty. I looked through all of the cells. A scarecrow, a man dressed in green and purple with question marks all over him. I kept going until I came to a clown.

This was what struck me, he seemed so ... Happy, the poor man was locked up and declared insane why is he smiling. I stood, letting my lightened blue eyes look at the pale faced man.

" Him " I said to the security guard.

" you don't mean the "

" yes I do, I want to talk to The ... " I read the clowns background and found his name. " Joker "

I walked in, he was lying strapped down, head staring at the ceiling fan.

" Helloooo my dear, come for a giggle? " he laughed insanely to himself making me chuckle a little.

" Hello my name is Dr. Harleen Quinzel I will be asking you a series of quest... "

" Questions... I gathered, but first what an unusually gorgeous name. " he smirked slowly moving his head towards me. Out eyes met I felt my breath stutter.

" That sounds a lot like HarleQui-"

" Harlequin? The clown princess or something ? Yeh I know I have heard it all before, all the funny names, you know they aren't so funny!

He simply smirked. " Do your friends call you Harley? " he finally spoke, his pitch highered.

" Oh I don't really have any friends " I blushes sweeping a peice of hair behind my ear.

" Well toots, you got one now " he winked with a slight grin as I began with my questions the guards stood, faced with shock as he answered each like any same person would.....


Okay I know this isn't one direction or 5 SOS but I am crazy about Batman! I LOVE Harley Quinn and Te Joker it's like my guilty pleasure! Anyway I hope you like this!!! Thanks xxx

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