A Best Friends Lover

Mine. Yours. OURS.


3. For The Best

Meadow's POV

As ally and I were being shown to our room by Nash and hayes we saw a ton of girls glaring at us like we were the devil. "You guys have a lot of girls wanting you. Ya know that?" Ally said to the two boys. They nodded and laughed. "Does that include you two?" Hayes laughed as he turned around to face us and started walking backwards. We giggled. "In your dreams lover boy." I said as I nudged his shoulder. He fell back a bit and then caught himself as he turned back around. When we got to our room we saw a huge room. There was two gigantic beds, a huge flat screen tv, games, a mini refrigerator, and two bathrooms. Plus we even had a game room separate from the bed room. It was awesome. "Why is it so big!?" I said as I flopped down on to one if the beds face first. "Well you guys are gonna be here for a while and they try to make us feel at home." Nash said as he sat on the other bed. That's when hayes all if a sudden jumped onto the bed I was laying on while screaming, "CANNON BALL!!!!" I bounced up and landed on the floor on my bum. "Whoa!" I said as I flew in the air. He laughed and helped me up. "That is the girl's bed. This one is ours hayes." Hayes had a dad look on his face. "Aww man. I was gonna smash it.." My face turned bright red and I ran into the bathroom with ally trying not to laugh. When we shut the door the room was filled with laughs and giggles. We heard the same from the bed room where the boys were. Then I heard Nash scream from the other room to us, "that bathroom is all yours girls. The other is ours! Now you guys can have your privacy." We could hear the disappointment in hayes' voice when he said , "darn it!!". We could also hear the whine to. We giggled and got ready for bed. I wore some booty shorts with a blue t-shirt that said, 'LIPGLOSS' , then some fuzzy socks. I looked over and saw ally wearing some fuzzy pants with a pink tank top that said, 'Hands Off'. I laughed and put my hair up into a messy pony tail as she put hers into a messy bun. We looked in the mirror satisfied with our selves and left the bathroom. Then I heard hayes whistle. "My oh my. You two look sexy." We laughed and I threw a pillow at him. He caught it. They were shirtless with basket ball shorts on which I'm hoping held boxers underneath. I crawled into bed with ally. Nash turned on a movie and we all got out of bed and laid on the floor on a pallet. We watched, 'The Fault in Our Stars' . I looked over and saw Nash and ally staring into each other's eyes. They were about to kiss. That's when I laughed. They noticed and blushed. "Sorry. Proceed." I giggled. Ally shot me a silly look and a 'c'mon' look. I laughed and kept watching the movie.

Nash's POV

When the movie was over the girls were asleep. "C'mon hayes let's go get in bed." Hayes shook his head and put his arm spring meadow's waist and cuddles up next to her. "Hey! Stop! You don't even know her!" I whisper yelled. "So! You were about to make out with ally! Why can't I just lay next to meadow for the night?!" He whisper yelled back. I glared at him and shrugged it off. But then I looked down at ally peacefully sleeping. She was so beautiful. "Fine. But only once. And I'm not gonna fall asleep." I said to hayes. I looked up and he was already passed out. His hand was lower than it was before so I moved it up a bit. Then I cuddled up to Ally and put my arm around her waist. "Your so cute when you sleep." I whispered in her ear. I smiled and fell asleep.

Ally's POV

I woke up to a whisper in my ear. It tickled so I itched it. I rolled over and opened my eyes. Nash was sleeping next to me. His arm was around my waist. I snuggled up to his chest and fell back asleep. But what happens next? Wait...is there....an us? Or what if there will be an us? What ever happens....it's....for the best....

Hey munchkins! I hoped you liked that chapter! Sorry it's short and it was late but I've been busy and I had to put down my dog today. It's been horrible. But I hope you like it! Comment below what you think! Will there be an ash? Or what about an nally? Lol comment below! Thanks for reading!! Love you my munchkins!!! Byee! Muah!! ;*

~In Love With Harry~

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