A Best Friends Lover

Mine. Yours. OURS.


5. Sound Check

Meadow's POV

I woke up to see hayes sleeping. I smiled because he was cute when he slept. The smile faded when I felt where his hand was. I quickly removed it and got up. I went over to the counter and grabbed a note that read...

Dear who ever is reading this,

Blow this horn to wake everyone up. Then eat breakfast, get ready, and come down to the stage to do sound check.


I looked next to the note. It was a blow horn. I picked it up. I smiled devilishly...then..."HOOOOOOONK!!!!!!" Ally screamed Nash jumped up. Hayes just shoved the pillow over his face and said, "five more minutes matt...." I laughed and laughed. "Jeez!! I thought you we're hayes!! Hayes usually beats everyone to the horn. He always blows it reeeeally loud." Then I felt hands wrap around my waist. "I guess that's one thing we have in common.." He leaned in for a kiss and I broke free form his grip. "Yeah, no. But ally!! You should have seen your face!! You were like'ah' and I was like 'ha!!' ." We both started bursting out in giggles while the boys watched. "Ok giggles 1 and 2. Go get ready for sound check." We nodded and went to the bathroom together. "Should I wear these jeans or theses cut off shorts?" Ally asked. Jeans. I'm gonna wear shorts and we don't want to be twinsies. " she pouted. "Why?" I looked at her with a 'really?' Look. "Because that's like second grade. " she huffed a "fine." And changed into the jeans while I changed into the shorts. I straightened my long blond hair while she curled her long luscious brown hair. I picked out a shirt that said 'LIPGLOSS' that was sleeves and cut down to the belly button on the side. I put a strapless belly cami (idk the name) underneath it. Ally picked out a oversized shirt that said 'DEAL WITH IT'. Then she took a pony holder and bunched it up in the back and tied it. Then she tucked it into the back of the shirt. It looked cute. I grabbed some jays while she grabbed some fuzzy boots. We were satisfied with our outfits and left. When we got to sound check everyone stared at us except for a few girls. We ignored them and walked over to our spots next to Nash and hayes. "Hey beautiful." Hayes said as he walked over to me pecking me on the cheek. I blushed and wiped it off disgusted even though it was making me happily tingle everywhere. Nash blushed as he looked at ally. "Y-you look really p-pretty.." He stuttered. He was so cute when he tried to compliment ally!! I elbowed her closer to Nash. She have me a look. "Thanks.." They both blushed. "Oh just kiss already lover birds!!" I blurted out. She have me 'THE LOOK' and then nudged me. She turned around and Nash kissed her. The kiss got heated and he slipped his tongue through her lips and explored her mouth. "Ok you can stop now." They broke apart and blushed. "Jeez I meant like a peck on the lips! Not a moth fuck. " they giggled and we started sound check.

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