A Best Friends Lover

Mine. Yours. OURS.


2. Magcon Boys

Meadow's POV

When we arrived we were greeted by two men. "Hi um can we help you?" We asked them. "Yes get up on stage. Now." They were big and scary so we did as we were told. "Umm hi I'm ally.." Ally said to a boy. Oh I recognized him from anywhere! That was Cameron Dallas. "Hey. I know who you are. I'm Cameron. I watch your blogs a lot. And your vines are hilarious." She thanked him. "What exactly are we doing on stage? And why is hayes doing the nae na-" that's when hayes turned around and looked at me. Our eyes locked. Ally waves her hand in front of my face. I got out of my trance and focused in the question I had just asked. "Yeah you guys are famous and we sent one if your fans to go and give you tickets. You got them right?" Cameron asked. We nodded our heads. "Ok. Well those VIP things meant you were IN magcon." We both looked at each other. We grabbed hands and bounced up and down. Cameron laughed and calmed us down. "So, where do we unpack?" We asked. "Well usually we have all the girls sleep in one room together and then the boys sleep in one room also since they're so big, but this year since you two are new. hayes, Nash, and you two are all sleeping in one room until they make more space. Sound good?" He asked. We nodded our heads. I turned to see ally playing on her phone. I peeked at what she was watching. She was watching Nash's vines. That's when it hit me. She's head over heels for him...

Hey guys! Hope you likes it! Sorry it was so short. :/ I'll update later and tomorrow though! Any questions post on my wall or in the comments thanks! Love you my munchkins! Byee! Muah!! ;*

~In Love With Harry

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